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Jawan is another blockbuster Hindi film from the world of SRK aka Shah Rukh Khan. Please note, this 2023 film comes from the Tamil film writer and director Atlee, nee Arun Kumar.

In fact, this is Atlee’s foray into the bigger Hindi movie world. Once again, SRK plays an action hero in his second film of the 2023 year. Not so long ago, we welcomed SRK as he donned the crown of action hero in the Pathaan film. The following information is for those, who are unfamiliar with Hindi films.

So, it is worth mentioning that SRK is primarily famous for playing the roles of romantic heroes. His signature charming styles have been initiated many times by his ardent fans. In his previous filmi-avatar, SRK was famously known as the lovable romantic hero of Hindi movies, in recent times. However, in a new filmi-avatar, SRK is breaking new ground and re-branding himself as the popular action hero. But with age and maturity, comes a responsibility that SRK’s Jawan film has tried to live up to.

Synopsis (official summary) of this 2023 Hindi Action Movie of SRK

An emotional journey of a man Azaad/Vikram Rathod (Shah Rukh Khan) who is set to rectify the wrongs in the society, in an attempt to get even with his past, driven by a personal vendetta while keeping up to a promise made years ago. A high-octane action thriller where he is up against a dreadful monstrous outlaw Kaalie Gaikwad (Vijay Sethupathi) who knows no fear and has caused extreme suffering to many.
In the journey he will cross paths with a high-minded seasoned lady officer Narmada Rai (Nayanthara) whose emotions might get the better of her as she gets involved in this battle. As his (Azaad) past catches up with him, to overcome the challenges and restore the harmony in their world, he will need all the firepower and intelligence to do so.

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Spoilers Free review of the Jawan (2023/Hindi) Movie

Hindi & Tamil movies world come together

Jawan is a high-octane action thriller. It outlines the emotional journey of a man (SRK) who is set to rectify the wrongs in society. A typical Indian film, it brings together the masala (spices) from two different parts of India. The one part is from the Hindi movie world. And the other part comes from the Tamil movie world. Thereby, they join hands to give us a highly entertaining pan-Indian film. No doubt, this is an action-packed and emotional-revenge-thriller movie.

Bonus info.:- apart from the lead Shah Rukh Khan, the entire cast and crew of this film belongs to Tamil film industry - writing, direction, cinematography, music, editing, art department, etc.

Jawan is going to be one of the biggest box-office hit from India

Given the personal appeal and mega-star power of SRK that goes beyond the borders of India, it is going to be a big hit not only in India but also in the overseas territories. Well, according to the latest news report in HT, since its release on 7th September 2023, this film has already earned Rs 350 crore gross at the worldwide box office.

SRK raises important issues

SRK (as vigilante Azaad) raises a bunch of apt and bold issues in New India. His film has indeed made some of the most bold personal, social, economic and political statements.

SRK and his four alive army buddies from the secretive special forces Agni regiment belong to different (Hindu, Christian/ईसाई, Sikh, Muslim) religions. They come from different corners (from Chennai, Pune, Guwahati, Chandigarh) of India. Perhaps, once again underlying the Unity in Diversity theme of India.

Wasloon par jahan aa jaye, takrana jarrori hai.

(When you priciples are being challenged then you must fight.)


Mainstream media in India has bowed down

The above lines from this film, maybe, loudly call out the ongoing politics of hate. And the ongoing politics in the name of religion in India. At present, India is battling to save its healthy democracy from autocratic tendencies. However, the uninspiring status of the mainstream news media (especially in new India) under the current dispensation is not helping, at all. They have completely bowed down and capitulated.

In this current political environment, a mainstream Hindi masala movie (instead of the plethora of TV News channels) raises some of the most pertinent issues that really matter in the lives of common citizens of India/Bharat in today’s time. Sometimes, many of us sincerely wish that India gets honest mainstream news media.

North & South – together they create magic

Anyway, the magic happens when two superstars SRK (Hindi film world) and Nayantara (Tamil film world) get together for the first time as a lead pair.

