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Death and Other Details (season one) series is a likeable murder mystery. Although it boasts of a talented star cast, somehow, they have been let down by the botched script.

The original title of the said series was the elaborate “Career Opportunities in Murder & Mayhem”. And rather amusingly, we even found the present title to be a long-winded one.

Trailer of the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Show – Hulu – Trailer | YouTube

Rating of the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsAfter watching the first eight episodes of this show for over two months, we expected a much better ending. But, we felt as if we were let down by its tame ending with quite a few plot loopholes. In case, you are willing to overlook some of the glaring mistakes, then it is a good suspense-filled series to pass your time. Given the fact, it has some set of actors in it.
Death And Other Details (S1/2024) Show – FM Rating

Synopsis & Image from the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

Detective Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin – on Right) and his protégé, Imogene (Violett Beane – on Left), dig for the truth on a Mediterranean ocean liner where everyone is hiding something.

Imogene (Violett Beane) & Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin) are trying to solve the murder mystery

Spoilers Free Review of the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

The introduction

How can a homicide be resolved in a world where facts are no longer valued? Particularly while traversing the Mediterranean aboard a luxurious ocean liner teeming with affluent and influential individuals. Located within the luxurious world of the wealthy, it focuses on the intelligent and adventurous Imogene Scott (Violett Beane), who mistakenly ends up at the scene of a locked-room murder and is accused as the main suspect.

The storyline

Thus, Imogene is unexpectedly caught in an unfortunate situation and becomes the primary person of interest in a perplexing murder case that occurred in a sealed room. To establish her innocence beyond doubt, she is compelled to collaborate with Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), a man whom she holds in contempt, but who is renowned as the most brilliant detective in the world.

In this ship, each passenger harbours secrets, but could one of them be a murderer?

This is the mystery that Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), the renowned detective of yesteryear, and his (new) apprentice Imogene (Violett Beane) are determined to unravel, no matter the price. There are quite a few expected and unexpected twists and turns in this suspense-filled murder mystery.

But, we shall not share its detailed storyline here. As it may ruin your viewing pleasures. However, in case you are still interested then you can check the spoilers shared below.

Has a talented ensemble cast. The script was good until the preposterous finale

We have seen most of the cast members in one show or another over the years. Like in the past, they have performed well to keep us coming back to the show.

Right until the Eighth episode of the First Season, this show was sailing smoothly for us, the viewers. Then in the last two episodes, the show hit the choppy water with its bizarre end. Please check the spoilers below, for the details about the knotty storyline and the major plot holes in this murder mystery. But, we had spent close to two months watching this show, so for the sake of our viewers, we carried on. We had a review to write.

The conclusion

Like us, if you can forgive and forget the loopholes in the script, then it becomes a likeable murder mystery show to watch. The cliffhanger ending keeps the hope of another season of this Death and Other Details series alive. We only hope that they will come up with a much tighter script in the second season. Till then, watch this time pass crime series.

Poster of the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Show – Poster

Key Details about the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original language Primarily English (USA) nut it has a little bit of other languages too.
SeasonOne (1st)
EpisodesTen (10)
ReleasedJanuary 16, 2024
CreatorHeidi Cole McAdams & Mike Weiss
CastViolett Beane (Imogene Scott), Mandy Patinkin (Rufus Cotesworth), Lauren Patten (Anna), Angela Zhou (Teddy), Hugo Diego Garcia (Jules), Pardis Saremi (Leila), Linda Emond (Agent Hilde Eriksen), Jack Cutmore-Scott (Tripp), Danny Johnson (Father Toby), Karoline Eleanor (Chun), Jayne Atkinson (Katherine), Rahul Kohli (Sunil), Jere Burns (Llewellyn Mathers), Lisa Lu (Celia), etc.
TaglinesAll Suspects Aboard
Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Show – About

Spoilers Alerts – Episodes’ Summary, Ending Explained & the Mistakes

Summary of the Ten (10) Episodes of the First Season

Rare (S1, E1) | January 16, 2024

When a guest is murdered on a luxury ocean liner, Imogene Scott becomes the only suspect in an impossible crime. She didn’t do it. So, who did?

Sordid (S1, E2) | January 16, 2024

Rufus interrogates each of the major players on board. They’re all hiding something – even Imogene’s best friend.

Troublesome (S1, E3) | January 23, 2024

Interpol seizes control of the investigation. Rufus and Imogene must now investigate the Colliers in secret.

Hidden (S1, E4) | January 30, 2024

As the manhunt for Jules intensifies, Imogene uncovers his criminal past – and finds a new witness.

Exquisite (S1, E5) | February 6, 2024

Who is Viktor Sams? Imogene and Sunil pursue a lead in Malta, while Rufus teams up with Leila and Teddy.

Tragic (S1, E6) | February 13, 2024

Imogene is betrayed by someone close to her as more victims fall prey to Viktor Sams.

Memorable (S1, E7) | February 20, 2024

Imogene walks in Rufus’s shoes, revisiting the investigation into her mother’s murder eighteen years ago.

Vanishing (S1, E8) | February 27, 2024

Blackout. Three dead bodies. Everyone’s terrified. The secrets unravel like Christmas presents. And Imogene confronts her mother’s killer.

Impossible (S1, E9) | March 5, 2024

Viktor Sams takes control of the Varuna and forces the guests to bid against each other to survive. Will Imogene and her friends unmask him before time runs out?

Chilling (S1, E10) | March 5, 2024

Reeling from the truth, Imogene has a choice to make. Rufus writes a second memoir.

