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Love Me series is a delicate tale about love and relationships in modern times. It focuses on the lives of 3 family members (Father, Daughter and Son) residing in Melbourne, Australia.

They all belong to different age groups, hence they come from different generations. The father Glen Mathieson is an older retired person in his sixties. His daughter Clara Mathieson is almost reaching the age of forty. Then his young son Aaron Mathieson is in his early twenties. Besides, each of them is in different stages of life.

In this series, all three of them are experiencing love, loss, rejection, and the other complexity of relationships in their lives. This is a drama about human lives and emotions.

Synopsis of the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

The Mathiesons, Clara (Bojana Novakovic), Glen (Hugo Weaving) and Aaron (William Lodder), find themselves at an emotional crossroads following an unexpected event that changes their lives forever. In an era when the world is driven by conflict, LOVE ME is a call to the heart – a funny, sophisticated, heartfelt exploration of love in all its forms. More significantly, it’s a timely reminder that we’re all as inadequate and remarkable as each other.

In Melbourne, three family members at different stages of life, experience love, loss and the complexity of family relationships. It is the second (S2) part of our beautiful Melbourne love story.

Spoilers Free review of the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

The introduction

Unlike the super-wealthy dysfunctional family depicted in “Succession“, the middle-class families in the “Love Me Series” seem so real and identifiable to people like us.

We found them lovable humans with their imperfections and strengths.

Bonus Info.:- It is an adaptation of the hit Swedish drama "Älska mig" (2019-2020) series. The Swedish title Älska mig means Love Me in English. It was originally created by Josephine Bornebusch. And it narrates the stories of the lives of three generations of people living in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. On the other hand, this Australian series is set in Melbourne City.


Meet the key characters

Glen Mathieson (Hugo Weaving) is a 64-year-old retired man who has loved and lost Christine Mathieson (Sarah Peirse) under trying circumstances. Then he gets a second shot with Anita (Heather Mitchell), a little late in life. What will Glen do?


Clara Mathieson (Bojana Novakovic) is a 38-year-old busy career woman working as an anaesthetist in a big hospital. Tired of the endless failures getting on with her love life with the help of dating apps, she is running out of time and patience. Until she meets Peter (Bob Morley), a model. What will Clara do?


Aaron Mathieson (William Lodder) is a 24-year-old. who works in the Law firm. He gets into a complicated love/friendship relationship with two girls – Ella (Shalom Brune-Franklin) and Jesse (Mitzi Ruhlmann). even at such a young age. What will Aaron do?


What did we like in this Aussie show?

Being a sucker for romantic content, we wish we could narrate the complete love stories of these characters mentioned above. But then we are under strict instructions, not to give away unnecessary details about its plot and share its spoilers. But, its sweet and somewhat realistic human tales are relatable. Hence we liked its layered yet uncomplicated tales.

Well, we also liked the acting performances of the ensemble cast of the Love Me series, especially the funny acts of Hugo Weaving and the graceful acts of Heather Mitchell.

The conclusion

We can reiterate that watch the Love Me series, as it is a typical middle-class tale about the complexities of love and relationships in our times.

Lastly, not to forget, it is narrated sensitively and charmingly.

Ratings (overall) of the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

FM’s rating3.85/5
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the dateS1: 75% Audience Score
S2: No ratings
John Doyle/Rotten Tomatoes reviewsS1: It would be welcome at any time, but in the doldrums of these days, albeit in summer weather, it is refreshingly frank, funny, humane and illuminating about the heart’s sadness, passions, and about family.
S2: No reviews
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Love Me.

Posters of the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

Key details about the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

GenreDrama, Romance
Age-CertificationUA (15+)
EpisodesFirst Season (1) – Six (6) Episodes – 2021
Second Season (2) – Six (6) Episodes – 2023
CastHugo Weaving, Heather Mitchell, Bojana Novakovic, Bob Morley, William Lodder, Shalom Brune-Franklin, etc.
AwardsLogie Awards – 2022 Winner Silver Logie – Most Outstanding Supporting Actress – Heather Mitchell
About – Love Me.

Trailer of the Love Me (S1/2021 & S2/2023) Series

First Season (S1/2021)
Second Season (S2/2023)

Focus on the actor Hugo (Wallace) Weaving

While watching the Love Me series, we realized that we have seen the aged actor Hugo Wallace in a popular movie of the past. So, we looked closely and Viola! Suddenly we found the lovable Hugo in an old movie series called Matrix playing the role of antagonist Agent Smith. Wearing his dark glasses, he was staring right back at us, with his menacing eyes. Lol!

Hugo Weaving in Matrix

In his long career spanning more than four decades of acting jobs, that was the list of his body of works over the years.

MoviesProof (1991), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994), Babe (1995) (voice), The Interview (1998), The Matrix (1999), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), V for Vendetta (2005), Oranges and Sunshine (2010), Mystery Road (2013), The Dressmaker (2015), Hacksaw Ridge (2016), Hearts and Bones (2019), etc.
TV Series &TV MoviesBodyline (1984), Frontier (1987), Melba (1988), The Dirtwater Dynasty (1988), Bangkok Hilton (1989), Bordertown (1995), The Bite (1996), Seven Types of Ambiguity (2017), Patrick Melrose (2018), etc.
About – actor Hugo Weaving.

No doubt, Hugo (Wallace) Weaving is a wonderful actor.

Featured & Other Images: Love Me | Hulu.

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