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The ‘Red Eye’ series takes us into the spy world inhabited by the British Intelligence Agencies (MI5 & MI6), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA and the Ministry of State Security (MSS) of China.

What is it, with such British shows set on long-distance flights? Last year, we reviewed the ‘Hijack (2023) Series, another British show set in a flight which starred Idris Alba. Now, we have the ‘Red Eye’ (2024) Series.

Red-Eye flights are nighttime flights that reach their destination in the morning. Passengers on these flights may feel fatigued due to sleep deprivation, leading to red eyes.

Also, it is interesting to note that almost two decades ago, the ‘Red Eye’ (2005) movie came out of Hollywood and we have seen that too. Thankfully, the story of these two – British series and USA movies are different.

‘Red Eye’ Made Us Enjoy This Bumpy Jet-Lagged Spy Ride

Trailer: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

Trailer – Red Eye (S1/2024) Series – Serienjunkies | YouTube.

Synopsis: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

London police officer DC Hana Li (Jing Lusi) is escorting Dr Matthew Nolan (Richard Armitage) back to Beijing where he has been accused of a crime. However, onboard Flight 357, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy and a growing number of murders.

Poster: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

Spoiler Free Review: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

The introduction

As we hinted in the opening paragraph, the storyline of this action-thriller series focuses on the intelligence community of three nations – Britain, China and the United States of America. It has an interesting narrative that takes the contemporary geopolitical and nuclear issues as its central theme. And there is a conspiracy afloat, as it involves the intelligence community of three powerful nations.

The people working in these three spy agencies are pursuing their self-interest and not the interest of their nation. In addition, the ego clashes, one-upmanship and back-stabbing among these spies are the crucial aspects of its story. So, there are quite a few predictable and unpredictable twists and turns. And that is what makes it an entertaining show. We are sorry that we are sharing the detailed storyline here.

What did we not like about it?

To be honest, after watching this six-episode-long series, you might feel underwhelmed by a bunch of loopholes in its plotline. The treatment of various events and incidents in the show seems amateurish. A few of the characters belong to the intelligence community, but their actions reek of recklessness and unprofessionalism in this show. In particular, the behaviour of the senior intelligence officials seemed incompetent. Mind you, these people are supposed to keep their respective nations safe. Perhaps, their irrational actions drive the story forward and take us into the guessing zone.

What did we like about it?

On the other hand, if you can look past its goof-ups, then you might enjoy it. The basic content of the story is fresh. It draws from the contemporary geo-political issues. We wish they would tighten its script next season.

The lead actors – Jing Lusi (DC Hana Li) and Richard Armitage (Dr Matthew Nolan) played their part well. The other members of the ensemble cast – Lesley Sharp (Madeline Delaney), Jemma Moore (Jess Li), Dan Li (Toni Zhang), Mido Hamada (Mike Maxwell), etc. have done well too. It is good to see Asian actors in the show. Diversity and representation are laudable indeed in this British show.

The conclusion

All in all, it is a complete timepass series that does not tax your brain. If you go with the flow of its story then you might like it and even go for a marathon watch. So, surrender to its tale and enjoy it while it lasts. Okay.

ITV has officially renewed Red Eye for a second season.

Rating: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
FM Rating3.50/5
Red Eye (S1/2024) Series – FM Rating

Key Details: Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

GenreAction, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (UK)
SeasonOne (1) Season
EpisodesSix (6) Episodes
CreatorPeter A. Dowling
WritersPeter A. Dowling & Jingan Young
DirectorKieron Hawkes
CastJing Lusi (DC Hana Li), Richard Armitage (Dr Matthew Nolan), Lesley Sharp (Madeline Delaney), Jemma Moore (Jess Li), Dan Li (Toni Zhang), Cash Holland (Ruth Banks), Mido Hamada (Mike Maxwell), Thomas Chaanhing (Captain Chén), Jonathan Aris (John Tennant), Elaine Tan (Shen Zhào), Tai Yin Chan (Rén Yúnxi), etc.
About – Red Eye (S1/2024) Series

Spoilers Alert: Summary of Six (6) Episodes

The Summary of the Six (6) Episodes

First (S1, E1) Episode

A British man gets accused of a crime in Beijing, but he’s sure he’s been framed.

Second (S1, E2) Episode

As tensions rise on board, Hana is instructed by the Head of MI5 to investigate.

Third (S1, E3) Episode

Nolan recounts the events in Beijing, and Hana continues to probe the events on board.

Fourth (S1, E4) Episode

Jess fears for her life when she becomes a target.

Fifth (S1, E5) Episode

The truth emerges about events on board forcing Hana to take drastic action.

Sixth (S1, E6) Episode

Hana and Delaney hatch a daring plan to expose the conspiracy.

The fate of the key characters of the series – Ending Explained

In the first season finale episode, we learn about the fate of key characters in the different scenes.

Dr Matthew Nolan

Dr Matthew Nolan is currently in the process of recuperating at the hospital after being shot. Despite his condition, he decides to take a chance and ask Hana Li out.

Unfortunately, he finds her fast asleep. It appears that her father’s aspiration for her to wed a doctor might just be fulfilled.

Madeline Delaney

After the satisfactory conclusion of the said Spy operation, Madeline Delaney returns to her residence. When she meets her bedridden ailing husband, we learn that her spouse is aware of her affair with Mike.

Jess Li

Jess’s print journalism career receives a potential boost as Madeline Delaney shares the exclusive story of Operation Broadside, landing it on the front page of the London Echo.

Hana Li

After dealing with the loss of her mother throughout the series, Hana finally reveals during a family dinner that Madeline Delaney passed her her mother’s file from her time in police custody in Hong Kong, which she then hands over to her father. Although he is hesitant at first, he eventually opens the file and is overcome with emotion over the death of his first wife. The first season finale scene ends positively with Hana’s father promising to share more about Hana’s mother.

Poster & Featured Image of the Red Eye (S1/2024) Series are credited to ITV.

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