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Coma (2024) Limited Series focuses on the protagonist Simon (Jason Watkins) and his middle-class family living in suburban England. In the show, Simon gets himself and his family into nightmare scenarios.

So, the weaknesses of ordinary people like Simon (Jason Watkins) come to the fore in this British drama. Especially, when such simple folks like Simon are maliciously bullied by their known/unknown tormentors.

Trailer: Coma (2024) Limited Series

Trailer ~ Coma (2024) Limited Series ~ Channel 5 | YouTube

Synopsis: Coma (2024) Limited Series

Simon’s (Jason Watkins) neighbourhood falls victim to the antics of a group of teenagers. Simon and his wife want to move their daughter to a safer area. He confronts the leader of the group, and a split-second decision changes everything.

‘Coma’ Depicts Middle-Class Nightmare When Things Go Wrong

“It’s loosely based on something that happened to me, although nothing as dramatic as what happens in Coma (series)…”

Ben Edwards, Writer & Creator |

Spoiler Free Review: Coma (2024) Limited Series

The basic storyline/plotline

In this four-part series, a middle-aged Simon (Jason Watkins) and his family are thrust into chaos when he confronts a youngster Jordan (Joe Barber), the notorious ringleader of the local gang. Simon’s split-second actions during this pivotal moment have far-reaching effects on his life, altering everything in its path with permanent consequences. Thus, it tells a contemporary story, wherein economic hardships have hit hard.

What did we like about this mini-series?

Last year, we reviewed the ‘Beef‘ series from the USA, which dealt with road rage issues. And this time, in the ‘Coma’ series from the UK, the lead character Simon could not keep his anger in check. We, as middle-class people, could easily identify with the kind of problems, that Simon faces in his life. With the slowing down of the economy in England, even a nuclear family with a double income is feeling the pinch.

Then quite subtly, this British drama also delves into serious issues like the current economic crisis, unemployment, lay-offs, rising cost of living, limited policing, healthcare, etc. Given such stressful scenarios, sometimes even mild-mannered people snap. Then they tend to lose their (mental and emotional) balance. And, they act in an unpredictably dangerous manner. Which in turn leads to devastating consequences.

We are sure that quite a few people have faced similar hardships in their lives. So, we liked its simple yet identifiable tale from the present era.

Besides, the seasoned and young actors, like, Jason Watkins (Simon), Jonas Armstrong (Paul), Claire Skinner (Beth), Joe Barber (Jordan), Kayla Meikle (DS Kelly Evans), David Bradley (Harry), and others have acted well.

Interestingly, this British drama was filmed in Budapest, Hungary. 

What did we not like about this mini-series?

It did try very hard to keep the thrill and tension going for four episodes. But, the foreseeable storyline did not help. As we could easily guess the twists and turns in the plot. While watching it, we wished something unpredictable incidents to take place. We wanted more drama and thrills in it. But that did not happen. Maybe the show creator and writer Ben Edwards decided to play it safe. So, we did not like these aspects.

The conclusion

Despite, some of the shortcomings of the show, we liked watching it. With only four episodes, this series does manage to hold our attention. Also, we loved its predictable ending. All in all, a good time pass show.

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Rating: Coma (2024) Limited Series

FM Rating3.15/5
FM Short CommentsIn this British drama, most of the members of the ensemble cast have acted well enough to keep the thrills and tension going. But, it seems the predictable script, somehow, let them down. As viewers, we could guess the plotline of its simple story. However, despite the few flaws, we enjoyed it. This limited show with only four parts is worth a look.
Coma (2024) Limited Series ~ FM Rating

Poster: Coma (2024) Limited Series

Coma (2024) Limited Series - Poster
Coma (2024) Limited Series – Poster

Key Details: Coma (2024) Limited Series

GenreDrama, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (UK)
SeasonOne (1) Season
EpisodesFour (4) Episodes
Writer/CreatorBen Edwards
DirectorMichael Samuels
CastJason Watkins (Simon), Jonas Armstrong (Paul), Claire Skinner (Beth), Joe Barber (Jordan), Kayla Meikle (DS Kelly Evans), Matilda Firth (Sophie), Adrienn Réti (Anna), David Bradley (Harry), Darren Strange (PC Reynolds), David Mumeni (Jimmy), etc.
NetworkChannel 5
Coma (2024) Limited Series ~ About

Spoilers Alert: Episode Summary – Coma (2024) Series

Summary [Official] of the Four Episodes of this limited mini-series

First Episode (S1, E1) – March 18, 2024

Stressed by financial woes and local thugs, Simon (Jason Watkins) loses control when teen Jordan (Joe Barber) threatens him and his family. Trapped in a web of lies, deceiving the police, his wife Beth (Claire Skinner), and Jordan’s threatening father (Jonas Armstrong), Simon’s life is turned upside down.

Second Episode (S1, E2) – March 19, 2024

Paul decides to hold a vigil for Jordan, Simon receives a fright when neighbour Harry explains that he saw what happened that night.

Third Episode (S1, E3) – March 20, 2024

Simon is anxiously waiting to hear news of Jordan’s recovery, he comes around but appears to have no knowledge of what happened.

Fourth Episode (S1, E4) – March 21, 2024

Jordan makes it very clear to Simon what he wants, but a slip-up may cost his scheme dearly. Simon and his family hide away in a hotel, but trouble isn’t too far away.

The Poster and Featured image of the Coma (2024) Limited Series are courtesy of Channel 5.

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