Hullraisers (S1 & S2) Series: Funny British Comedy About 3 Friends

Hullraisers is a funny British Comedy about 3 friends. Life throws different challenges to these young women friends, who respond comically to all kinds of situations.

This UK sitcom is adapted from the Israeli Haverot (2013) series. Besides, this sitcom is set in Hull (UK), hence the title ‘Hullraisers’, which sounds very similar to the ‘Hellraiser’ word.

Hellraiser: a person who causes trouble by behaving loudly and often violently, especially when they have drunk too much alcohol.

And one might find quite a few similarities between Hullraisers and Hellraisers in this show.

Synopsis [official] of the Hullraisers (S1/2022 & S2/2023) Series

Following the ups and downs of life, friendship, and family for three women living in Hull: self-described actress Toni (Leah Brotherhead) and her sister Paula (Sinead Matthews) and best friend Rana (Taj Atwal).

Spoiler Free Review of the Hullraisers (S1/2022 & S2/2023) Series

The introduction

Living in the city of Hull these three young women Toni, Paula and Rana are the beating hearts of the ‘Hullraisers’ show. Their chaotic lifestyle choices create lots of humour in it. However, they are not alone. Their family members, friends and even acquaintances contribute and add positively to the fun elements of it. It raises quite a few pertinent issues.

But, what sets it apart is the strong female bond that we see among Toni, Paula, Rana and other women characters. Even the males in their circle are understanding and supportive.

About the lead characters of this comedy series

Toni is living with her partner Craig and a young girl child Grace. But she does not want to get married. In her mind, she still believes that she can relive her youthful years. She longs for her young carefree days of the past. It was her dream to become a successful actress. Now, all she wants is to run away and go out clubbing. She wishes to escape.

Her elder sister Paula is happily married homemaker to husband Dane (Rana’s brother), yet they long for the good old days, too. They have a teenage daughter Ashley and a kid Jake.

Rana is the youngest of the three friends and is unmarried. She is a policewoman. However, she is not at all in a hurry to get married and settle down, any time soon.

The mixed family of British and Indian (Asian) characters in this show is a novelty. These feisty and confident women are as funny as Hell, or should we say as funny as Hull.

What did we love in this comedy show?

We liked many of its jokes in the first season. But, then its second season got even better with its array of subtle humourous jokes. A bunch of its jokes were hilarious. In addition, some of the real-life situations like raising kids, PTA meets, teenage pregnancy, friends with benefits, dreams, aspirations, realities, marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause, etc. are touched upon. Kudos to the three leading actresses Leah Brotherhead (Toni), Sinead Matthews (Paula) and Taj Atwal (Rana). They have done fabulous acts in the show along with other actors in its ensemble cast. We loved their acting in this comical show.

The conclusion

Life is all about making the right choices. And this is exactly, what we all strive to do in our lives. So, all three of them Toni, Paula and Rana grew as a person.

And most likely all of them will end up making the right choice, baby. In case, we get to see its season three in the coming year.

Meanwhile, each of its twelve episodes is less than 25 minutes long, maybe one can watch this sitcom in one sitting. This is exactly, what we did. And we enjoyed every minute of it.

Its finale in season two left us smiling and happy. We loved this British comedy show.

Rating of the Hullraisers (S1/2022 & S2/2023) Series

ParticularsSeason OneSeason Two
FM ratings4.00/54.25/5

Spoilers Alert – a peek into its 12 episodes across 2 seasons

Peek into the six (6) episodes of the first (1st) season

Night Out (S1, E1)

Toni hasn’t had a night out since Grace was born, Paula’s tearing her hair out over Ashley’s new boyfriend, and Rana meets up with the Hull City player she met last night–and realises too late that he isn’t quite what she remembered.

Dry-Spell (S1, E2)

Toni’s on a mission to rekindle sexy time with Craig. Paula makes a breakthrough with disciplining her kids. And when Rana’s loaded ex returns to town, she contemplates the unthinkable: settling down.

Mucky (S1, E3)

Toni accidentally takes home Grace’s classmate’s Gucci coat–and instantly manages to stain it. Paula finds that getting sick could have advantages. Rana’s attempt at bonding doesn’t go to plan.

Party (S1, E4)

Grace’s flamingo-themed 5th birthday party is going smoothly–until she comes down with a case of flamingo-phobia. Can Toni turn things around with the help of hungover Rana, the puking princess?

Breadcakes (S1, E5)

When the smug “super dad” in charge of the preschool PTA insinuates that Toni doesn’t contribute, Toni offers to run a baked goods stall at the school fair. The only problem: she can’t bake. At all. Paula discovers a saucy hidden talent, and Rana’s competitive side comes out against Ashley.

New You (S1, E6)

After her first full night’s sleep since Grace was born, Toni feels like a new woman; she’s making career plans and she’s about to have a big birthday party. Nothing can stop her now – Paula turns a corner with Ashley, and a failed hook-up leads Rana to discover that the meaning of life might not revolve around her libido.

Peek into the six (6) episodes of the second (2nd) season

East Riding Romeo (S2, E1)

In denial over her pregnancy, Toni continues to distract herself by obsessing over Craig’s mum’s new boyfriend. Paula is burying her head in the sand over her daughter Ashley’s miscarriage. Rana is given menopause 101 by her mum Nima.

Paulster (S2, E2)

After Craig’s shock proposal, Toni flees to Paula’s DIY shop, much to Paula’s annoyance. After Rana is mistaken for a strippergram during a death call, she has to deal with sexist ‘banter’ from fellow officer Chris.

Flirt Master (S2, E3)

Toni decides to exercise her flirting muscles to teach Craig a lesson. Paula and her husband get stuck in a sexual standoff. And Rana is determined to show a miserable policeman that Hull’s not dull.

The Godmother (S2, E4)

When her mum is accused of being involved with a drug gang, Rana rushes to figure out what’s going on. So who better to help than Toni and Paula? When Grace gets a part in a play, she wants Craig to be her chaperone, rather than Toni.

Event of the season (S2, E5)

Toni’s nemesis Leanne hosts a lavish gender reveal party, where Craig is subject to much female attention. After making a massive mistake at work, Rana distracts herself by pursuing the hottest man in Hull, but Pickles keeps getting in the way.

Toni and Craig Forever (S2, E6)

An important day has arrived for heavily pregnant Toni and Craig. Paula has worked tirelessly to make everything perfect, but Craig keeps finding things to moan about. Meanwhile, some unwelcome news forces Rana to make a big decision.

Poster of the Hullraisers Series

Hullraisers (2023) Series Poster
Hullraisers Series – Poster

Key details of the Hullraisers (S1/2022 & S2/2023) Series

GenreComedy, Sitcom
Original languageEnglish (UK)
Season OneSix (6) episodes were released in (April to May) 2022
Season TwoSix (6) episodes were released in (October to November) 2023
WritersLucy Beaumont, Caroline Moran, Anne-Marie O’Connor, & Edward Rowett.
DirectorIan Fitzgibbon
CastLeah Brotherhead (Toni), Sinead Matthews (Paula), Taj Atwal (Rana), Perry Fitzpatrick (Craig), Shobna Gulati (Nima), Natalie Davies (Ashley), Yanick Ghanty (Dane), Matilda Firth (Grace), Felicity Montagu (Gloria), Jaylan Batten (Jake), etc.
NetworksChannel 4 | AMC | Sony Liv
About – Hullraisers series

Trailers of the of the Hullraisers (S1/2022) Series

Official trailer – Hullraisers (S1/2022) Series – AMC | YouTube.

Featured Image and Poster of the Hullraisers Series | Pics. Credit: Channel 4

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