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In the ‘Only Murders in the Building’ series both the ideas of love and death dominate. The murders and deaths continue to take place. But the love and lives find a way to blossom.

Once again, we loved the warm and charming on-screen chemistry among these actors – Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Besides, their age difference adds to the magic.

Synopsis (summary) of this Crime Dramedy set in the NYC Building

Three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez) – who live in the same New York City apartment building named Arconia and share an obsession with true crime – suddenly find themselves embroiled in a murder.

So, it follows three strangers who share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one. When a grisly death occurs inside their exclusive Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspects murder and employs their precise knowledge of true crime to investigate the truth. Perhaps even more explosive are the lies they tell one another. Soon, the endangered trio comes to realize a killer might be living among them as they race to decipher the mounting clues before it’s too late.

Spoiler-free review of Only Murders in the Building (OMITB/S3/2023) Series

Steve Martin (Charles-Haden Savage) and Martin Short (Oliver Putnam)

We have always known about the immense comedic talent of Steve Martin and Martin Short. In fact, they have entertained us with their deliveries of comic dialogues in their usual deadpan styles in their movies. Above all, their comedic scenes have perfect and tuneful jugalbandi. So, the Hindi word jugalbandi means their comedy tuning is like a duet song sung in perfect tune, as we say in India.

However, perhaps, given the bleak nature of the murder backdrop in this OMITB show, their humourous banter is not a full-blown comedic scene. As they have a sombre backdrop of murders taking place. But, still, their comedy scenes do elicit a chuckle or two. Still, some of the repartees are funny and one is forced to laugh out loud. For instance, when one of the characters brings popcorn at a funeral service of a celebrity as if it were some kind of show. Then, there are ‘the white room’ scenes. Not the forget, when a key character states that there are three types of persons – alive, dead, and dead to me.

Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora) is great too

We have known, Selena as a global pop star with 430 million followers on Instagram. In addition, we cannot get her recent global hit with Rema for their Calm Down song out of our minds. So, we never really appreciated her presence and enormous influence in this OMITB series. Nevertheless, she has managed to go toe-to-toe with the two veteran actors Steve and Martin in it. Moreover, her comedic act is like a breath of fresh air too. Undoubtedly, she attracts and brings in younger fans to watch this highly entertaining murder mystery.

About the basic plotline of the OMITB goes this

Mind you, the act of murder is not as important as the solving of the said murder case is. So, just like in the previous two seasons, a person is murdered on the building premises, too. And once again, the trio with their popular podcast, viz., Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez team up to solve the knotty murder case. Consequently, ‘how these three comical actors solve a crime’ is the key plot of the series. And rather interestingly, the NY police detectives have regularly failed to catch the real murderer in all the homicide cases so far. Besides, at the end of each season, we get a new murder victim.

Merlyn Streep (Loretta Durkin), Jesse Williams (Tobert) and other actors

The inclusion of both Merlyn Streep and Jesse Williams in its ensemble cast has added another dimension to this murder mystery. By all means, we wish, we could tell you more about their respective roles in this season of OMITB show. But then, we do not wish to divulge any kind of spoilers about this murder mystery. As that will certainly ruin your viewing pleasure.

Although, the only thing we can tell you is that Merlyn lends her charm and depth to this show. Nonetheless, Merlyn has done a great act, as always. Furthermore, she adds depth to her enigmatic character. Then, there are other actors, who all impressively played their respective roles. Paul Rudd (Ben Glenroy), Tina Fey (Cinda Canning), Michael Cyril Creighton (Howard Morris) Jackie Hoffman (Uma Heller), James Caverly (Theo Dimas), Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Detective Donna Williams), etc. have performed their parts well.

Good production values and the conclusion

Siddhartha Khosla has given praiseworthy music in this show and we loved it. We also liked the stylish dresses worn by almost all the star cast of the show, especially that of Selena.

