Kill Boksoon (2023): Action K-Drama Led By Mom/Assassin

Kill Boksoon is a South Korean action-packed drama movie led by its protagonist – a single mom and a much sought-after assassin Gil Boksoon. She is a celebrated assassin in the secretive crime underworld.

However, she is a single mother to a teenage daughter. For her, it is very easy to assassinate people but it is a very difficult job to raise a teenage daughter. Here in lies her life’s dilemma as well as the challenges. It is all about aiming for an ideal work-life balance. But the big question is will she be able to balance?

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- synopsis

Single Mother Kill Bok Soon (Jeon Do-yeon) is one of the world’s deadliest assassins thanks to her 100% success rate on contract killings. Bok Soon works for M.K Ent, which is run by the man who taught her, Cha Min Kyo. The pair hold mutual respect for each other, but Kill Bok Soon understands that a moment’s notice could take everything away from her. Just before Kill Bok Soon is due to renew her contract, loyalties are put to the test when Bok Soon is involved in a kill-or-be-killed incident.

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- a brief review

Well, this Korean movie is an entertaining action flick. I liked the elaborate fight sequences shot in the film. Also, the smiling and expressive face of the actor Jeon Do-yeon reminded us of the ‘smiling assassin’ term. However, it seems that some people might find, an over two hours long movie lengthy, but I am completely fine with it, as I have grown up watching on an average 2 to 3 hours long cinemas in India. And the film’s ending after a couple of hours was more than satisfactory for us.

This Koren movie shines in the age wherein Hollywood action flicks like John Wick are ruling the box office.

If you are an action buff, then you can watch this movie for its terrific fight sequences only.

I always love strong and dynamic female lead characters in movies and series; so, give it to me, anytime, anyplace and anywhere. And I will certainly enjoy it.

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- details

GenreAction, Thriller, Mystery
ReleasedMarch 2023
DirectorSung-hyun Byun
WriterSung-hyun Byun
CastJeon Do-yeon, Esom, Koo Kyo-hwan, Sol Kyung-gu, etc.
TaglinesA Life of Lies Can Kill
About – Kill Boksoon.

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- poster

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- ratings

FM’s rating3.45/5
IMDb rating as of the date6.60/10
IMDb rating as of the date81% Tomatometer & 83% Audience Score
Critics Consensus / Rotten Tomatoes Although its impact is blunted somewhat by its meandering length and some cheesy visual effects, this film remains a pleasing punch to the gut for action fans.
FM, IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Kill Boksoon film.

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- trailer

Trailer/Final – Kill Boksoon film.

Kill Boksoon (2023) Movie:- {Spoilers Alert} bonus action scene in this film

I liked the different Korean flavours of the well-choreographed action sequences in this thrilling movie, here is one of the action scenes from the movie.

Please note that it is a spoiler alert – here I am sharing a piece of information about the movie scene.

Jeon Do-yeon (Boksoon) shows Hwang Jung-min the best way to end a fight | Kill Boksoon

In this duel scene, Boksoon has no time for dramatic hand-to-hand combat with a Japanese yakuza; because as a single mom, she has to grab groceries before the store closes, for family (including her daughter) meals.

You can also take an inside look at this Korean movie.

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Featured & Other Images: Kill Boksoon | Netflix.