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Bosch: Legacy is a police drama set in LA City. Both Harry Bosch (ex-cop) and his daughter Maddie Bosch (cop) continue to hold our attention in this gritty cop show from Hollywood.

As we had mentioned in our earlier article about The Lincoln Lawyer, this cop series comes from the writer Michael Connelly’s Bosch novel universe. Wherein, these two well-known TV series characters Bosch and Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer) are half brothers. And like the original Bosch series, the single dad Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) and his young daughter Maddie Bosch (Madison Lintz) carry on to fight the good fight with aplomb.

Synopsis [official summary] of the Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series

Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) embarks on the next chapter of his career and finds himself working with the onetime enemy, Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers).

Spoiler-free review of the Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series

We have finished watching the original Bosch (2014-2021) series a couple of years ago. And then came this spin-off Bosch: Legacy (2022-onwards) series, which is cut from the same cloth as the original. Thus, this Bosch: Legacy show continues to narrate the crime tales involving Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch (ex-cop turned private investigator now), his daughter Maddie Bosch (LA cop), and a bunch of familiar characters from the original Bosch show. This is certainly the next chapter in the lives of these father-daughter Bosch duo, that makes for a captivating show.

The basic plotline of its first season

After he retires from the Los Angeles (LA) police job, the retired homicide detective Harry Bosch embarks on the next chapter of his career. Meanwhile, Attorney Chandler struggles to maintain her faith in the justice system after surviving an attempted murder this season. Thereby, rather interestingly, he starts working as a private investigator with his one-time enemy, the high-profile Attorney Honey “Money” Chandler. In addition, it also follows the trajectory of a rookie cop from the police academy to the street, as Harry Bosch’s daughter, Maddie Bosch, joins the LA police force. Being a newbie on the job, Maddie discovers the possibilities and challenges of being a rookie patrol cop on the streets of LA.

Please note:- In the firts season, one of its driving storylines is based on the 19th Bosch novel (21st if you include his appearances in Lincoln Lawyer novels), The Wrong Side of Goodbye. 

The basic plotline of its second season

In this latest 2023 season, both Bosch and Chandler continue to work together to seek out a killer who just might find them first. In addition, as a result of being kidnapped by a masked assailant, Maddie Bosch’s law enforcement career hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, the FBI scrutinizes Carl Rogers’ murder and places Bosch and Chandler under suspicion in season two. Therefore, we get to see a bunch of serialized crime stories in it, again.

So, what we liked about this crime series

Well, first of all, we liked the continuity of the story in this series. As in the last decade, we have seen Harry Bosch lose his partner, become a single dad, raise teenage Maddie Bosch and get old. At the same time, Maddie Bosch loses her mother, becomes an independent-minded girl, and works with Attorney Honey Chandler but finally finds her true calling and becomes a cop in LA, just like her father.

Titus Welliver plays the lost, sullen, brave, caring and street-smart cop Harry Bosch perfectly, once again. The other actors of its ensemble cast – Madison Lintz (Maddie Bosch), Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler), Stephen A. Chang (Maurice “Mo” Bassi), Max Martini (Det. Don Ellis), Guy Wilson (Det. Kevin Long), etc have done a good job to keep it as engaging show. Along with this show, the young Madison is also growing as an actor.

Then, we love its theme music. In addition, it narrates a two-three-or-more crime stories at the same time, however, they are not too complex. In fact, they get you hooked on its tales.

But, then, its second season really taxed our memories

We loved the first story when Maddie Bosch got kidnapped by a smart criminal. Then, we also liked the second tale, as to how they solved and punished the corrupt killers. But, when it came to the third story about the Carl Rogers case and the FBI, we could not enjoy their stories. Honestly, how do you expect the viewers to remember the nitty-gritty of that tale? So, it seems that maybe we need to revisit and rewatch the Carl Roger case once again, to make sense of its finer details. Maybe, the writers will think about such issues too.

The conclusion

Still, we loved this no-nonsense character of Harry Bosch. Perhaps, this almost a decade-long-running police-procedural drama franchise deserves a couple of awards too. We admire the way world-weary Bosch walks the thin line that divides the legal from the illegal, even now, after his retirement. We have no doubt that it is a fairly well-made mystery series, wherein the good guys usually get to win at the end. And this is the satisfying aspect that we love about this legacy series about a cop and an ex-cop.

Ratings of this 2022-2023 police drama series set in Los Angeles city

ParticularsSeason (S1/2022) OneSeason (S2/2023) Two
FM’s ratings4.25/54.10/5
Ratings of the Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series.

Spoilers Alert – a peek into the 20 episodes of this police drama series

Peek into its Ten (10) Episodes of the Season (S1) One – aired in May 2022

The Wrong Side of Goodbye (S1/E1)

Ageing billionaire Whitney Vance reaches out to retired detective Harry Bosch, now a private investigator (PI) to handle a personal matter. When the man who ordered her murder walks free, Honey Chandler teams with Bosch to fix injustice. Meanwhile, the rookie cop Maddie Bosch deals with a hard training officer.

Pumped (S1/E2)

Honey Chandler defends a homeless man wrongly accused of murder. Bosch digs into, zeroes in on Carl Rogers and locates an important character connected to Vance’s haunted past. Meanwhile, Maddie and her Training Officer have their first caper as partners.

Message in a Bottle (S1/E3)

Bosch and Chandler’s pursuit of Carl Rogers unexpectedly intersects with Russian organized crime connections. Meanwhile, a chilling crime scene in Thai Town forces Maddie to face the limits and the realities of her job.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (S1/E4)

As Bosch digs deeper into Whitney Vance’s past, other powerful forces monitor his every move. Chandler defends a man in a case of wrongful arrest. Carl Rogers is forced to hatch a new scheme. Meanwhile, Maddie wrestles with the emotional toll of her job.