To conclude, this is a fascinating and delightful murder mystery show with the right amount of comedic ingredients. Therefore, this show is perfect for the weekend watch. To clarify, it has only half an hour-long episode and ten episodes in each season. So, one can really watch a single season in one sitting. So, go ahead, watch it, what are you waiting for, really?

Ratings of this Crime Dramedy set in the NYC Building

First (1st) SeasonSecond (2nd) SeasonThird (3rd) Season
FM’s rating4.00/54.05/54.10/5
Ratings – Only Murders in the Building Series.

Poster of Only Murders in the Building (S3/2023) Series

Poster – Only Murders in the Building (S3/2023) Show

Episodes of this Crime Dramedy (Season Three) set in the NYC Building

Peek into Ten (10) Episodes of the Season (3) Three of the show

The Show Must… (S3/E1)

After Ben Glenroy’s collapse on stage, Charles, Oliver and Mabel piece together the show’s first days with a suspicious cast and crew to determine if foul play was involved.

The Beat Goes On (S3/E2)

Mabel, Oliver and Charles attend Ben’s lavish memorial full of fans and those with more dubious motives; as the actor’s sudden death is mourned, Oliver works to revive his shaky Broadway show.

Grab Your Hankies (S3/E3)

Oliver races to bring new life to his show; Mabel’s investigation into the murder collides with a surprising ally; Charles bonds with the cast; Loretta proves her voice is invaluable.

The White Room (S3/E4)

Charles’s stage fright reaches unimaginable heights, involving a break from reality and multiple baby dolls; Mabel is confronted by a mysterious individual from her past with a pivotal proposal.

Ah, Love! (S3/E5)

New York proves itself both a jewel box and a fish tank of romance as Charles, Mabel and Oliver take their relationships to the next stage; dating can reveal many hidden secrets.

Ghost Light (S3/E6)

All roads lead the trio back to the Goosebury Theater during a nerve-rattling thunderstorm; with Howard as their jittery guide, they track a legendary ghost who’s haunted the theatre for generations.

CoBro (S3/E7)

Charles finds an unexpected source for a major clue; a Broadway icon comes knocking at Oliver’s door; Mabel forms an alternate trio to pursue a lead that sheds light on Ben’s bro and CoBro’s history.

Sitzprobe (S3/E8)

On the day of the show’s most critical rehearsal, the pressure mounts; a familiar official returns to upend the case; Loretta’s complex past threatens to upend all else; Charles must finally sing his number without losing his nerve.

Thirty (S3/E9)

The trio have amassed a plethora of clues, suspects and theories but find no concrete answers about Ben’s murder; they devise a peculiar method of throwing themselves into the actual case to recreate the final moments of Ben’s life.

Opening Night (S3/E10)

Charles, Mabel and Oliver race to entrap the killer on opening night; as the musical thrills its Broadway audience, the trio brave further twists and turns from behind, above and all around the stage.

Trailer of this Crime Dramedy (Season Three) set in the NYC Building

Trailer – Only Murders in the Building – Season 3 – Hulu | YouTube.

Key details of this Crime Dramedy set in the NYC Building

GenreComedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Age-restrictionsUA (16+)
CreatorsSteve Martin, John Hoffman
Season One – ReleasedAugust 31, 2021 to October 19, 2021.
Season One – EpisodesTen (10) Episodes
Season One – CastSteve Martin (Charles-Haden Savage), Martin Short (Oliver Putnam), Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora), Aaron Dominguez (Oscar), Amy Ryan (Jan), Jackie Hoffman (Uma Heller), Jayne Houdyshell (Bunny), etc.
Season One – TaglineEverybody has a secret.
Season Two – ReleasedJune 28, 2022, to August 23, 2022.
Season Two – EpisodesTen (10) Episodes
Season Two – CastSteve Martin (Charles-Haden Savage), Martin Short (Oliver Putnam), Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora), Amy Ryan (Jan), Cara Delevingne (Alice), etc.
Season Two – TaglineThe truth is all in how you frame it.
Season Three – ReleasedAugust 8, 2023 to October 3, 2023
Season Three – EpisodesTen (10) Episodes
Season Three – CastSteve Martin (Charles-Haden Savage), Martin Short (Oliver Putnam), Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora), Meryl Streep (Loretta Durkin), Jesse Williams (Tobert), Michael Cyril Creighton (Howard Morris), Paul Rudd (Ben Glenroy), etc.
Season Three – TaglineMurder can be a real showstopper.
About – Only Murders in the Building Series

Poster of Only Murders in the Building (S1/2021) Series

Poster – Only Murders in the Building (S1/2021) Show.

