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The ‘House Of Ninjas’ series is a thrilling Japanese action drama. To be honest, we fell in love with this unconventional family of Shinobi (Ninjas) living right in the heart of Japan.

So, for this series, the shooting was done in Fujinomiya, Odawara, and Tokyo. We read that it is a remake of the Kage No Gundan (Shadow Warriors/1980) series. However, as per Netflix, this original series is inspired by a story from co-executive producer Kaku (portraying Haru in the show), along with Yoshiaki Murao and Takafumi Imai.

Trailer of the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

Official Trailer – House Of Ninjas (2024) Show – Netflix | YouTube

Synopsis [official] of the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

The Tawara family is the last ninja clan. It had abandoned its roots after an incident in the past, but now the family must take on the greatest crisis in Japanese history, one that threatens to shake the nation to its core. So, years after retiring from their formidable ninja lives, a dysfunctional family must return to shadowy missions to counteract a string of looming threats.

Rating of the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

FM Rating3.80/5
FM Short CommentsThe mysterious world of Ninjas has always fascinated people like us. In this show, we get to meet an adorable family of Shinobi (Ninjas), who are trying to lead a normal life. But, how can trouble stay away from them? We liked their tales told with a lot of humour and of course their unique Ninja skills.
House Of Ninjas (2024) Show – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

In ancient feudal Japan, Ninjas, also known as Shinobi, were skilled mercenaries employed by feudal lords to carry out risky espionage missions to apprehend wrongdoers.

The Ninjas or The Shinobi

In 2024, the so-called House of the Ninjas have become a thing of the past. However, the series depicts a scenario where ninja groups are still present, but mostly in retirement. Its creators have rightly said, “Ninjas have captivated people worldwide with their enigmatic and formidable physical skills, but imagine if they were secretly residing in present-day Japan?”

Taking this statement further, now let us again imagine what will happen, when an entire Shinobi (Ninjas) family is recruited by a specialized government (Cultural Affairs) Bureau of Ninja Management department for the secret mission. Especially, when some of the family members are trying to live their lives as ordinary citizens.

Will these Shinobi family members emerge out of the shadows to fight the evil forces?

Well, this is the crux of the story.

Meet the members of the House of Shinobi (Tawara)

The Tawara (Ninja/Shinobi) family members are all experiencing a sense of ennui. When a malevolent (Ninja) clan poses a threat to Japan, a retired Tawara family of Ninjas discreetly emerges from retirement to thwart the scheme and demonstrate their skills. Now, let us meet the Ninja family members and/or actors who play these characters.

Taki Tawara (Nobuko Miyamoto): Haru’s grandmother {2nd from the left}

Soichi Tawara (Yosuke Eguchi): Haru’s dad, family head & runs a sake brewery {2nd from the right}

Yoko Tawara (Tae Kimura): Haru’s mom & a housewife {1st from the right}

Haru Tawara (Kento Kaku): the second-born son of the Tawara family & a delivery man {1st from the left}

Nagi Tawara (Aju Makita): Haru’s younger sister & a college student {3rd from the left}

Riku Tawara (Tenta Banka): Haru’s kid brother {3rd from the right in front}

Gaku Tawara (Kengo Kora): Haru’s older brother who died six years ago {{3rd from the right in back}
Tae Kimura | Instagram
Spoilers Alerts – brief information about the members of the Ninja family
  • Soichi is haunted by the loss of his eldest son, Gaku (Kora), and spends his days managing a sake business.
  • Yoko finds domestic life monotonous and resorts to shoplifting to inject excitement into her routine.
  • Haru occupies himself by restocking vending machines and nurturing his infatuation with an unknown woman.
  • Nagi frequently skips school to embark on personal (secret) missions that she conceals from her family.
  • Lastly, there is Riku, the unassuming younger kid brother, and Taki, the grandmother, who assists with household chores.

The loss of Gaku brought about a significant transformation in the Tawara family dynamics. Previously, they all embraced the path of Ninjutsu, collaborating harmoniously to uphold righteousness. However, they relinquished their noble pursuit. Nevertheless, fate has a way of rekindling their dormant spirits as, gradually, the Tawara clan finds themselves drawn back into their former calling.

What did we like and dislike about it?

As we said earlier, the world of Ninjas holds certain kinds of attractions for all of us. This is one of the big positives for this series. However, we dislike its simple and predictable storyline. But then, the infusion of smart and funny lines in the action-packed drama made it an entertaining series. It has good comic scenes as well as good fighting sequences.

We loved the family dynamics of the Tawara family members, more so, the characters like – Riku, Taki, Yoko, Soichi, Nagi and Haru. The dialogues of Riku and Taki were delightful. We think, the rest of the ensemble cast also performed well to make it an interesting tale. The use of English pop songs in this show adds to its appeal to a wider international audience.

The conclusion

So, the imprint of Dave Boyle, the American director and writer is visible in this Japanese series. With the open-ended ending in the first season finale, it may come up another season of the series. We all know that the subject matter of Ninja is intriguing and engaging. The history of Shinobi (Ninja) is a colourful one. Therefore, we enjoyed this interesting take on the Ninja family. And we look forward to entertaining us in future too.