Did Viktor Sams murder Kira and Danny? {Ending Explained – Part One}

Viktor Sams, Kira (Imogene’s mother) and Danny (Rufus’ assistant)

In this murder mystery series, one of the key focuses was on finding the identity of Viktor Sams. It was initially believed that Viktor Sama was responsible for the deaths of both Imogene’s mother Kira and Danny. It was Viktor Sams (aka Kira) who ordered the murder of innocent Danny, as he has probably figured out the truth about Sams.

Nevertheless, in the first season finale, we learnt that Kira’s murderer and Viktor Sams were not the same person. In addition, we were informed that the reason Kira’s case remained unsolved was that she had never been murdered. It was further revealed that Kira was not only alive but had been Viktor Sams all this time.

But Kira was not murdered, she escaped. But why Kira did do so?

Rufus had believed that Viktor Sams had murdered Kira due to their feud with the Colliers. While Rufus was somewhat right, he never anticipated Kira’s survival from the car explosion. Despite the Colliers’ failed attempt to kill Kira on the night she met Alexandra at the diner, she managed to escape. Feeling unsafe, Kira chose to stage her death and flee. Naturally, this entailed abandoning Imogene as a young kid with the Colliers family. She did all of that, so that, later on, she could plot her revenge.

Though Kira had the option to begin anew and erase all memories of the Colliers, she opted to pursue her unique brand of justice. So, Kira assumed the identity of Viktor Sams, and then she extorted the Colliers and other affluent offenders, ensuring they faced consequences for their deeds to reportedly improve the world.

How were the revenge plans executed? {Ending Explained – Part Two}

Kira (aka Victor Sam) took her sweet revenge, how?

Kira orchestrated Lawrence’s poisoning over the years, resulting in his dementia diagnosis. Later in the ship, her action most likely, pushed Llewellyn to take his life. In addition, she inadvertently caused Katherine’s demise, the loss of their wealth, and Anna’s emotional distress. Kira’s vengeful scheme was meticulously crafted on the principle of retribution, and she spared no effort in its execution.

Thus, even Kira’s ultimate arrest did not overshadow her success in executing her plan to seek revenge on the Colliers through her alias Viktor Sams.

But, how did Kira punish Anna too?

In an interesting and important plot twist involving Katherine’s demise in the show. Katherine’s lifeless body was found in the pool, however, it was only after the finale that it was disclosed that Anna was responsible for her death. Upon discovering that Lawrence had ordered a hit on her childhood friend Kira, Anna confronted her mother. In a fit of anger, Anna unintentionally caused her mother’s death by striking her twice with a stick (or a metal rod) near the swimming pool.

We also learnt that because of the tragic accidental demise of her mother at her hands, Anna resorted to substance abuse and apathy towards her own life. In a seemingly protective move, Kira stumbled upon Anna with Katherine’s lifeless body and decided to conceal her crime. However, this act came at a cost, as Andreas arrived at Anna’s residence, prepared to collect a favour owed to Viktor Sams. It remains uncertain what Kira expects Anna to do, but it appears that Anna has no say in the matter within the context of the storyline.

No one was innocent in this crime show. {Ending Explained – Part Three}
  • Collier business family poisoned their employees, concealed the truth, and attempted to eliminate Kira to prevent their misdeeds from coming to light.
  • Alexandra turned a blind eye to Kira’s plight and accepted money from the Colliers to finance her political campaign.
  • Father Toby also benefited from the Colliers’ wealth and Katherine’s infidelity. So, he (mis) used his religious beliefs as a tool to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
  • Lastly, even Rufus and Imogene were not completely honest, with Rufus fabricating his success in a previous case and Imogene engaging in theft from the Colliers.
We did not get any explanation for the mistakes. {Ending Explained – Part Four}

#1 A bomb blast in the car killed Imogene’s mother – Kira.

So, what about her body parts being blown into the pieces? We only heard about a couple of her teeth and her DNA evidence.

We did not hear any kind of explanation, either from the local police, other law enforcement agencies or even the world-famous detective Rufus.

#2 Then Interpol starts investigating the murder case of Danny.

So, we meet Agent Hilda Eriksen Interpol in this series who is investigating a murder case of Danny on a ship, in an international waterway (ocean). Please note that ‘Interpol’ is not a law enforcement agency. It neither engages in the investigation of (international) crimes nor does it possess the authority to make arrests. Interpol’s primary role is to enhance international police collaboration and exchange of information. Consequently, they issue alerts for individuals wanted by law enforcement, like the Red Notice. In the event of a significant incident like a terrorist attack, they may deploy a response team to assist.

And this is not what happened in the first season of this Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series.

A cliffhanger ending and perhaps, we might see its Season Two in future.

Another plot twist and cliffhanger ending

In the season finale, a few surprising twists occurred. Imogene found herself in a trap set up by her mother, leading to her arrest for her actions as Viktor Sams. Following the successful removal of Kira, Imogene, Leila, Teddy, and Jules decided to go skiing together. However, their plans were disrupted when they stumbled upon a gruesomely impaled body hidden among the trees, with body parts falling from above due to the ski lift. The show ends with the discovery of yet another dead body.

So, will there be Season Two? Most likely, but no official confirmation, as yet.

The first season concluded right after the shocking discovery, leaving viewers uncertain about the identity of the body found. This cliffhanger sets the stage for a fresh mystery to unravel in a potential second season. Imogene steps into the spotlight at the end, taking on the role of narrator from Rufus. She reveals that she is just starting as a detective, hinting that uncovering the motives behind the murder and identifying the culprit may become her inaugural case as the main investigator in the future Season Two of the Death and Other Details.

Poster, Featured and Other Images of the Death and Other Details (S1/2024) Series are courtesy of Hulu.

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