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Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom is a film from the USA. This disturbing film narrates the seemingly true story of a child trafficking ring operating in America – both North and South America.

Apparently, it is based on a real-life person named Tim Ballard and depicts his life incidents, wherein he has rescued innocent children from the clutches of human traffickers.

Synopsis (summary) of this 2023 film from the USA

It shines a light on even the darkest of places. After rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel) learns that the boy’s sister is still a captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.

Thus, it is an incredible true story of a former US government agent Tim turned vigilante. So, in this film, Tim embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from traffickers.

Spoilers free review of the Sound of Freedom (2023) film

To be honest, when we selected this movie to watch, we picked it as we thought that this would be an action-packed thriller. We assumed that its action hero Jim Caviezel (as Tim) would go on to dismantle the dirty but thriving business of child trafficking. And maybe teach lessons to associated paedophiles by destroying them. But, sadly that did not happen.

Instead, its makers have served a movie with a flat and predictable storyline. It fails to elicit any kind of strong reactions. Then we learnt that Tim Ballard personally insisted that Jim Caviezel play him in this film, against the producers’ wishes. Perhaps it was done because both Tim and Jim share similar views and political ideologies.

In this sensitive tale about child trafficking, we were not impressed with Jim Caviezel’s acting. Even, the talented Mira Sorvino (Katherine Ballard) role seemed underwhelming and underutilized. The rest of the cast members have done well – Bill Camp (Vampiro), Javier Godino (Jorge), José Zúñiga (Roberto), Yessica Borroto Perryman (Katy), etc. Especially the two child actors – Cristal Aparicio (Rocío) and Lucás Ávila (Miguel) have shone in it.

Also, we liked the fact that this film uses the Spanish language, too. This lends authenticity to its story which takes place in South American nations. In addition, we also loved the haunting background music of the film. Not to forget the Official Anthem of the motion picture, which is good. Its lyrics go like this – “We, God’s children, are not for sale…”

This film must be commended for handling a difficult subject matter. The following lines are about trafficking and slavery from the pre-credit scene after this film’s ending.

Human Trafficking is a 150 billion dollar-a-year business. The United States is one of the top destinations for human trafficking and is among the largest consumers of child sex. There are more humans trapped in the slavery today than any other time in history – including when slavery was legal. Millions of these slaves are children.

These texts appear after the film ends | Sound of Freedom

Key details of this 2023 film from the USA

GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Original languagesEnglish (USA) & Spanish
Age-restrictionsUA (13+)
Released inJuly 2023
Duration2 hours 11 minutes
WritersRod Barr & Alejandro Monteverde
DirectorAlejandro Monteverde
CastJim Caviezel (Tim Ballard), Mira Sorvino (Katherine), Bill Camp (Vampiro), Javier Godino (Jorge), José Zúñiga (Roberto), Cristal Aparicio (Rocío), Lucás Ávila (Miguel), Yessica Borroto Perryman (Katy), etc.
TaglinesBased on the incredible true story.
Break the silence. Save the children.
DistributorAngel Studios
About – Sound of Freedom (2023) film.

Poster of this 2023 film from the USA

Poster – Sound of Freedom (2023) film.

FM rating of this 2023 film from the USA

FM”s rating3.60/5
FM’s short commentAlthough it deals with a very important but less talked about issue of child trafficking in America, the conspiracy theories surrounding it undermine it.
Rating – Sound of Freedom (2023) film.

Rather, interestingly. this film is one of the biggest hits in recent times earning $ 180 million at the US box office. In fact, this film became the highest-grossing indie film since 2019’s Parasite film from Korea. And since then quite a few reputed news sources have credited its links with the QAnon conspiracy theories for its success.

Trailer of this 2023 film from the USA

Theatrical trailer – Sound of Freedom (2023) film – Angel Studios | YouTube.

Featured Image and Poster of Sound of Freedom (2023) film | Angel Studios.

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