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Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) is a fresh and delicious French comedy. It is just like the renowned French cuisine. We enjoyed its Four (4) seasons with twenty-four (24) episodes.

Please note that the original French title “Dix Pour Cent” means “Ten Per Cent (10%)” in English. The title is called so because as per the established norms, the “10%” is the fee charged by the film star’s agent for their services. So, we get a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of film stars and their agents. We must say, they lead a tough but interesting life.

Trailer of the Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series [Season 1/2015]

Trailer – Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Show [S1/2015] | YouTube.
Dix Pour Cent/Call My Agent (these trailers are in the French language) trailer links on YouTube:

S2 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzSSZRgnZdg

S3 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXNUUr82IGk

S4 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9nf1TfE1XQ

Spoilers Free Review of the Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series

The introduction

This modern-day French satire delves into the personal lives and professional jobs of people working at a fictitious Paris-based talent agency. The said agency is named ASK, while its complete French name is Agence Samuel Kerr. The ASK manages celebrity clients from the world of showbiz and entertainment industries working in France. In addition, they also have a few well-known Hollywood stars as their clientele.

Its storyline

This comedy series narrates funny stories from the personal as well as the professional lives of agents working in the ASK agency. Here the lines between homes and work are often blurred. In the highly competitive world of Showbiz, along with the lop-sided relationship between agents and star clientele, comedic chaos often ensues. All the ASK agents work hard for their clients, with single-minded focus and dedication, to earn ten per cent of their fees for the agency.

We loved the dysfunctional agency and its agents

To this mix, add the fun flavours of charming absurdities and amusing self-centredness of popular artists. It is a very demanding job, not an easy 9 to 5 typical office job. Then there is a lively competitive streak among the agents, which often leads to chaos, rivalries, jealousy, infighting, and all kinds of craziness in their ASK agency. One could say that these agents often behave like dysfunctional family members, always fighting with each other although they tend to come together, whenever there is a crisis.

What else did we love in it?

The writing of this comedy series is world-class. Both the subtle and not-so-subtle jokes are hilarious, to say the least. So good is its comic writing, that we loved and enjoyed this French language dramedy. As it is brimming with French – passion and humour. Like the Spanish language, we also found French to be sweet-sounding with an amazing accent.

This series has a good ensemble cast led by fabulous, lovely, irrepressible and talented actor Camille Cottin. One of the things that we admire about this show is that there are many jokes about the French movie world. Besides, it does not hold back while poking fun at the entertainment industry in general. It has an appetizing content and a delectable tale.

The conclusion

The worldwide success of this French dramedy spawned many more versions of this witty French show in various countries, including Indian and British adaptations. But, in our honest opinion, none of the different versions of the “Call My Agent!” serial could beat the original show in the French language show and its tantalizing French charm.

All in all, this rib-tickling series truly shows that there is no business like show business. It is a must-watch comedy-drama from France.

Call My Agent (Call My Agent!) Series [S1/2015]


Dix Pour Cent (S1/2015) Show – Poster.


Every day is like walking a tightrope for talent agents Gabriel Sarda (Grégory Montel), Andrea Martel (Camille Cottin) and Mathias Barneville (Thibault de Montalembert), striving to get contracts for prestigious clients like Cécile de France, Jeanne Moreau and other top actors who make guest-star appearances as themselves.

With a tight-knit team like a dysfunctional family, there’s just as much drama and laughter off-screen as on! When naive young Camille Valentini (Fanny Sidney), actually Mathias’ illegitimate daughter, shows up in Paris pushing for a job, she leads us into the life of the agency and behind the scenes of the wild world of stardom.

In the wake of the agency boss’ death, everyone has to pull together to stay afloat.

It’s one impossible situation after the next as the agents juggle their professional and personal lives on the fine line between artistic integrity and paying the bills.


FM’s rating4.15/5
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date100% Tomatometer & 97% Audience Score
Elisabeth Vincentelli/ Rotten TomatoesWhat makes the series click beyond its film-industry satire is the chemistry among the agency’s employees.
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Dix Pour Cent (S1/2015) Show.

Call My Agent (Call My Agent!) Series [S2/2017]


Call My Agent (S2/2017) Show – Poster.


