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Premalu is an Indian romantic-comedy film focused at youngsters and those who are young at heart. With its simple yet contemporary story set in the Southern states of India, this Rom-Com has won our admiration.

The film title, Premalu (ప్రేమలు) is a Telugu language word and the Malayalam language word for the same is Snehikkunnu (സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു). Both the two different words in the said Indian language simply mean Love.

Trailer: Premalu (2024) Movie

Official Trailer (Hindi) – Premalu (2024) Movie – DisneyPlus Hotstar | YouTube.

Synopsis: Premalu (2024) Movie

Sachin (Naslen) pursues romance but finds himself caught between two potential partners, leading to amusing complications.

‘Premalu’-Made Us Laugh & Fall In Love, Again

Spoiler Free Review: Premalu (2024) Movie

The storyline/plotline [unofficial & official]

The unofficial story is simple. Both Sachin (Nalsen) and Reenu (Mamitha Baiju) hail from Kerala state. However, they are working in Hyderabad, Telangana state. While they are in Telangana, shy and lovelorn Sachin falls in (one-sided) love with the beautiful and charming Reenu. But, Reenu has another suitor Aadhi (Shyam Mohan) in the office. This love triangle issue complicates Sachin’s love story. So, Sachin seeks the active assistance of two friends Amal (Sangeeth Prathap) and Karthika (Akhila Bhargavan), and that leads to a lot of comical confusion.

Meanwhile, the official summary goes like this, “Charm and chaos collide in Sachin’s whimsical quest for Reenu’s heart. Amidst mishaps and mischief, can he find the key to unlock true love’s door?”

The (mostly young) ensemble cast is terrific

No doubt, the lead pair of Mamitha Baiju (Reenu) and Naslen (Sachin) deserve all the praise for their wonderful acting performances. But the rest of the ensemble cast merit accolades too. All of them entertained us with their captivating supporting roles, which made us laugh out loud. Yes, these young actors – Shyam Mohan (Aadhi), Sangeeth Prathap (Amal), Akhila Bhargavan (Karthika) and others are good in the film. Almost all of them looked natural in both the funny as well as serious scenes in the film.

Targeted at youngsters, the music and songs are peppy and energetic by the music director Vishnu Vijay. We have shared the two songs that we liked from the film, in the paragraph below.

What did we love about it?

Recently, we watched and reviewed another movie from Kerala – the Bramayugam (2024) movie. It is amazing and refreshing to come across two fascinating movies from Kerala. They are showing the way forward for India.

As we were saying, the script of this rom-com is quite predictable.

JK!! Just Kidding!!!!

We loved this sweet and spicy romantic comedy (romedy!!) set in the Southern states of India. Although the story is straightforward, its appeal and magic lie in the fun, smart, witty and humourous script. In addition, we liked the use of contemporary language in its comical dialogues. In the present age of the internet – reels, selfies, memes, etc., the tech-savvy youth of India are accustomed to such modern-day colloquial chats.

Kudos to the entire team led by film director Girish A D and writer Kiran Josey for getting most things right. And making a highly entertaining film for the masses.

Girish A.D. mentioned during an interview that this movie was initially conceived as a spin-off to Super Sharanya, wherein Mamitha's character Sona moves to Hyderabad for employment after completing her studies. In the song "Mini Maharani," (chek its video below) Reenu utters the phrase "Dhaba Girls" while standing alongside Karthika in front of a roadside eatery. This serves as a reference to their previous collaboration, Super Sharanya, where the main character and her friends referred to themselves as the "Dhaba Girls."

The conclusion

One of the most positive aspects of the film is that it is a clean comedy film. This situational comedy does not resort to vulgarity and low-brow jokes to elicit laughter from its viewers. Despite the fact, that this film is for the youth and by the youth. We believe it is a good family entertainment movie for the masses and classes. Not surprisingly, this low-budget film has earned big returns over Indian Rupee 136 crore (USD 162 million) at the box office, so far. We loved the Premalu movie.

Rating: Premalu (2024) Movie

Rating: 4 out of 5.
FM Rating4.00/5
Premalu (2024) Movie – FM Rating

Poster: Premalu (2024) Movie

Key Details: Premalu (2024) Movie

GenreComedy, Romance,
Original languageMalayalam (from Kerala, India) language. It has been dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. In addition, subtitles in the English language is available too.
Duration2 hours 36 minutes
WritersGirish A D, Kiran Josey
Movie DirectorGirish A D
Music DirectorVishnu Vijay
CastNaslen (Sachin), Mamitha Baiju (Reenu), Shyam Mohan (Aadhi), Sangeeth Prathap (Amal), Akhila Bhargavan (Karthika), A.R. Raja Ganesh (Vignesh), George Wincent (Vaisakh Murali), etc.
NetworkDisney+ Hotstar, Disney
Premalu (2024) Movie – About

Loved these 2 Songs from Premalu movie

Mini Maharani video song from Premalu (2024) film
Mini Maharani Video Song – Premalu | YouTube.
Telangana Bommalu video song from Premalu (2024) film
Telangana Bommalu Video Song – Premalu | YouTube.
Bommalu (బొమ్మలు) in Telugu language means Toys.

Poster and Featured Image of the Premalu (2024) Movie are courtesy of Disney+ Hotstar.

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