Key Details about the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

GenreAction, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original title 忍びの家 | Shinobi No Le | House of Shinobi | House of Ninjas
Original languageJapanese
SeasonOne (1) Season
EpisodesEight (8) Episodes
Released15 February, 2024
Creator/DirectorDave Boyle
CastYôsuke Eguchi (Souichi), Tae Kimura (Yoko), Kento Kaku (Haru), Nobuko Miyamoto (Taki), Aju Makita (Nagi), Tomorowo Taguchi (Majin Hamashi), Elyse Dinh (Yoko), Riho Yoshioka (Karen Ito), Kengo Kôra (Gaku), Andrew Grace (Gaku), Pierre Taki (Zensuke Omi), Ren Hanami (Hitoko Mukai), etc.
About – House Of Ninjas (2024) Show

Poster of the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

House Of Ninjas (2024) Show – Poster

Spoilers Alerts – FAQ about the House Of Ninjas (S1/2024) Series

What are the official summaries of its Eight Episodes?

The Offer (S1, E1) | 55 minutes | February 15, 2024

While Haru Tawara develops a crush on a mysterious young woman at work, an unusual opportunity arises at his father’s financially struggling brewery.

The Trail (S1, E2) | 52 minutes | February 15, 2024

Haru accompanies Karen to investigate a whistleblower’s apartment. Meanwhile, several other Tawaras are tempted to step out of their ordinary lives.

The Flower (S1, E3) | 54 minutes | February 15, 2024

As Haru and Yoko’s respective missions take unexpected turns, Nagi’s mischievous adventures start attracting unwanted attention.

The Resurrection (S1, E4) | 52 minutes | February 15, 2024

Karen confides in Haru about a longstanding suspicion. In the meantime, Soichi receives a shocking phone call that keeps him up at night.

The Confession (S1, E5) | 51 minutes | February 15, 2024

As Riku probes into his family’s secrets, information about Gentenkai — a peculiar cult — reminds the Tawaras of a tragedy from six years ago.

The Stranger (S1, E6) | 55 minutes | February 15, 2024

An unexpected reunion stirs up more questions in the Tawara household. Soichi and Yoko inch closer to a sinister conspiracy.

The Trade (S1, E7) | 53 minutes | February 15, 2024

To save Karen’s life, Haru makes a promise to Hama-san. Riku, Nagi, and their grandmother face an unprecedented challenge at home.

The Eclipse (S1, E8) | 54 minutes | February 15, 2024

With a massive attack on the horizon, the Tawaras must band together to save their family, honour and many lives before a solar eclipse.

What are the explanations of the key events and the ending of the first season?

What was the deadly Powder of Hope?

The substance known as Powder of Hope originated from the crushed yellow flower (that we often see in the show), resulting in a toxic compound. Tsujioka, the leader of the Gentenkai cult, propagated the belief that consuming this substance would enable individuals to cleanse their souls. But, in reality, it was a deadly poison that was meant to kill all those people, who consume it inadvertently.

Why did the Guardians of the Demon Gate come forward to save the Tawara (Ninjas) Family?

It seems that Taki (the grandmother) and Riku (the grandson) approached an old lady to ask for assistance, perhaps, she was one of her influential friends.

Why did Gaku kill Tsujioka (Fuma Kotaro the 19th) in the last episode?

Most likely, Gaku committed the act of killing as a gesture of kindness towards his younger brother Haru, to prevent him from undergoing any transformation. Haru had no prior experience with taking someone’s life, and Gaku desired for him to remain innocent and not become the murderer.

So, what were the real objectives of the Solar Eclipse Plan?

It seems that the real objective of the said plan was to implement a forced change in Japan’s top political leadership. Most likely, the Fuma (Ninja) clan sent Gaku back to deceive both the Tawara (Shinobis) family and the Bureau of Ninja Management. Thus, the Fuma clan were successful in implementing the planned changes.

What is the significance of Mukai becoming the sole presidential candidate?

Well, following the demise of all other contenders (deadly powder), Mukai emerges as the sole surviving presidential candidate of the NDP.

Upon witnessing her background on television, Grandma is taken aback to discover that Mukai is a member of the Sakaki family.

The scene transitions to a secluded location where Mukai encounters Ayame and Gaku. Gaku is greeted by Mukai as Fuma Kotaro the 20th. He inquires about the significance of her family lineage and why her Hojo ancestry had to be concealed. In response, Mukai explains that throughout her time in office, she had endeavoured to amend the constitution, but encountered strong opposition from the anti-revisionists. Ayame interjects and denounces Mukai as a disgrace to the Hojo clan’s legacy. She warns Mukai to fulfil her role as a puppet of the Fumas diligently. Mukai concurs with Ayame’s sentiments.

Gaku informs them that as long as they possess the scroll, the Demon Gate will open, positioning Japan as a formidable threat when the time comes. He asserts that Japan will regain its strength. This appears to be a call for a global conflict spearheaded by the Fumas.

What was the scene at the end of the first season?

In the end scenes, we witness the Tawara household, with Yoko fondly remembering Gaku as she gazes at his picture, while Grandma focuses on training Riku to become the next Ninja in the family. Meanwhile, Haru is preparing to take over the brewery shop from his father, intending to leave his current job to pursue this goal.

Later, Haru visits the restaurant where he and Karen used to meet, seeing her sitting in their usual spot. However, he decides not to go inside and instead finds solace in simply observing her before departing from the scene. This marks the conclusion of the first season, a scene where the story can take many new turns.

Featured Image and Poster of the House Of Ninjas (2024) Series courtesy of Netflix.

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