At the start of season 2, the ASK agency has not come out of its financial difficulties, and the situation is very worrying. Our agents are looking for a saviour… It will be Hicham Janowski (Assaad Bouab), a young millionaire boss who has just sold his dating site. Andréa (Camille Cottin) convinced him to invest in ASK.

But behind the success story, there is a temperamental man who knows nothing about the job. The relief is therefore short-lived!

Subject to the contradictory pressures of their new boss who plays with their nerves, Andréa, Mathias, Gabriel and Arlette (Liliane Rovère) try to keep control of their agency, their colourful clients… and, above all, their still chaotic personal lives.


FM’s rating4.10/5
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date96% Audience Score
Alexandra Schwartz/ Rotten TomatoesThere are melodramatic twists worthy of a soap opera, cut with a general Gallic wryness at the vagaries of business and art.
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Dix Pour Cent (S2/2017) Show.

Call My Agent (Call My Agent!) Series [S3/2018]


Dix Pour Cent (S3/2018) Show – Poster.


In season 3, our agents are fighting back! Andréa and Gabriel foment a possible departure in secret, while Mathias sharpens his weapons to impose himself at the head of ASK. Continuing to juggle frantically between private and professional life, our agents will put their bonds of friendship and solidarity to the test… And it is by risking an explosion that they will realize how much they need each other. others.


Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date97% Audience Score
John Boland / Rotten TomatoesIt’s a soap opera of a superior kind, with a script of real wit and depth and with a cast of conniving characters with whom you quickly become engrossed.
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Dix Pour Cent (S3/2018) Show.

Call My Agent (Call My Agent!) Series [S4/2020]


Call My Agent (S4/2020) Show – Poster.


Season 4 picks up the storyline from the previous season, and continues with the time-tested plotlines which have succeeded in the past three seasons in this dramedy: the fate of the ASK agency is still uncertain, so its agents need to use every trick in their trade to retain their high-profile clients somehow to earn their ten (10%) per cent commission.

Lastly, each of the six episodes features a guest star played by a popular movie star playing themselves, meanwhile, the agents of ASK continue to do their job hilariously. Stick till the end to find out about the future of ASK agency and its entertaining agents.


Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date95% Tomatometer & 100% Audience Score
Critics Consensus / Rotten TomatoesA satisfying skewering of the strange world of showbiz, Call My Agent’s fourth season spins sharp observations with obvious affection to create comedy gold.
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Dix Pour Cent (S4/2020) show.

Key details about the Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series

GenreComedy, Drama
Original languageFrench
CreatorFanny Herrero
& Episodes
First Season – Six (6) Episodes – 2015
Second Season – Six (6) Episodes – 2017
Third Season – Six (6) Episodes – 2018
Fourth Season – Six (6) Episodes – 2020
Total= Four (4) Seasons & Twenty-Four (24) Episodes
Cast (Main)Camille Cottin (Andréa Martel), Thibault de Montalembert (Mathias Barneville), Laure Calamy (Noémie Leclerc), Grégory Montel (Gabriel Sarda), Liliane Rovère (Arlette Azémar), Fanny Sidney (Camille Valentini), Nicolas Maury (Hervé André-Jezak), Stéfi Celma (Sofia Leprince), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Catherine Barneville), Ophélia Kolb (Colette Brancillon), etc.
About – Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Show.

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Awards won by the Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series

Names of the AwardsWinners of the Awards
L’Association des Critiques de Séries – 2016Best Series – Winner – A.C.S. Award
Fanny Herrero – Winner – A.C.S. Award – Best Writing
Camille Cottin – Winner – A.C.S. Award – Best Actress
L’Association des Critiques de Séries – 2017Winner A.C.S. Award – Best Actress – Camille Cottin
Globes de Cristal Awards, France – 2018Fanny Herrero – Winner Globe de Cristal – Best Television Film or Television Series (Meilleur téléfilm ou série télévisée)
Globes de Cristal Awards, France – 2019Grégory Montel – Winner Globe de Cristal – Best Actor – Television Film or Television Series
Camille Cottin – Winner Globe de Cristal – Best Actress – Television Film or Television Series
International Emmy Awards – 2021Winner Emmy – Best Comedy
Awards – Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series

Featured & Other Images: Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!) Series | IMDb & Youtube.

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