Plan B (S1/E5)

The Whitney Vance story takes a surprise turn, complicating Bosch’s investigation. Bosch and Chandler plot to turn the tables on Rogers. Meanwhile, Maddie struggles with taking her job home with her.

Chain of Authenticity (S1/E6)

Rogers stays in a safe house after his operation is blown up. Will Carl Rogers outmanoeuvre Bosch and Chandler and escape justice once again? Meanwhile, Maddie Bosch faces every cop’s biggest fear.

One of Your Own (S1/E7)

Bosch takes on a re-opened case; Maddie is brought onto a case about a cop shooter; Chandler struggles with the aftermath of Carl Rogers.

Bloodline (S1/E8)

Bosch faces new threats as Vance’s case progresses; Maddie and Chandler are caught up in a controversial police shooting.

Cat Got a Name? (S1/E9)

Revealing the truth behind Vance’s death; Maddie makes a major break in the Screen Cutter case; Chandler builds a case against the LAPD.

Always/All Ways (S1/E10) – season one finale

Bosch faces danger at the end of Vance’s case; Chandler links with an unlikely ally; Maddie becomes too involved with her work and pays the price.

Peek into its Ten (10) Episodes of the Season (S2) Two – aired in Oct.-Nov. 2023

The Lady Vanishes (S2/E1)

Maddie’s gone missing, and it’s all hands on deck to find her. Bosch allies with Chandler, Mo, and an old friend in a race against the clock to save his daughter’s life.

Zzyzx (S2/E2)

The Screen Cutter attempts to bargain with Bosch and Chandler, who go to extremes to locate Maddie before it’s too late.

Inside Man (S2/E3)

Chandler enlists Bosch to defend a man accused of a brutal crime. Back on the job, Maddie struggles to find her footing. The FBI sets its sights on Bosch and Chandler.

Musso & Frank (S2/E4)

Bosch digs into the Lexi Parks murder. Chandler’s new case attracts all the wrong attention. Maddie accepts an exciting assignment that partners her once again with Reina Vasquez.

Hollywood Forever (S2/E5)

Bosch follows a hunch in the Parks case, but it backfires on him; Maddie hits the streets with Vasquez in her first CRU mission; Mo meets his match at a hackers’ conference; Chandler starts playing the long game against the FBI. Ellis and Long monitor Bosch and Chandler.

Dos Matadores (S2/E6)

Bosch looks into another murder that might be tied to the Parks case; Chandler clashes with the DA over the fate of David Foster; Kurt Dockweiler’s sentencing looms over Maddie; Mo hatches a risky scheme to help Jade Quinn. Ellis and Long feel the heat.

I Miss Vin Scully (S2/E7)

Bosch starts to unravel the Lexi Parks murder, with potentially dangerous consequences; Chandler tries to outmanoeuvre the Feds as the case against her hangs in the balance; Ellis and Long get a little too close for comfort.

Seventy-Four Degrees in Belize (S2/E8)

Everything comes to light in the Parks murder case; the FBI hit Bosch and Chandler where it hurts.

Escape Plan (S2/E9)

Chandler, under arrest, is given a choice by S.A.C. Barron to give up Bratva, Bosch, and everyone else, or face charges, starting with obstruction of justice; Chandler says no deal. Chandler enters her endgame with the Feds. Bosch and Chandler secure key witnesses against Ellis and Long. With Ellis in the wind, Maddie and CRU are tasked with protecting Bosch.

A Step Ahead (S2/E10) – season two finale

Maddie tries to process her first kill, while also awaiting confirmation Elli’s gun has been recovered. Thereby, she wrestles with the fallout of her first officer-involved shooting. Mo faces a serious ultimatum with the FBI.

Poster of the Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series

Season (S1/2022) One
Bosch: Legacy (S1/2022) series – Poster.
Season (S2/2023) Two

Key details of this 2022-2023 police drama series set in LA city

GenreCrime, Drama
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Age-restrictionsUA (16+)
CreatorsTom Bernardo, Michael Connelly & Eric Ellis Overmyer
Season (S1) OneIts Ten (10) Episodes were aired in May 2022
Cast (S1)Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch), Madison Lintz (Maddie Bosch), Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler), Stephen A. Chang (Maurice “Mo” Bassi), Denise G. Sanchez (Reina Vasquez), Jamie Hector (Det. Jerry Edgar), Will Chase (Kurt Dockweiler), William Devane (Whitney Vance), Phil Morris (John Creighton), Alan Rosenberg (Dr. William Golliher), Steven Flynn (David Sloan), Michael Rose (Carl Rogers), Jessica Camacho (Jade Quinn), etc.
Season (S2) TwoIts Ten (10) Episodes were aired in Oct.-Nov. 2023
Cast (S2)Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch), Madison Lintz (Maddie Bosch), Mimi Rogers (Honey Chandler), Stephen A. Chang (Maurice “Mo” Bassi), Denise G. Sanchez (Reina Vasquez), Jamie Hector (Det. Jerry Edgar), Max Martini (Det. Don Ellis), Guy Wilson (Det. Kevin Long),
Network Amazon Freevee
About – Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series.
Please note:- Bosch series is aired on Amazon & The Lincoln Lawyer series is on Netflix.

Trailer of the Bosch: Legacy (S1 & S2) series

Season (S1/2022) One
Trailer – Bosch: Legacy (S1/2022) series – Amazon Freevee | YouTube.
Season (S2/2023) Two
Trailer – Bosch: Legacy (S2/2023) series – Amazon Freevee | YouTube.

Featured Images and posters of the Bosch: Legacy series. | Amazon Freevee.

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