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Pathaan – SRK’s epic movie is the biggest blockbuster of the year. This YRF spy universe film has Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the key roles.

Recently, it has become one of the biggest blockbuster movies from India. It has collected more than Rs 1000 crore to date at the worldwide box office. Notably, it has earned Rs 540 crore earnings in India. Now, after being released on the digital streaming world on Prime Video this week, this film raced to the top. As on date, it is #1 in the Top 10 Indian content on the OTT platform. Such is the magical stardom of SRK – Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan!

A spoiler-free review in brief of the Pathaan (2023) movie

FM rating is (3.85/5) for the Pathan movie.

The introduction

Despite all kinds of (manufactured) – anger, hostilities, hatred, negativities, controversies, etc. surrounding this SRK’s film, its viewers won it for SKR, Deepika, John and the YRF team. Thanks to millions of Fans, now this movie is raking in raking in the moolah. Most of these movie fans in India have decided to not live in a world dominated by hatred and animosity. Yes, most of them have chosen Positivity over Negativity – wherein Love trumps Hate.

A hit movie with A hit message

We liked the hidden messages of communal harmony and the idea of friendship with our neighbour in this movie. The action sequences and the special VFX effects in this film were good. It is a welcome addition to the Indian spy world being created by the team YRF. It has managed to successfully re-brand SRK into a tough action star from his timeless image of a romantic hero. We liked this movie and eagerly await the upcoming SRK and YRF cinemas.

Has impressive action scenes

With its well-choreographed action scenes, the spy world of YRF studio’s spy movie has tried to match the adrenaline rush of the well-known Western Action Movies of James Bond, Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, etc. The movie-goers (especially from India) loved this action-packed spy drama raking in blockbuster earnings.

Change of SRK’s image

In this film, SRK has broken the well-established romantic-hero image and taken a new avatar of the action hero. This Hindi movie must be commended for its high-octane scenes. For all the SRK fans, it’s a must-watch. While enjoying this movie, think about all the millions of Indians who defied the call to boycott this movie and crowded the movie halls across the world, in the last eight weeks or so. Love won. Kudos to all.

Official trailer of the Pathaan (2023) movie

Official trailer – Pathaan (2023) movie – YRF | YouTube.

High ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for the Pathaan (2023) movie

Well, it seems that the online mob targeted the IMDb website, however, they missed the Rotten Tomatoes website, as it seems to remain unscathed by their targetted attack. So, here are its ratings.

Critics Consensus: A slightly slapdash but still intoxicating blend of occasionally disparate ingredients, Pathaan offers over-the-top action thrills with Bollywood bells and whistles.

Rotten Tomatoes ratings | 85% Tomatometer and 78% Audience Score

Focus:- when the #BoycottGang spreads negativity

In the last few years, the #Boycott culture has gained ground in India – both on social media as well as on the streets of India. Many of these trolls and mobs are being actively and passively supported by a powerful set of people. Consequently, the Indian film industry and many of its leading lights have become soft targets of the angry mob – both of paid and unpaid kinds. It is a big part of the ongoing larger ideological battle in India.

Hope you have heard of the Radio Rwanda case, wherein this official government-owned radio station furthers the cause of genocide in that country. In India, the mainstream media is acting similarly. With the undercurrents of bitterness and hatred being peddled in India, the mobocracy has gained huge ground in contemporary Indian democracy – which once was renowned for its unity in diversity. Now, if you kindly allow us, then we are going to share a live example.

Focus:- Pathaan’s IMDb ratings are being manipulated

On the IMDb website – the online mob of particular ideology often descends to this website to target the movies (and stars), so that they can artificially manipulate the IMDb ratings of the targeted movie(s).

What is the situation right now?

With more than thirty thousand users (30, 000) and sixty thousand users (60,000) giving Pathaan ratings of 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest) respectively on the IMDb website, it seems more likely that once again a dedicated mob is trying to control the ratings of a movie released from India.

Is mob trying to control our thinking by setting a narrative?

Once again, it is much to the annoyance of the simple (average) movie-loving public of India, that the zealous mob is/was trying to influence the choices that the common public (aam-janta) are making – what to think, what to watch, what to eat, what to wear, et al. So, the Pathaan (2023) movie has a 6.20/10 IMDb rating as of date. And it seems that its IMDb ratings are being manipulated by the #BoycottGang.

These are part of the larger game to control the narrative and influence the contents of the movie industry in India – which has remained secular and in its belief, despite all kinds of threats and intimidation tactics being used online – trolls and mobs. So far, even, the threats to the livelihoods and business models of the movie industry by influential public figures and their vocal supporters have not yielded the desired result.

The ideas of India being attacked?

Produced by the highly respected YRF studio, this spy movie talks about the many ideas which have been attacked vehemently in recent years in India by the mob. For instance, in this movie – a Muslim (Pathaan) soldier (SRK) fighting for the safety of Indians against the enemies who are trying to kill millions, and/or in the name of humanity – a Pakistani is actively assisting the Indians to stop the attack and save the Indian lives.

In the end, people’s love and power won

No doubt, the overwhelming majority of the aam-janta rejected the negative ideas being perpetuated by the forceful boycott gangs of India. With a vengeance, across the length and breadths of India and the world, the aam-janta thronged the movie theatres, bought the movie tickets, enjoyed the big-screen experience, danced inside the hall and made sure that they went on to make it – one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.

Key details about the Pathaan (2023) movie

GenreAction, Drama, Adventure
Released25th, January 2023
DirectorSiddharth Anand
WritersShridhar Raghavan (screenplay), Abbas Tyrewala (dialogue) & Siddharth Anand (story)
CastShah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana, etc.
About – Pathaan.

Check out the two super-hit songs of the Pathaan (2023) movie

No Indian movie can survive without its song and dance scenes. So, here are the super hit songs from this film, which are already making the audience dance to their music.

1. Besharam Rang Song | Pathaan

Besharam Rang Song – Pathaan | YouTube.

2. Jhoome Jo Pathaan Song | Pathaan

Jhoome Jo Pathaan Song – Pathaan | YouTube.

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Featured & Other Images: Pathaan Movie | YRF.

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