Episodes of this Crime Dramedy (Season One) set in the NYC Building

Peek into Ten (10) Episodes of the Season (1) One of the show

True Crime (S1/E1)

Upper West Side neighbours Charles, Oliver and Mabel bond over a shared love of true crime. When a fellow resident dies in their building, the trio is determined to solve the mystery and record an accompanying podcast.

Who Is Tim Kono (S1/E2)

The group begins researching the victim; Mabel’s secretive past starts to be unravelled.

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors (S1/E3)

Oliver employs his theatre director skills to analyze the case; Charles and Mabel question an obsessive cat lover.

The Sting (S1/E4)

Believing the murderer might be a famous resident who is difficult to access, the group seeks advice from a renowned podcasting host.

Twist (S1/E5)

A suspicious Charles and Oliver follow Mabel when she slips away on a solo mission to track the victim’s final days.

To Protect and Serve (S1/E6)

Mabel brings her new friends (and an old one) to her childhood home to meet her mother; Detective Williams starts to have her own doubts about the case as she prepares for motherhood.

The Boy From 6B (S1/E7)

As the investigation scratches at a web of old crimes that originated inside the building, a mysterious young man turns the tables and spies on Charles, Oliver, and Mabel.

Fan Fiction (S1/E8)

Hitting a dead end, the group calls for reinforcements in the form of their podcast’s superfans.

Double Time (S1/E9)

As the residents grow upset at the building’s negative publicity, the trio faces a revolt; Charles’ old colleague visits and sheds light on their past.

Open and Shut (S1/E10)

In the season finale, the trio races toward a resolution while their own lives are put in danger.

Teaser of this Crime Dramedy (Season One) set in the NYC Building

Teaser – Only Murders in the Building – A Hulu Original | YouTube.

Both of these hugely talented actors – Steve Martin and Martin Short have appeared in multiple movies together spanning a 36 year friendship. We still remember their funny acts in the comedy movies, like, Three Amigos! (1986), the Father of the Bride (1991) and Father of the Bride Part II (1995), etc. In fact, this OMITB series is the sixth collaboration between Martin Short and Steve Martin.

Bonus info. by FM

Poster of Only Murders in the Building (S2/2022) Series

Poster – Only Murders in the Building (S2/2022) Show.

Episodes of this Crime Dramedy (Season Two) set in the NYC Building

Peek into Ten (10) Episodes of the Season (2) Two of the show

Following the shocking death of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger, Charles, Oliver & Mabel race to unmask her killer. However, three (unfortunate) complications ensue – the trio is publicly implicated in Bunny’s homicide, they are now the subjects of a competing podcast, and they have to deal with a bunch of New York neighbours who all think they committed murder.

Persons of Interest (S2/E1)

Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are now implicated in the murder of Board President Bunny Folger. So, they must choose whether to lay low or risk their safety by catching the killer themselves.

Framed (S2/E2)

The trio question their neighbours at a memorial for Bunny. As they attempt to get rid of evidence that could further implicate them. A relative of Bunny’s shows up and proves to be more of a force than she was.

The Last Day of Bunny Folger (S2/E3)

A foul-mouthed parrot becomes a critical window into Bunny Folger’s last day on Earth. Some of the individuals with whom Bunny crossed paths surprise the trio. Along the way, a reveal deepens the trio’s need to solve Bunny’s case.

