Khalasi – This 2023 Gujarati Song Has Gone Viral, Wow!

Khalasi is a Gujarati superhit song, which was released this song in July 2023 by Coke Studio Bharat. It has gone viral in recent months, not only in India but around the IG* world.

This Gujarati song was composed by Achint Thakkar and performed by Aditya Gadhvi and his team. Coke Studio India has uploaded the video of the said popular song on YouTube.

By IG* we mean Instagram (social media) platform in this particular article.

This Gujarati language song narrates the tale of the limitless sailor who has set out to explore through the shores of Gujarat. The highly energetic song speaks of his tenuous, adventurous voyage, his delightful experiences and the enthusiasm with which he takes on life while he is sailing away. Many people think this a perfect song for Garba celebrations.

Although we do not understand its Gujarati lyrics, we love its beats and infectious enthusiasm. So, go ahead and check it out – the song and its video on YouTube, below.

Khalasi song – Coke Studio Bharat / India | YouTube.

The following three key people are associated with this hugely popular song.

  • Achint Thakkar is the music composer of this song. His musical landscape tends to be inspired by the 1970s era. He aspires to draw a narrative through his musical notes.
  • Aditya Gadhvi is the main singer of this song. Though he is a famous playback singer from Gujarat, he is well known for singing in several languages of India.
  • Dhruv Visvanath is the premier solo percussive acoustic guitarist from India. Besides, he is also a well-known professional singer-songwriter and music producer.
  • Ladies singers in its chorus group add to its earthen charm.

It is a musical expedition that takes us on a voyage through the soul of a sailor’s wanderlust. Coke Studio Bharat’s commitment to celebrating the rich diversity of Indian music has provided the perfect platform for us to showcase our creative expressions. It has been an honor to collaborate with such a prestigious and esteemed musical platform, and I’m eager to share the magic with music enthusiasts around the world.

Achint Thakkar

In the above paragraphs, we have talked about how this Gujarati song has travelled all the way from the coasts of the Western state of Gujrat in India to the world of Instagram and other social media platforms. In fact, this regional language song in India has taken over the highly popular Garba dance festivity and Navratri celebrations in India.

No wonder, many creative people and skilled dancers are making their dance videos on this particular Gujarati song.

Go ahead and check them out.

The Quick Style dance group from Norway, Europe – video #1

The Quick Style dance group danced to the Khalasi song.

Enso Studio – Dancers from Mumbai, India – video #2

Dancers from the Enso Studio danced to the Khalasi song.

Dancehood (by Mehek) in Pune, India – video #3

Mehek and her friend from Dancewood danced to the Khalasi song.

This wonderful video clip showcases the various characters of Disney movies and series world dancing to the tune of the Gujarati language song, with almost perfect lip-syncing.

Disneyland India & its popular characters danced to the Khalasi song.

RUH – dance coaches from Ahmedabad, India – video #5

RUH – dance coaches danced to the Khalasi song.

Coke Studio Bharat/India celebrate 30+ million views – video #6

“It has been captivating to be a part of this extraordinary project. We put our hearts into the vocals because the song’s story of a sailor’s limitless adventures in Gujarat spoke to me deeply. ‘Khalasi’ gave me the chance to develop new aspects of my artistic vision.”

Aditya Gadhvi

Khalasi word – bonus information about it

Well, this song celebrates the life of Khalasis, who are skilled Indian natives engaged in constructing handmade seagoing Uru boats at Beypore port town of Kerala, India. These Khalasis have been engaging in the building and launching of dhows (wooden vessels) for the past few centuries. Since the majority of them are traditional Mappila Muslims, they are also called Mappila Khalasis.

They also draw Urus (traditional trading vessels) ashore for repair and maintenance. Interestingly, Khalasi in Arabic language means dockyard worker, sailor, or lascar.

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Featured Image of the Khalasi song sung by the chorus group is courtesy of the Coke Studio Bharat/India.