Found (S1/2023-2024) Series: Tenacious Gabi Finds Missing People

In the “Found” show, tenacious Gabi (and her small team) find missing people by all means. Her team is based in Washington, D.C., USA, where scores of folks continue to disappear.

The show creator has claimed that each year, over 600,000 people are reported missing in the United States of America. Of these reported cases, more than half of the missing people are people of colour, too easily neglected by the system. This is where Gabi and her private team of experts (in their field) come in to find the people who have vanished.

Synopsis [official] of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) and her crisis management team use unorthodox methods to find the forgotten people. So, in a riveting new drama, brilliant recovery specialist Gabi Mosely and her team are dedicated to finding America’s missing and forgotten people. They’ll stop at nothing to solve these cases because, for them, it’s personal – every member of the team has firsthand experience with a mysterious disappearance.

But Gabi has a chilling secret of her own that could unravel everything… she’s got her childhood kidnapper locked up in the basement, helping her crack every case.

Trailer of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

First Look – the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Rating of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

FM Rating3.65/5
FM Short CommentsOne of the things that we liked about this show is that in each episode, they deal with a new recovery case of the missing person. Besides the fresh story in each episode, the one constant threat lurks around the entire season, and that makes it an interesting crime thriller to watch.
Rating of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Spoiler Free Review of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

The introduction

Well, this crime drama has quite a few twists and turns, besides the mystery and suspense. With a fresh crime tale in each episode, we found this show to be entertaining. As we said earlier, it follows the boss lady Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) and her crisis management team as they search for the missing people from marginalized groups of people in the USA.

The storyline

Gabi (and some of her team members too), having experienced being kidnapped in the past, is determined to reunite missing individuals with their families. And she is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. Alongside her crisis management team, they are prepared to employ unconventional methods in their relentless pursuit.

We have shared the summary of each of its 13 episodes in the spoilers below. Gabi and her team usually take up missing cases of those persons, who do not typically get the requisite attention from the local police department, and receive widespread media attention. Most of these missing person cases are the forgotten ones. In addition, we also learn that our protagonist Gabi is hiding a chilling secret of her own, which is not known to the world.

What did we like in the crime drama?

It is from the old school of television programming, wherein its (almost) self-contained episodes are released every week. Thus, we get a new missing case in each episode. We liked the script and format of the show. And then to top it off, episode 13 ended with a big cliffhanger scene. And, we (viewers) are hooked as we wait for its next season eagerly.

In addition, we liked the searing and tension-filled on-screen chemistry between the protagonist Gabi {Shanola Hampton & Teen Gabi (Azaria Carter)} and the antagonist Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Both are good at it. The other members of her team, viz., Margaret (Kelli Williams), Lacey (Gabrielle Walsh), Zeke (Arlen Escarpeta), Mark (Brett Dalton), and Dhan (Karan Oberoi), have performed their parts well. All of them have kept us coming back to it.

The conclusion

So, the first season finale had a major spine-chilling end. And we liked that twist. As we wait for its second season, we learned that on November 29, 2023, NBC renewed the series for a second season that will have 22 episodes. In that case, we hope to get all the answers, including the fate of Gabi, Sir, and her team members. Let us hope for thrills and chills in the upcoming season two. So, let us keep our fingers crossed, wait and see to be Found.

Key Details about this Crime Drama about missing people in the USA

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Show creatorNkechi Okoro Carroll
Age-restrictionsTV-14 (USA)
ReleasedOctober 3, 2023 to January 16, 2024
SeasonOne (1) season
EpisodesThirteen (13) episodes
CastShanola Hampton (Gabi Mosely), Kelli Williams (Margaret Reed), Brett Dalton (Mark Trent), Gabrielle Walsh (Lacey Quinn), Arlen Escarpeta (Zeke Wallace), Karan Oberoi (Dhan Rana), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Sir), Azaria Carter
Teen (Gabi), Anisa Nyell Johnson (Detective Shaker), etc.
TaglinesEvery Missing Person Deserves To Be…
About – Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Poster of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Found (2023-2024) Series Poster
Found (S1/2023-2024) Show Poster

Spoilers Alert – about the Episodes, Gabi, Sir and more in this Drama

A peek into the Thirteen (13) Episodes of the First (1st) season of the show

Pilot (S1, E1) | October 3, 2023

Crisis management specialist Gabi Mosley and her team search for Camilla, a missing 14-year-old in foster care, but it becomes more complicated than the team initially suspected.

Missing While Sinning (S1, E2) | October 10, 2023

The team mobilizes to search for Jinny Coe, a personal escort who disappeared near her apartment. Joy-Ann Reid launches a nationwide search for “Sir”. Dhan makes a breakthrough with Zeke.

