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The extended period of the Covid pandemic and the associated lockdown provided us ample time to reevaluate the priorities and redirect the objectives of our Focus Magazine. Incidentally, during the lockdown and covid period, many of us spent extended periods with Books, TVs, OTTs, Music, gardens, kitchens, etc. Accordingly, with our new online magazine Focus Magazine (www.focusmagazine.xyz), we have decided to re-focus on energy in the world of entertainment.

What happened to the original Focus Magazine?

About a decade ago, my team and I launched an online magazine – Focus Magazine (www.focusmagazine.in) in India. Based in Jharkhand state, the primary focus of our magazine was political and social news from Jharkhand, India. Keeping up with the Indian tradition of fearless news reporting, we believe that our team did a good job when we were publishing quality content. Many of our writers were from the traditionally weaker sections of our society, and we gave them a fairly decent platform to express their views and opinions candidly. Over those years, we faced criticism as well as threats; however, the unwavering love and support of our readers kept us going for almost a decade-long period.

In the interim, the political climate was changing in India. We do not need to explain all kinds of checks and balances being placed on the various platforms – which are/were publishing the political and social news in the country. Yet we continued to publish. Until we could not.

Screenshot – the details about the status of our domain (www.focusmagazine.in)

In 2011, we booked our domain name (www.focusmagazine.in) with Net 4 India Limited and it worked fine until the summer of 2020. For those who do not know, Net4India was India’s largest domain registrar company with around 90,000 websites. Besides, it hosted 1.5 million corporate emails and 3,75,000 domain registrations. Unluckily, our Focus Magazine domain was registered with Net4India; as you can see from the screenshot shared above, the said company has gone missing, although it still holds the keys to our domain name. We tried every legally possible step to get our domain back, but we failed as the rest of the people – as described in this news report.

What about the new Focus Magazine {2.0}?

After waiting patiently, we decided to re-launch the avatar of Focus Magazine with a new (dot xyz) domain. With its blog ~ articles being focussed on “Entertainment articles – Movies, Series, Music, & Fun+”, we sincerely hope that you like it.

Despite all kinds of negative developments during the Corona Pandemic and the forced lockdown periods, at least one of the positive changes happened – aided by the subtitles, many of us discovered the world of entertainment beyond the artificial barriers of languages. Now, we are discovering and watching all kinds of content – from around the world in various languages. In other words, we shall be sharing the list of some good, great, amazing and excellent – movies, films, documentaries, series, shows, serials, music, and much more with the readers of our Focus Magazine; which we have seen and experienced. So, in Focus Magazine, we will share a list of some of the great content to watch (movies, series, documentaries, videos, music, etc.) to keep you entertained. And in all sincerity, we try to avoid giving away spoilers in our brief reviews of movies and series.

So, please keep supporting us and wish us luck.

Thank you and warm regards.

Founder, Focus Magazine.

Featured Image by GR Stocks on Unsplash.

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