In addition, we liked the fact that Narmada Rai (Nayantara), Azaad Rathod (SRK) and his women’s gang wanted to make a clear statement about the sorry state of affairs in our nation. They also urge the viewers of their movies, to say something, stay alive, do something, and stay Azaad (independent and free-minded) in today’s New India.

Banda jinda hai, toh jinda nazar aana jaroori hai.

(If you are truly alive, you must prove it.)

And Zinda Banda song in this film probably references that fact only.


Wonderful ensemble cast in the film, good music and the conclusion

The ensemble cast is led by Shah Rukh Khan (Vikram Rathod/Azaad) and ably supported by his female lead Nayanthara (Narmada Rai Rathod), and the antagonist villain Vijay Sethupathi (Kaalie Gaikwad).

Then there are other important actors – Deepika Padukone (Aishwarya Rathod), Priyamani (Lakshmi), Sanya Malhotra (Dr Eeram), Sanjeeta Bhattacharya (Helena), Lehar Khan (Kalki), Girija Oak (Ishkra), Riddhi Dogra (Kaveri), Sanjay Dutt (Madhavan Nayak), etc., all of them do a good job to make this film a mass-entertainment.

We loved the Chaleya song filmed on the SRK and Nayantara. Besides, we also loved its other songs. The details of the some have been shared along with the spoilers below.

To conclude, we loved and enjoyed this SRK movie, so we recommend it to you all too.

Spoilers Alert – double-role, this film is inspired from and more

Double role-double maza in this Jawan film.

SRK’s double role in films

This is Shah Rukh Khan’s seventh movie in his career where he plays a double role. In the Jawan film, SRK plays the double role of father and son.

In the past, SRK had played a double role in movies, like, “English Babu Desi Mem”, “Duplicate”, “Paheli”, “Don”, “Om Shanti Om”, “Ra. One” and “Fan.”

This Jawan film’s references to popular dialogues, series, movies, songs, etc.

Jawan takes inspiration from –

Maybe, in reference to the 007 James Bond character, Vikram Rathod introduces himself as, “Vikram. Vikram Rathod. Naam Toh Suna Hoga.”

We could list some of the movies/series, which have inspired its content. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  • V for Vendetta film (freedom fighter uses terrorist tactics to fight the government),
  • A Wednesday film (about a bomb scare in Mumbai),
  • Money Heist series (creating hostage situations and emerging as people’s hero after asking the government to do specific people-friendly tasks),
  • Squid Game series (female prisoners reference several traumatising collective experiences),
  • The Dark Knight Rises film (foreign financier villain in a similar get-up),
  • The Lion King film (Mufasa – father & Simba- son) and
Highlights the Girls’ and Women’s power in this Jawan film

SRK & his women’s team

SRK (Chief Azaad) is actively assisted by the following women jail inmates. They have resorted to vigilantism due to unjust and systemic oppression in their lives.

They are – Priyamani (Lakshmi), Sanya Malhotra (Dr Eeram), Sanjeeta Bhattacharya (Helena), Lehar Khan (Kalki), and Girija Oak (Ishkra).

Also, check out their hit song – Zinda Banda from the Jawan film. It showcases the female members of team SRK in this film.

Strong females

SRK senior (Vikram) and Deepika (Aishwarya), are shown as strong and equal partners. Besides, Nayantara (Narmada) is a single working mother. Whereas, Riddhi Dogra (Kaveri Ma) is a silent and strong mother who raises the junior SRK as her own child. The name Kaveri Ma reminds us of another SRK character’s mother with the same name in the Swadesh film.

Some of the apt and burning real-life issues raised in this Jawan film

Important national issues of India

Some of these burning concerns mentioned in this film are, namely, the issues of the farmers’ suicides, the poor health (and educational) facilities provided by the Government for commoners, the widespread corruption (and percentage commission) in various government departments, supply of faulty guns to the army personnel, the corporate greed leading to the blind pursuit of profits, election funding, voting in the name of caste/religion/region/language, etc.

A couple of real-life incidents

Some of these issues are most probably inspired by real-life incidents.