Missing While Widowed (S1, E3) | October 17, 2023

The team launches an investigation for widower Reggie Moore at his doorman Cliff’s request. Gabi comes to a realization about her time with Lacey. Margaret hopes to repair her relationship with someone important from her past.

Missing While a Pawn (S1, E4) | October 24, 2023

When 13-year-old Matthew disappears from church, the teams spring into action. Gabi endeavours to keep the divorced parents focused on the search and is forced to make a devastating choice. Lacey makes a keen observation about Gabi.

Missing While Undocumented (S1, E5) | October 31, 2023

When the team mobilizes to trace the last steps of 21-year-old Satcha Moncado before she disappeared, their search uncovers a greater threat that nearly claims the life of one of our own.

Missing While Addicted (S1, E6) | November 7, 2023

When Gabi takes the case of a missing man on behalf of his mother, it causes disagreement among the team and leads to a shocking revelation.

Missing While Indigenous (S1, E7) | November 14, 2023

Native American schoolteacher Denae Wagon delivers her baby on the indigenous Native American reservation in Virginia but disappears before she can make it home. The search is complicated by a tense family dynamic and Denae’s high-risk pregnancy.

Missing While Homeless (S1, E8) | November 21, 2023

Dhan spearheads the search for a missing homeless man who’s been an integral part of a tight-knit encampment. When Det. Trent shares troubling news about Sir, and Gabi goes to great lengths to protect her secret.

Missing While Scamming (S1, E9) | November 28, 2023

A social media influencer is kidnapped, and as the team searches for clues, the case turns out to be more complicated than expected.

Missing While Indoctrinated (S1, E10) | December 5, 2023

Gabi and the team revisit a previous case involving child trafficking and their heated investigation leads them in a shocking direction.

Missing While Interracial (S1, E11) | December 12, 2023

When a Black man goes missing his family turns to M&A, but suspicions begin to swirl when he’s implicated in the disappearance of a white woman. Gabi digs in on her search for “Annie,” the girl she saw at the cabin.

Missing While Eccentric (S1, E12) | January 9, 2024

When a confused and battered young woman lands on Zeke’s doorstep and says she was kidnapped and her abductor still has her friends, the team races to put the minimal clues together. Gabi shares devastating news with Dhan.

Missing While Forgotten (S1, E13) | January 16, 2024

Gabi unravels as the team receives an anonymous tip about one of their most important cases – a missing girl they’ve been tracking for months; Gabi makes a shocking discovery about Sir.

The connection between the Gabi and the Sir is intriguing

Gabi and the Sir

The connection between Gabi and Sir is undeniably intricate. Sir, who used to be Gabi’s English Teacher in her school, took the teenager against her will in a misguided endeavour to establish an ideal family. Following over a year of being held captive, Gabi managed to flee from the terrifying experience.

However, twenty years later, she located Sir and instead of surrendering him to the authorities, she opted to confine him in her basement, where he has been aiding her in solving the most challenging cases for her missing persons agency. But in the last episode of the first season (finale), Sir escaped from her prison.

Ending Explained of the First (1st) season of the show

So, what happened in the season finale?

After Gabi’s disclosure, her colleagues grappled with the emotional aftermath while Gabi herself returned to a desolate residence. Upon examining the wall (also the hidden prison cell) stained with Sir’s blood at her home, she made a startling discovery – the absence of rodent poison from her cabinet. In flashback, the sudden disclosure brought about an abrupt understanding within her that Sir had administered poison to the high school bully right before kidnapping young Gabi.

When from the Gabi's home the Sir Finally Escapes in the Found show | Video-clip link on NBC/YouTube

Cut back to the present time, we (viewers) learn that most likely (Sir) he has also poisoned Lacey’s dog. The season concluded with Sir, who was believed to be departing for Amsterdam, concealing himself in Lacey’s residence while she uncovered the fact that someone had deliberately inflicted harm upon her cherished companion. We (viewers) are left in a state of suspense due to the cliffhanger, but thankfully, “Found” has been scheduled to make a comeback for yet another season.

Awards Nominations for the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series

Names of the Awards Names of the Awards Nominations
GLAAD Media Awards 2024 GLAAD Media Award – Nominee – Outstanding New Series
Image Awards (NAACP) 2024Image Award – Nominee – Outstanding Drama Series
Awards Nominations – Found (S1/2023-2024) Series
Last year, we saw the "Missing" (2023) movie, which was based on theme of kidnapping too. That film was also from the USA.

Featured Image & Poster of the Found (S1/2023-2024) Series | Pics. Credit: NBC

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