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Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter? It is the latest crime drama series set in Spain. A British woman Erin Carter with her young daughter Harper ran away from her bad past for a better life.

Not much is known about Erin Carter, except the fact that she is shown as a Mum, Wife, and School Teacher living a quiet life in Spain. She seems like an ordinary woman, who deeply cares about her small family – a teenage daughter and her husband. This story is set in Barcelona and Catalonia, in Spain.

Synopsis (summary) of this 2023 crime drama set in Spain

A British school teacher in Spain, Erin Carter (Evin Ahmad), finds herself caught up in a supermarket robbery. When one of the robbers claims to recognize her, her life threatens to unravel. This supermarket robbery reveals her to be a badass fighter! Erin is clearly not who she says she is but how far will she go to keep her true identity at bay?

Now in Palomino, a town of secrets, she must fight to clear her name and protect her family.

Spoilers Free review of the ‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ (2023) Series

The story of this crime drama

In the opening scene of this series, we are shown that Erin Carter goes to extreme lengths to ensure the safety of her daughter Harper from the armed robbers at the Supermarket. The footage of that supermarket incident only strengthened the question – Who is Erin Carter?

Even her husband’s best friend – the police detective Emilio has a similar question in his mind.

Action-packed crime series

This contemporary series is action-packed with lots of physical fights and gun battles. As a leading female action star Evin Ahmad (plays Erin Carter) has carried this show on her slender shoulder. Evin has done a tremendous job to pull off an impressive act in it. Even in the hardcore action scenes, she looked creditable.

It is always good to see a female action star in movies and series, who really knows this art – how to fight the good fight. The lead actress Evin Ahmad looked quite convincing while participating in different types of action sequences – the fisticuffs, the martial arts, the knives, the guns, the bombs, and much more.

Evin Ahmad (Erin Carter), Indica Watson (Harper) & the conclusion

She is supported by a bunch of good actors – Indica Watson (Harper), Sean Teale (Jordi Collantes), Susannah Fielding (Olivia Thorne), Pep Ambròs (Emilio Martin), Charlotte Vega (Penelope Reyna), Douglas Henshall (Daniel Lang), Denise Gough (Lena Campbell) etc. As an antagonist, Douglas Henshall (Daniel Lang) has done a menacing good job too.

To conclude, this mini-series reminded me of the noir movies of yesterday’s years, which often had a woman with a hidden past. One does not have to invest too much in grey cells, instead simply enjoy its somewhat of a predictable tale. Anyway, with only seven episodes, “Who Is Erin Carter” is a perfect show for the weekend-watch.

Spoilers Alert episodes, ending & probable season two

Let us peek into the seven episodes of Who Is Erin Carter?

1st Episode

Erin’s (Evin Ahmad) picturesque life takes a turn for the unexpected when she single-handedly subdues armed robbers in a supermarket stickup, stunning her daughter Harper (Indica Watson).

2nd Episode

Erin’s nosy neighbour on the police force comes asking for assistance, even as she tries to put on a happy face for her daughter.

3rd Episode

Erin scrambles to erase evidence of her actions, pulling her deeper into danger; Harper grows increasingly suspicious of her.

4th Episode

A glimpse into Erin’s past reveals how she arrived at motherhood and unveils the shocking secrets that she has been rushing to conceal.

5th Episode

As Emilio (Pep Ambròs) closes in on crucial evidence, his investigation is averted; Erin is forced to confess to her husband and daughter.

6th Episode

A ghost from Erin’s past comes searching for her with a vengeance, putting her and her loved ones at risk.

7th Episode

Erin must team up with an unlikely partner to save what is most dear to her; a daring break-in results in the ultimate sacrifice.

In the end, what was the fate of Erin and her family

It was a happy ending for Erin, as she survived the bullet wound and even managed to save the lives of her daughter and husband in the end.

So, how did she save her family?

Erin kills the main villain Daniel Lang (Douglas Henshall) in the last episode. Lang posed the most serious threats to not only Eric’s life but also to that of her family members (her daughter Harper and husband Jordi) and friends. We are also shown that Eric’s nemesis turned friend Lena is dead, as she decides to sacrifice herself to save her daughter and Eric from gangster Lang and his henchmen.

About the potential season two (2) of Who Is Erin Carter? show

In the final scene (episode eight) we see that Erin, Harper, and Jordi are on a seaside vacation. All of them are enjoying a much-needed peaceful family time. It was a happy ending that everyone liked. But then, we see Erin’s old boss Detective Inspector Jim Armstrong (Jamie Bamber) sitting at the bar, with a drink and waiting for an opportunity. Finally, when Jim gets a chance, he tells Erin, “All holidays must come to an end.”

There’s a mischievousness in his eye as most likely scenario, he has a job offer for her along with a new mission for her, in the future. Maybe, a new second season.

We are aware that it was marketed as a limited mini-series. However, the success of such a series often leads to the announcement of its second season.

However, as of now, Netflix has not announced anything so far.

Key details of this 2023 crime drama set in Spain

GenreCrime, Drama, Action, Adventure
Original language (s)English (and a bit of Spanish)
ReleasedAugust 2023
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSeven (7)
Writer & ShowrunnerJack Lothian ~ his Twitter/X profile link
CastEvin Ahmad, Indica Watson, Sean Teale, Susannah Fielding, Pep Ambròs, Charlotte Vega, Douglas Henshall, Denise Gough, etc.
About – Who Is Erin Carter?

Poster of this 2023 crime drama set in Spain

Who Is Erin Carter?
Who Is Erin Carter? – poster.

Rating of this 2023 crime drama set in Spain

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
FM’s rating3.75/5
FM ratings – Who Is Erin Carter?

Trailer of this 2023 crime drama set in Spain

Official trailer – Who Is Erin Carter? – Netflix | YouTube.

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Featured & Other Images credited to the Who Is Erin Carter? show | Netflix.

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