For instance, the acute shortage of oxygen cylinders in hospitals. The case of Dr. Kafeel Khan (Dr. Eeram in the film) comes to mind.

And then on a more personal note, in a harsh real-life incident, SRK’s son Aryan Khan spent four weeks in jail, on some flimsy charges. As the authorities could not prove it in the court of law. Hence the following line was said in the film?

Bete ko haat lagane se pehle Baap se baat kar.

(Before you touch my son, talk to the father.)


Greedy businessman

Also, the reigning corporate greed and the blind pursuit of profit at all costs. Even at the cost of pollution, the forcible land grab, the mass displacement of people, etc.

Where the businessman always says:

Let's make a deal...

Furthermore, a bunch of businessmen fund the election expenditure of a political party. They do so that at a later date, they can reap huge benefits after their funded party comes to power.

Why did some people choose to become a vigilante in it?

Some people become a Vigilante

Well, perhaps, in an indirect address to the viewers, the protagonist army man Vikram Rathod (SRK) delivers the following lines. He confronts Kaalie Gaikwad (Vijay), the person responsible for supplying faulty guns to the army. That incident led to the death of many soldiers while they were fighting a gun battle with the dangerous terrorists.

More info. about faulty guns case

This incident is probably inspired by the real-life case of the INSAS (Indian National Small Arms Systems) scandal. At that time the faulty guns were supplied to the soldiers.

Hum Jawan hain, apni jaan hazcitizens of India, aar baar daon par laga sakte hain, lekin sirf desh ke liye. 
(We are soldiers, we can sacrfice our lives thousands times, but only for our country.)

Tumhare jaise desh bechne walon ke liye nahin, hargiz nahin. 
(Not for people who sell our country.)

Later on, the vindictive Kaalie exacts cruel revenge for the loss of face, his reputation and business. He killed their family completely, or so he thought.

Rathod (SRK) and his son Azaad (SRK)

In the closing scenes, we hear a monologue about elections from SRK’s character in the film.

Humble appeal to Indian voters

In his address to his fellow Indians, he asks why they vote for religion, money, fear, etc.

Puchho usse ki mere liye agle 5 saal mein kya karoge?,
(Ask the politicians, what will you do for me in the next five years?)

Agar parivaar mein koi bimar ho jaaye to uske ilaaj ke liye kya karoge?,
(If some from family falls ill, then what will you do for his medical-treatment?)

Mujhe naukri dilaane ke liye kya karoge?,
(What will you do to get me a job?)

Desh ko aage badhaane ke liye kya karoge?...
(What will you do for the development of country)...

He humbly asks everyone to think and ponder about these, before voting.

Key details about this 2023 Hindi Action Thriller Movie of SRK

GenreAction, Thriller, Mystery
Original languageHindi (Jawan (जवान) in Hindi language means a soldier in the armed forces.)
This film is also released in Tamil and Telugu languages in its dubbed versions.
Duration2 hours 45 minutes
Age-restrictionsUA (13+)
WritersSumit Arora (dialogue),
Ramanagirivasan (written by)
Atlee (story and screenplay)
Music DirectorAnirudh Ravichander
CastShah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Lehar Khan, Girija Oak, Riddhi Dogra, Sanjay Dutt, etc.
TaglinesNow good to go chief… Ready?
About – Jawan (2023) film.

Posters of this 2023 Hindi Action Thriller Movie of SRK

Jawan film poster
Jawan fil poster E

Rating of this 2023 Hindi Action Thriller Movie of SRK

FM’s rating4.05/5
FM’s short commentsExtra marks were given to the writers of this film for daring to raise burning socio-political issues pertinent to India/Bharat in today’s time.
FM ratings – Jawan (2023) film.

Trailer of this 2023 Hindi Action Thriller Movie of SRK

Official Hindi Trailer – Jawan (2023) film | YouTube.

Its official Trailer in Tamil langauge - Jawan.

Its offiicial Trailer in Telugu language - Jawan.

Featured & Other Images courtesy of Jawan (2023) film | Red Red Chillies Entertainment.

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