Here’s Looking at You (S2/E4)

Charles, Oliver, and Mabel welcome an unexpected young visitor who reveals hidden secrets about the inner workings of the Arconia. Charles once recorded a hit single that was huge in Germany.

The Tell (S2/E5)

Mabel hosts a party for an eclectic art crowd. That also serves a double purpose for smoking out a liar in the trio’s midst.

Performance Review (S2/E6)

Charles, Oliver, and Mabel collide with their podcasting mentor-turned-competitor, Cinda Canning. Subsequently, a key clue requires the trio to orchestrate a classic stakeout Brazzos-style.

Flipping the Pieces (S2/E7)

Following her incident on the subway, Mabel receives help from an unlikely ally. That ally takes her to a legendary amusement park full of terror. Back at the Arconia, Charles and Oliver find amusement of their own – and new evidence.

Hello Darkness (S2/E8)

A blackout throws the city into chaos. As the trio races to save a loved one from the killer. Other Arconia residents begin to explore unexpected connections in the midst of darkness. All are enhanced by Gut Milk and a yodel or two.

Sparring Partners (S2/E9)

Closing in on the killer, Mabel takes her investigative talents into the ring. Oliver and Charles duke it out over a birdcage only to end up confronting their deepest paternal struggles.

I Know Who Did It (S2/E10)

The question of who did it remains, along with a few more questions that have been raised.

Trailer of this Crime Dramedy (Season Two) set in the NYC Building

Trailer – Only Murders in the Building Season 2 – Hulu | YouTube.

We learnt that the Arconia is a real apartment building in the Upper West Side of New York City called The Belnord. Similar to most real-life high-rise residences, the Arconia does not have a 13th floor, but instead skips to the 14th. The exteriors for the fictitious “Arconia” building are shot at the Belnord at 225 W 86th St in Manhattan.

Bonus info. by FM

Proposed Poster of Only Murders in the Building (S4/2024) Series

It was announced that the OMITB series had been renewed by streamer Hulu for a fourth season. It was done on October 3, 2023, in the last month.

Poster – Only Murders in the Building (S4/2024) Show

Only Murders in the Building is coming back for Season 4! Let the investigating begin…

Only Murders in the Building | Instagram
Whose murder investigation will take place in Season Four of OMITB?

As the third season closes, we witness a cliffhanger scene again. So, Sazz Pataki {Jane Lynch – the stunt double of Charles-Haden Savage ~ Steve Martin} is shot at. Most likely she dies at the end of this season. But we do not really know. Do we.? The big question arises – was Sazz the unintended victim of this murder crime? There are so many questions surrounding the gunshot. Most likely, it seems that the killer wished to kill Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) in it.

And that brings up the question, of who really wished to murder him or her. Most likely, all these murder mystery questions will be answered in the upcoming season.

Awards won by this Crime Dramedy Series set in the NYC Building

Golden Tomato Awards (Rotten Tomatoes) – 2021 Winner Golden Tomato Award Best New Series

Golden Tomato Awards (Rotten Tomatoes) – 2021 Winner Golden Tomato Award Best Comedy Series

Golden Tomato Awards (Rotten Tomatoes) – 2022 Winner Golden Tomato Award Best Mystery & Thriller Series
Talk Telly Awards – 2021 Winner I Talk Telly Award Best International Comedy

Talk Telly Awards – 2022 Winner I Talk Telly Award Best International Comedy
People’s Choice Awards, USA – 2021 Winner People’s Choice Award The Comedy TV Star of 2021 – Selena Gomez

People’s Choice Awards, USA – 2022 Winner People’s Choice Award The Comedy TV Star of 2022 – Selena Gomez
ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards – 2022 Winner ASCAP Award Top Television Series Siddhartha Khosla

ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards – 2023 Winner ASCAP Award Top Streaming Series Siddhartha Khosla
Satellite Awards – 2023 Winner Satellite Award Best Actress in a Series, Comedy or Musical – Selena Gomez
Awards won by the Only Murders in the Building Series.

Featured Image & Posters of Only Murders in the Building series | Hulu.

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