Galti Se Mistake – Song Has Gone Viral In Japan In 2023

Galti Se Mistake – a hit Hindi song from the Indian movie Jagga Jasoos has gone viral in the streets of Japan and the Japanese social media platforms in the last few years and we haven’t really heard about it.

Recently a post on the Reddit platform brought it to our attention. So, go ahead and check these videos out, which are trending in the social media platforms of Japan.

Here is what the post on the Reddit platform shared about the Galti Se Mistake song.

Galti Se Mistake – the original song from India

This original Hindi language song from India was sung by the singers – Arijit Singh and Amit Mishra. The music of the said song was composed by Pritam and its lyrics were penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Galti Se Mistake (2017) song | YouTube.
Jhatka zara sa mehsoos hua ek
Life ki gaadi ne kass ke maara brake
Ho raha hai kyun confuse mere dil
Mashwara mera tu aazma ke dekh

Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (repeat it four times)


Chal muscle phulaa na
Thodi body banaana
Tere chikne gaalon pe
Stubble ki phasal ugaana

Arey re re aye
Abey aye
Chal beta shuru hoja
Guru bagal utha ke
Thoda deo laga na
Kisi bagal wali ko
Mardani khushbu sunghana

Chal upar ke do button
Dheele karke batana
Baalon waala seena dikhana
Baalon waala seena dikhana

Barson talak tu cycle pe ghuma hai
Highway pe motorcycle bhaga ke dekh

Speed mein tujhko agar sardi lage toh
Seat pe piche ladki bitha ke dekh

Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (repeat it four times)


Ye hi umar hai karle
Galti se mistake (repeat it eight times)


Ojamajo Carnival (おジャ魔女カーニバル) – the inspired song from Japan

And here check out the Indian dance video with Japanese lyrics and music.

Ojamajo Carnival (2019) song | YouTube.

Galti Se Mistake dance in the Japanese version – YT Short

This Japanese song goes like this – なんでも合うダンスにさくらんぼ流してみた (Nan demo au dansu ni sakuranbo nagashite mita – I tried to flow the cherry blossoms into a dance that goes with anything).

なんでも合うダンスにさくらんぼ流してみた | YouTube.

Ojamajo Carnival in Atsumori from Japan is inspired too

Well, this is the inspired Japanese video song (Genkyoku eizō – 原曲映像) complete with a crew of cute dancers.

Ojamajo Carnival (2021) song | YouTube.

Mixing Indian & Japanese versions together

Both the Indian and Japanese versions were fused together and it made these two songs more popular – in both countries.

Twitter (X)/@ikemotoch.

Thanks to Google Translate, here is the translated version of the above-mentioned tweet by the user Ikemoto.

I made this because I felt a strange power (Fushigina Chikara ga waite kitanode tsukurimashita – 不思議なチカラがわいてきたので作りました) Ojamajo Carnival #Atsumori #Indian movie (#Ojamajo kānibaru# atsu Mori# Indo eiga – おジャ魔女カーニバル #あつ森 #インド映画) #GaltiSeMistake #AnimalCrossing

Ojamajo Carnival Odottemita at Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Japan

Ojamajo Carnival (2022) – Japan | YouTube.

Nagoute! Ojamajo Carnival!! (なごうて!】おジャ魔女カーニバル!!)

Ojamajo Carnival (2023) – Japan | YouTube.

This is what happens when two different worlds of music fuse together to create new magic for the listeners and viewers like us. We hope that you enjoyed the – Galti Se Mistake and Ojamajo Carnival fusion.

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Featured Image: Galti Se Mistake song | YouTube.