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November Story series is a good whodunit that keeps you hooked. This suspense-filled Tamil crime drama was filmed in India during the coronavirus pandemic period.

Of late, we have started discovering the world of movies/series in the regional languages of India. So, we came across this Tamil mystery thriller show, and we found it to be riveting.

Synopsis of the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

A celebrated crime novelist suffering from Alzheimer’s is found at a murder scene with no memory of what happened. Now, it is up to his daughter (Tamannaah Bhatia) to save him.

Rating of the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

FM’s rating3.75/5
FM rating – November Story Show.

Spoiler-Free Review of the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

The introduction

This being a murder mystery series, we do not wish to spoil it for those who have not seen it, by either divulging too much information about its storyline or its suspense inadvertently.

About the plotline of this show

In this crime drama, there are three distinct plotlines. The two of these storylines are set in the past – about the antagonist and his crimes in the past. In addition, the third storyline deals with the protagonist Anuradha (Tamannaah), her elderly father and the murder case in the present times. There is a hidden connection between these three crime tales.

Tamannaah Bhatia is the protagonist, as she tries to save her father and find out the real killer in this mystery thriller. She plays the role of an ethical I.T. hacker Anuradha Ganesan. However, soon she gets involved in a murder case, as her father Ganesan is a prime suspect in the murder case. To complicate the matter further, her father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease too.

Now, let us talk bout the lead actress Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamannaah Bhatia plays Anuradha – the lead actor in this crime series. This is the first time, we have seen her work in a Tamil series. Here she has played the character of an everyday Chennai girl with conviction. To quote the actress Tamannaah, as she explained, “Anuradha can be your neighbour. Ordinary people when put in extraordinary situations can do things that are beyond their imagination. So this is one of those characters.”

Indian actress Tamannaah Bhatia has primarily worked in the movies from Southern India. Some of her well-known films are - Happy Days (2007 - Telugu), Kalloori (2007 - Tamil), Padikathavan (2009 - Tamil), Ayan (2009 - Tamil), Paiyaa (2010 - Tamil), etc.

I have never been a part of a crime thriller before. So, the genre for me is new and it got me to explore primarily a father-daughter relationship. There were many angles to this as to why it became unique and new for me, and it was literally like keeping the tension going through the show in every scene. It was challenging and I had never done that in my career.

Tamannaah Bhatia | Garhwal Post

What did we like in this whodunit?

The director of this series has kept things lifelike and realistic. We liked that this show did not shy away from depicting the realities. Besides, this show has an admirable ensemble cast of accomplished actors that include Tamannaah, G.M. Kumar, Pasupathy, Aruldass, Vivek, Myna and others. While playing these real lifelike characters, all of them have done a splendid job. The depths of their acting skills are on display in this show, besides the bonus of its tightly woven whodunit crime tale.

The conclusion

Although it is an engrossing crime drama mini-series to watch. Sometimes, we felt as if its script was dragging its feet. This series has all the famous South Indian masala – thus making it a good whodunit show. Although, sometimes, we felt that they could have tightened the script. Still, despite a few negativities and its unhurried pace, we can say that it is a compelling murder mystery in Tamil. We think it is a good bet for at least a one-time watch.

Spoilers Alert – Episodes Summary of this Tamil Mini-Series

A peek into the Seven (7) episodes of this Tamil whodunit show

Save Him From Him (E1) | May 19, 2021

Anuradha struggles to sell her house for her father Ganesan’s Alzheimer’s treatment. As she solves a hacker crisis at her workplace, her father’s hallucinations dangerously escalate.

White Wash (E2) | May 20, 2021

Determined to save her father from the police, Anu covers up a murder. But, unfortunately for her, Paranthaman and Sudalai rope in an autopsy specialist, Dr Yesu.

Flashes (E3) | May 20, 2021

The station receives a fax about three criminals on the loose in Chennai. Failing to find the murder weapon, Sudalai decides to meet Ganesan, posing a new challenge for Anu.

Crossroads (E4) | May 20, 2021

Anu with the dead woman, Malar with the hacker and Sudalai with a new murder – each one finds new clues. Who will take the lead in this pursuit of leads?

Knitting (E5) | May 20, 2021

The criminal trio’s presence at the crime scene puts Sudalai and his squad in a whodunnit dilemma. Meanwhile, Anu tries to access the hacked data, suspecting an impossible link.

Close To (E6) | May 20, 2021

As Sudalai and Anu dig deeper, startling truths and tragic pasts come to light. Additionally, Malar and Binu’s quest for the hacked file leads them to untangle several knots

Truth (E7) | May 20, 2021

While Anu unearths her own dark past, she and Sudalai launch a hunt for Yesu. With the clock ticking away, the stakes rise higher when Anu and Yesu meet for a final showdown.

Poster of the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

November Story Show – poster.

Key Details about the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

GenreCrime, Mystery, Thriller
Age-restrictions:A (18+)
Creator Indhra Subramaniam (Writer & Director)
Original language Tamil (Available in Telugu, Hindi and other languages too)
ReleasedMay 2021
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSeven (7) episodes (Mini-Series)
CastTamannaah Bhatia, G.M. Kumar, Pasupathy, Aruldoss, Vivek Prasanna, Myna Nandhini, etc.
About – November Story Show.

Trailer of the November Story (2021) Mini-Series

Official Trailer – November Story Show | YouTube.

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Featured & Other Images: November Story | Disney Hotstar.

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