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PI Meena series is an intriguing thriller from West Bengal, from the Eastern state of India. In this crime drama, the private investigator Meena tries to investigate a murder case.

Meena is a brave and stubborn detective. It is the second sleuth show from India helmed by a female protagonist, that we have seen recently. The first one was Charlie Chopra‘s show.

Synopsis of the PI Meena (2023) Series

A young, troubled, female private investigator Meena (Meenakshi Iyer) gets thrown into a world, where she has to fathom the unfathomable and find herself.

Rating of the PI Meena (2023) Series

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsIt is a slow-burning crime investigation series, that only picks up pace after a couple of episodes. Young actress Meenakshi Iyer performs well as PI Meena, the self-driven and inquisitive detective based in the city of joy. The ending of the show did not leave us fully satisfied. Will there be season two?
FM Rating of the PI Meena (2023) Series

Spoiler Free Review of the PI Meena (2023) Series

The Introduction

The distinctive culture of the Eastern region of India is one of the key selling points of the suspense-filled show. Set in the West Bengal region, the story takes us through its hilly and plain terrain. Thus, its crime thriller takes us into Kolkotta and the other towns of the state. As PI Meena tries to solve the murder investigation on her own, even at great personal risk.

So, what is the basic plotline?

Well, in the opening scene of the show, Meena – a young private investigator is the sole eyewitness of a road accident. A speeding truck hits a young man. It happens all the time. Or, does it? An existential link to her troubled past and the mother of the dead man draws her into investigating the accident. The world tries to brush it under a thick carpet. But when the accident points to an incredible bio-terror plot, the young PI Meena must fight. She must search for the truth ignoring the grave threats to her safety.

The acting, music and setting are good, but its story needs trimming

It is the first show that we have watched of the lead actress Meenakshi Iyer (PI Meena) and she has been impressive. Her slender shoulders and expressive eyes carry the heavy weight of this suspense-filled crime show well. There was a hint of romance in it. But then, it seems that its creators dropped that idea in this season.

Still, Meenakshi Iyer has been supported by the talented bunch of ensemble cast members – Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Subho Roy), Harsh Chhaya (Pritam Sen), Saurav Das (Adi), Jisshu Sengupta (Dr Andrew Rakhaw), Sawon Chakraborty (Partho Pratim Dey), Vipin Sharma (Tridib Malhotra), Vinay Pathak (Dr Rathindra Basu), Denzil Smith (Kedar Pokhral), etc. They have played their parts well to keep the suspense going.

The music and setting of Bengal seemed to accentuate the thrills. The less-heard and almost forgotten hilly areas of Bengal have been showcased in this story But, sometimes, we felt that the screenplay was unfocused and carrying too much of the fat. They could have trimmed it down to be more focused. They are investigating far too many issues, viz., medical cases, political cases, bio-terrorism cases, pandemic cases, etc. in it.

All of these issues have slowed down the relentless pace of the investigation being carried out by PI Meena. Sometimes, we felt that everything was going haywire in its story.

The conclusion

And that is not good. Even the ending of the series finale seemed confusing to us. We hope that they will answer some of its questions in the second season.

Till then, enjoy this show. Despite all the minor shortcomings that we have discussed above, this is a fairly decent suspense-filled crime series to watch, at least once.

Spoilers Alert about the PI Meena (2023) Series

Peek into the Eight (8) episodes of the First (1st) season of this detective show

The Sound of Metal (S1, E1)

A brutal road accident that kills a young man. When the man’s mother, Chandana, tells Meenakshi that it wasn’t an accident and requests her to investigate it, Meenakshi refuses saying PI’s have no business investigating murders. But can she stay away?

The Death Freeze (S1, E2)

Still unsure, Meenakshi starts digging. She starts suspecting that the dead man was somehow linked to a mysterious virus outbreak in the village of Littnong, Eastern Himalayas.

The Heart of Darkness (S1, E3)

Now convinced that the young man was indeed killed, Meenakshi undertakes a reckless journey to Littnong, seeking to find the killer.

The Pretender’s Bluder (S1, E4)

Meenakshi starts building her theory around the virus. Soon, she realises that her own life could be under threat.

The Hidden Hazard (S1, E5)

A virus starts breaking out around Kolkata. Meenakshi’s investigation picks up speed. A Central Intelligence officer warns Meenakshi to stay away from something that’s way beyond her comprehension.

The Live Data (S1, E6)

Kolkata is gripped by the virus outbreak. Meenakshi links the Kolkata virus to the Littnong one. Unknown to her, games are being played by her accomplices about the identity of the virus. She must go back to Littnong to find some light.

The Boat Called Ujaan (S1, E7)

A few earth-shattering breakthroughs stab Meenakshi’s heart. She decides not to continue with her investigation any more only to be brought back to it by her friend. Because now it is not just a man’s death but the need to stop genocide.

The Reckless Sister (S1, E8)

When Meenakshi finally cracks her case, she needs to act. And act as she does. Most recklessly.

Find out the Five (5) steps to become a detective like PI Meena

Please note that these mad skills of hers are accurate and it is only a light-hearted take on her on-screen skill sets 😉

  1. Stalking skills are always on point
  2. Coffee is your soulmate
  3. Always sus about everything
  4. Constantly walking into trouble
  5. Have the most stubborn heart
P. I. Menna | Prime Video India.

Poster of the PI Meena (2023) Series

Poster of PI Meena (2023) Series
Poster of PI Meena (2023) Series

Key Details about the PI Meena (2023) Series

GenreThriller, Crime, Drama, Suspense
Original languageHindi ( a bit of English, Bengali, etc.)
Age-restrictionsA (18+)
SeasonOne (1st)
EpisodesEight (8)
ReleasedNovember, 2023
CreatorArindam Mitra
DirectionDebaloy Bhattacharya
CastTanya Maniktala (Meenakshi Iyer), Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Subho Roy), Harsh Chhaya (Pritam Sen), Saurav Das (Adi), Jisshu Sengupta (Dr Andrew Rakhaw), Sawon Chakraborty (Partho Pratim Dey), Vipin Sharma (Tridib Malhotra), Vinay Pathak (Dr Rathindra Basu), Denzil Smith (Kedar Pokhral), etc.
NetworkPrime Video (Amazon)
About – PI Meena (2023) Show.

Trailer of the PI Meena (2023) Series

Official Trailer – PI Meena – Prime Video | YouTube.

Featured Image and Poster of the PI Meena (2023) Series | Pics. Credit: Prime Video.

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