AI Imagines Friends’ Famous Characters As Cute Kids In 2023, Wow!

Can you imagine Friends’ famous characters as cute kids? Well, this is what AI (artificial intelligence) has imagined Ross, Monica, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe – the Friends series character as the young kid.

Friends is one of those comedy shows that is ageless, as are its famous actors who play those famous characters. They are very much loved by Friends fans. So, when we recently came across an Instagram post that re-imagines these characters (actors) as cute kids, we could not help but admire the AI artwork done by the Italian husband and wife team who run the account AI Dreams (Digital Creators) on Instagram.

So, let’s go ahead and check out their fabulous artistic creations, along with a couple of bonus posts.

AI imagines Friends’ famous characters as cute kids


Courtesy: Mini Friends by AI Dreams | Instagram.

Friends series: Actors as Adults (for references)

We are sharing a picture gallery, just to provide you all – a context of the Instagram post shared above.

Bonus:- AI imagines Hollywood Actors and Actresses as kids

Mini Actors and Actresses!!

Courtesy: Mini Actors & Actresses by AI Dreams | Instagram.

Bonus+:- AI imagines Peaky Blinders as kids

Baby Peaky Blinders!!

Courtesy: Baby Peaky Blinders by AI Dreams | Instagram.
FM article ~ Peaky Blinders: Razor Sharp British Period Drama

Bonus++:- AI imagines top Footballers as kids

Baby Footballers!!

Courtesy: Baby Footballers by AI Dreams | Instagram.

Focus:- extra info. about the AI Dream team

The NYT has disclosed this info. about the AI Dream – “An Italian couple Luca and Anna Allievi, both 33, said they started creating the images for fun while their 1-year-old daughter Celeste was asleep.” Now their IG posts are going viral. We loved this new-age AI digital art and can not wait to see what comes up next on the horizon.

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Featured Image: AI Dreams | Instagram – Canva.