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Tarla is a thoughtful and gracious biopic movie about the famous home chef of India. It takes a peek into Tarla Dalal’s life as a real-life trailblazer in the cooking and the cookbook.

She was recognized by the Government of India for her pioneering work in the world of cooking. In fact, the government awarded her the prestigious Padma Shri Award. Rather interestingly, Tarla Dalal is the only Indian to have received this coveted award in the field of cooking and the cookbook.

Synopsis ( official summary) of Tarla (2023) Movie

This film follows the journey of India’s iconic home chef played by actor Huma Qureshi. It captures the integral role she played in empowering women and helping them realise their dreams through food.

Spoilers Free review of Tarla (2023) Movie

Has a simple storyline in Hindi

It is an enjoyable family drama that touches your heart with its simple storyline. It reminisces about the life of a simple housewife who goes on to achieve praiseworthy success in her chosen field of cooking. As this film depicted that Dalal specializes in vegetarian dishes, especially Gujarati dishes. So she wrote the bestselling cookbooks about the same.

And even got her own cookery show to further popularize the art of cooking among the commoners of India. With her hard-earned success, she grew her cooking repertoire and redefined Indian-styled cooking. She won the hearts of millions, as her cookbooks sold in great numbers, and changed the lives of many of her readers. All of these led to getting her much-celebrated status among the food-loving Indians.

Loved its two Hindi songs

As we all know any Indian film would be incomplete without its songs. This film also has a bunch of good songs. I loved this sad Rahe Na Kyun song {(Female Version) Singer- Rekha Bhardwaj, Music- Suhit Abhyankar & Lyrics- Manoj Yadav)} and liked this fun-filled upbeat Yahi Toh Hai Zindagi (Singer: Suhit Abhyankar Music Composer: Suhit Abhyankar Lyrics: Suhit Abhyankar) song in this film.

The good on-screen chemistry of its actors and the conclusion

Both the leading actors – Huma Qureshi (plays the protagonist) and Sharib Hashmi (plays her supportive husband Nalin Dalal) have done a commendable job bringing alive her biopic. Their on-screen chemistry is good too. The biopic story of home chef Dalal is set in those much simpler times in India. It forces us to look back, reflect, reminisce and savour the past.

Devoid of any earth-shattering drama and mind-blowing sequences, it is a simple tale and a good time-pass film that one can enjoy with the entire family.

Ratings of this 2023 biopic about the famous home chef of India

FM’s rating3.85/5
IMDb rating as of the date6.90/10
FM & IMDb ratings – Tarla (2023) Film

Spoilers Alert – the real-life story of Tarla Dalal

Focus on Home Chef Dalal – her real-life story in brief

True-story of Tarla Dalal

She was an ordinary woman, born and raised in a typical middle-class family in Pune, India. After her marriage to Nalin Dalal, she moved to Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) – the proverbial city of dreams. In this metropolis, her extraordinary desire to do something positive with her life pushes her to reach for the stars with her love for cooking vegetarian Gujarati dishes.

She had a humble beginning as she started off by holding cooking classes in her home (flat) in 1966. However, the success of her cooking classes led her to publish her first cookbook “The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking” in 1974, which sold more than 15 lakh books in those days. Then she never looked back.

Her cookbooks and cooking shows

According to her website, she has written a total of 170 titles, several of which have been translated into various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and even Dutch and Russian. And she has sold more than 60 lakh books.

She has her own cooking show and YouTube channel. All of these are amazing achievements for an ordinary housewife with an extraordinary life.

Poster of Tarla (2023) Movie

Tarla (2023) Film – poster.

Key details of this 2023 biopic about the famous home chef of India

GenreBiography, Drama
Original languagesHindi (Tamil & Telugu)
Released July 2023
WritersPiyush Gupta & Gautam Ved
DirectorPiyush Gupta
CastHuma Qureshi, Sharib Hashmi, Bharti Achrekar, Garima Agarwal, etc.
About – Tarla (2023) Film

Tarla (IND/2023) Movie:- trailer

Tarla – Official Trailer – A ZEE5 Original Film I Youtube.

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Featured & Other Images: Tarla (2023) Film | Zee5.

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