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The “Perilloor Premier League” series is a comedy gem from Kerala, India. This rib-tickling fun-filled comedy show takes a closer look at the lives of a bunch of quirky characters.

And all of these weird and wacky inhabitants of this fictional Perilloor village in Kerala add a lot of weight to this fun-filled and humourous series. Then it has a few subtle satire too.

Synopsis of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Malavika (Nikhila Vimal), who comes to the village of Perilloor to find love with her boyfriend Sreekuttan (Sunny Wayne), unexpectedly ends up becoming the village Panchayat President against her will. Later, her life goes upside down along with the problems stirred by the wayward people of Perilloor Panchayath.

Rating of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

FM Rating4.00/5
FM Short CommentsIt has been quite a while since we came across a lively comedy show set in a non-descriptive rural ambience in India. We loved most of the subtle puns and not-so-subtle jokes in it. And these characters – Malavika, Sreekuttan, Peethambaran, Soman, Psycho Balachandran, etc. made it a joyful watch.
Rating – Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Spoiler Free Review of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

About its basic storyline

This comedy series focuses on the childhood love story of the female protagonist Malavika (Nikhila Vimal) and her love interest Sreekuttan (Sunny Wayne) as the central theme. Both of them live in rural Kerala. That village is inhabited by a lively bunch of unusual and peculiar set of characters. But there are certainly many more layers and subtexts to the main storyline of PPL – Perilloor Premier League. And we are not sharing the spoilers here.

It uses humour to highlight the key issues

However, we can drop a few hints about the key issues that it handles in its seven episodes. Firstly, it shines a light on how democracy works in the rural areas of Kerala, especially the functions of elected Panchayat President. Secondly, it focuses its attention on the unique practices of arranged marriage that are being pursued in India. Thirdly, the educated youth of Kerala seek better job opportunities in the Gulf countries. And there are a bunch of other issues too. These key issues add lots of local spices to its humorous satire.

What else did we love in it?

We loved the smart and humour-laden script of this sitcom. Both the lead characters Malavika (Nikhila Vimal) and Sreekuttan (Sunny Wayne) have been used brilliantly to take a shot at the arranged marriage process. Then we come across the questionable conduct of Peethambaran (Vijayaraghavan), the former Panchayat President.

Thus we get to know about the ground realities of corruption at the lowest levels too. Also, most of the characters in the show are amusing and ludicrous. We had a fun time while watching their antics across the seven episodes. One of our favourite scenes was when an enraged bull disrupted the election meeting, because of the Balachandran’s actions.

Led by beautiful female lead Nikhila Vimal (Malavika), the entire ensemble cast of the show has done a great job to keep tickling our funny bones. Then, not to forget the character of Sreekuttan (Sunny Wayne) in the show. He plays the typical men-will-be-men variety in the show, who has seen more than 50 young eligible women for marriage.

Yet, Sreekuttan carries on, continuing and upholding the tradition of arranged marriage as well as getting a high-paying job in the Middle East. We loved the understated humour.

The conclusion

This New Year, we watched and enjoyed this first comedy show of the year. And to be honest, we did laugh out loud many times. So we loved this entertaining show. We think PPL is as delightful as IPL, the Indian Premier (cricket) League. Now we eagerly wait for its next one – the second season of the Perilloor Premier League. Till then, hold tight.

Spoilers Alert – summary of seven episodes of its first (2024) season

A peek into the Seven (7) Episodes of its First (1st) Season

Welcome to Perilloor (S1, E1 – 36 minutes)

Peethambaran, unable to contest in the upcoming elections, urges his niece Malavika to run for Panchayat president. The question looms: will she agree to his plan?

Not Heaven, But Hell (S1, E2 – 31 minutes)

Understanding the predicament she’s in, Malavika and her aunt hatch a plan to deliberately lose the election. In a twist, she turns to Balachandran for assistance.

Fox 1, Tiger 0 (S1, E3 – 35 minutes)

Narrowly winning by a single vote, Malavika reluctantly takes on the role of Panchayat president. Meanwhile, Sreekuttan, having rejected Malavika, faces continuous setbacks in his quest for marriage with every bride-seeing attempt.

Reality Bites (S1, E4 – 30 minutes)

As the mahout’s son disappears from the village, new Panchayat president Malavika confronts a challenging situation. Amidst this, Sneha reveals her love for Sreekuttan, bringing him a glimmer of hope.

All Hope Lost (S1, E5 – 34 minutes )

Sreekuttan’s shop encounters a crisis, leading him to mistakenly blame Malavika and vow revenge. Unbeknownst to him, the real cause of his troubles lies elsewhere.

Unleashing Fury (S1, E6 – 39 minutes)

Malavika stands up to her uncle Peethambaran concerning a contentious project. As they await an investigation, Peethambaran’s further schemes result in heartbreak and lead to some drastic decisions.

Thank You, Visit Again (S1, E7 – 48 minutes)

As a series of pranks, treasure hunts, weddings, and partings unfold, Malavika and Sreekuttan’s paths veer in unexpected ways.

Poster of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Perilloor Premier League (2024) Series-Poster0
Perilloor Premier League (2024) Series – Poster

Key Details of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Original language Malayalam (also dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, & Marathi languages). Its subtitles in English are available too.
Age restrictionsUA (PG-13+)
SeasonOne (1) Season
EpisodesSeven (7) Episodes
WriterDeepu Pradeep
DirectorPraveen Chandran
CastNikhila Vimal (Malavika), Sunny Wayne (Sreekuttan), Vijayaraghavan (Peethambaran), Ashokan ( Soman), Aju Varghese (Balachandran), Sajin Cherukayil (Chandu), Sarath Sabha (Ambareesh), Kumar Sethu (Sadanandan), Shivaji Guruvayoor (Radhakrishnan), etc.
NetworkDisney+ Hotstar
About – Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Trailer of the Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series

Season (1) One – Hindi
Official Trailer – Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series – Disney+ | YouTube
Season (1) One – Malayalam
Official Trailer – Perilloor Premier League (S1/2024) Series – Disney+ | YouTube

Featured Image and Poster of the Perilloor Premier League (2024) Series | Pics. Credit: Nikhila Vimal/IG, and Disney+ Hotstar.

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