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‘Family Aaj Kal’ is a contemporary story of a middle-class family in India. The Hindi title ‘Family Aaj Kal’ means ‘Family Today (Yesterday/Tomorrow)’, as it explores the relationship that exists between three generations.

It provides an interesting glimpse into the huge generational gap that exists between the thinking of middle-aged parents (double income), their two young children (one working & one college-going) and a grandparent.

Trailer: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

Official Trailer – Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series – Sony LIV | YouTube.

Synopsis: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

The Kashyaps like to believe they are an open-minded lot that respects everybody’s work. But when their daughter falls in love with a cab driver, can they overcome their biases and accept her choice of partner?

‘Family Aaj Kal’ Is A Fine Love Tale Of Today’s India

Spoiler Free Review: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

The basic storyline/plotline

The Kashyaps are a seemingly modern (Indian) cosmopolitan family.

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But they are about to encounter the greatest challenge that their family is going to face in recent times. So, we get to meet Meher Kashyap (Apoorva Arora), the ideal (working) daughter who admires her parents’ love story but is about to be let down when she reveals her secret romantic life to the entire family. Then we are introduced to mother Faiza (Sonali Sachdev) and father Shekhar (Nitesh Pandey, the proud parents of Meher and Sahir (Aakarshan Singh), the college-going kid.

Then one day, Meher drops the relationship bomb on her family members. The news of Meher’s relationship with Gaurav (the cab driver of today’s India) catches her family completely off guard. While Sahir is delighted for his sister, Faiza and Shekhar’s modern perspective is challenged by Gaurav’s profession. Instead of seeing Gaurav as an individual, they fixate on stereotypes and are overwhelmed with concerns about Meher’s future and stability, leading them to question her choice.

Is Meher capable of persuading her family to support her decision? Will her parents be open-minded enough to overlook his job? Will the Kashyaps be able to overcome their biases and accept Gaurav wholeheartedly?

What did not like in this Hindi comedy series?

Well, the storyline is realistic but at the same time, it is quite predictable. All those, who have been brought up on the (Indian) middle-class values and ethos, are going to identify with its theme and subject.

To, be honest, we do not know, why this series has only 5 episodes. Generally, the Indian series tend to tell their stories in many more episodes. And maybe, instead of only 5 episodes (aired so far) in the first season, they could have gone the whole hog, by adding a few more episodes. And the surprising twists and turns would have certainly helped. In addition, they needed to give a few more comedy scenes.

What did we like in this Hindi comedy series?

The lead actress Apoorva Arora (Meher) has charmingly played the protagonist. One could feel her dilemma, as she does not want to choose between her love for her family or her love for her boyfriend. The other key cast members – Sonali Sachdev (Faiza), Apoorva Arora (Meher), Aakarshan Singh (Sahir), Masood Akhtar (Dadaji), and Prakhar Singh (Gaurav) also kept us entertained in this light and breezy family drama from India. And as usual, Nitesh Pandey (Shekhar) played his role of a loving and mature father perfectly. We think that Nitesh Pandey (#RIP) has gone too soon, and his demise is a great loss to the Indian TV industry.

The conclusion

Besides, it subtly poses a few questions to Indian families and Indian society at large. Is it okay for people from two different religious backgrounds to fall in love and marry? Should two individuals from two different educational and economic statuses fall in love and marry? Or even though the gig economy has taken off in a big way, is India of 2024 still not ready to accept the deeply ingrained classism among Indians? Well, these are some of the questions that this series asks smartly. So, think about these too. Meanwhile, in case you are looking for light family entertainment to pass the time after a busy work day, then it is a good option.

Rating: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsIt is heartwarming to check out the realistic family drama from India. All the characters are well etched out and one could identify with them. Sadly, talented actor Nitesh Pandey (Shekhar) is no more, his performance is once again, impactful. The ensemble cast has done an excellent job in this comedy drama. With five episodes, it is perfect for marathon watching.
Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series – FM Rating

Poster: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series – Poster

Key Details: Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series

GenreComedy, Drama
Original languageHindi (India)
Season One (1) Season
EpisodesFive (5) Episodes
WritersManoj Kalwani & Arundhati Bhande
DirectorParikshit Joshi
CastNitesh Pandey (Shekhar), Sonali Sachdev (Faiza), Apoorva Arora (Meher), Aakarshan Singh (Sahir), Masood Akhtar (Dadaji), Prakhar Singh (Gaurav), etc.
NetworkSony LIV
Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series – About

Spoilers Alert: Summary of Five (5) Episodes

Episodes Summary – all 5 episodes were released on April 3, 2024

Mann Ki Baat (S1, E1) |

Just as Meher manages to gather her chaotic family to give them some major news, her estranged grandfather shows up. She blurts out that she is dating a cab driver, leaving her parents shocked.

Mann Ki Baat (मन की बात) means 'Telling What's In The Mind'

Test Drive (S1, E2)

While Meher’s parents’ research into her boyfriend’s profession doesn’t go well, Meher’s grandfather, with ulterior motives of his own, convinces her to surprise her unprepared parents and bring her boyfriend home for dinner.

Diversion (S1, E3)

The family somehow manages to avoid meeting Meher’s boyfriend. Convinced that she is making the wrong choice by dating him, they hatch a bizarre plan to break them up.

Speed Breaker (s1, E4)

All is not well; hearts are broken and everyone in the family, including Meher, are finding it hard to cope.

Uno Reverse (S1, E5)

The family members repent their mistake and try to reconnect with Meher but she doesn’t trust them so easily just yet. Meanwhile, Gaurav gets a dinner invite from Meher’s family.

Poster and Featured Image of the Family Aaj Kal (S1/2024) Hindi Series are courtesy of Sony LIV.

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