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The “Killer Soup” series seems to have been inspired by real-life crimes that happened in Telangana, India. This black comedy crime thriller from India is an engaging show.

The writer and director of this series Abhishek Chaubey has given us a few well-known movies – Ishqiya (2010), Dedh Ishqiya (2014), Udta Punjab (2016), Sonchiriya (2019), etc.

Synopsis of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

Swathi (Konkana Sen Sharma) dreams of owning a restaurant. But when murder derails her plan, she and her lover take an outrageous step — to replace her husband with him.

Rating of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
FM rating3.50/5
FM short commentKonkana Sen plays the lead character Swathi with great conviction, we loved the way she carried the entire series on her slender shoulder. Of course, Konkana was assisted by a team of wonderful cast – Manoj Bajpayee, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, etc. However, the weak script affected its quality. Still, one can watch this slow-burning black comedy for Konkana, Sayaji, Nassar, et al.
FM Rating – Killer Soup (2024) Show

Spoiler Free Review of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

The introduction

Well, this is not a series meant for the food lovers. Instead, we get to meet a quirky set of characters, who are not only scheming but also deadly in their approach towards life. This story is set in the fictional hill station of Mainjur, Tamil Nadu. So, we get to hear a bit of almost all the languages spoken in Southern India, besides English and Hindi.

The basic plotline of the show

The “Killer Soup” series is about Swathi Shetty (Konkana Sen Sharma) and Prabhakar (Manoj Bajpayee), the unhappy couple. In the show, Swathi is an unskilled cook who wants to open a restaurant of her own someday. Meanwhile, Prabhakar is her doubtful husband who does not want to help with her dreams. So, when life offers her an opportunity to fulfil her dream, she begins to cook up a master plan. But that deadly plan has devastating consequences for her, her family, her friends and even her consequences.

Konkana leads the way

In this show, we get to meet all kinds of bizarre characters. Driven by self-interests, they are willing to do almost anything. Some of them even take part in and/or commit murders.

This is a slow-burning crime thriller. No doubt, sometimes, it tends to check our patience. But somehow, the captivating presence of anti-heroine Konkana Sen Sharma (Swathi Shetty) kept us coming back to it. Although we had high hopes for the double roles of Manoj Bajpayee (Prabhakar Shetty and Umesh Pillai), he did not impress us. Overall, we think that the meandering pace of the script did not help the matter. Perhaps, they could edit it to make it more viewer-friendly. But then, that was not to be.

The conclusion

To be honest, we had a very high expectation from this series, as it has a very good set of good writers, directors and actors. So, we were a tad disappointed with the final product. Still, if you are willing to look past its shortcomings, then you will certainly enjoy the dark comedy. And the fact that it is inspired by real-life cases. So, have patience and try to enjoy!

Spoilers Alert of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

A Peek into the Eight (8) Episodes of this black comedy from India

First Episode (S1,E1) | 49 minutes

Swathi’s illicit affair takes a shocking turn. Dreaming of opening a hotel, Prabhakar looks to his brother Arvind for support.

Second Episode (S1, E2) | 59 minutes

A determined Thupalli digs into the case of a newly discovered dead body. Umesh and Swathi take desperate measures to cover their tracks.

Third Episode (S1, E3) | 44 minutes

After learning that Prabhakar was blackmailed, an irate Arvind digs into Umesh’s past. Inspector Hassan wades into Thupalli’s case findings.

Fourth Episode (S1, E4) | 47 minutes

The police question Swathi and Umesh, while a new blackmailer emerges. Hassan’s hallucinations spark questions and new leads.

Fifth Episode (S1, E5) | 53 minutes

Appu and Swathi form an alliance, but a suspicious Lucas intervenes. Arvind has a plan of his own. An explosive showdown leaves a bloody mess.

Sixth Episode (S1, E6) | 50 minutes

At the hospital, tensions run high as secrets threaten to emerge. Hassan makes a startling discovery that changes the course of the case.

Seventh Episode (S1,E7) | 52 minutes

Appu takes matters into her own hands, while the police investigate Mehrunisa’s connection to Manisha Koirala. Kirtima delivers an ultimatum.

Eight Episode (S1, E8) | 53 minutes

Hassan attempts to crack the case one last time. As the grand opening for Swathi’s restaurant approaches, she finally finds her soup’s secret ingredient.

The ending of this black comedy crime thriller is explained here.

Swathi and Umesh died

The ending of Killer Soup portrays the police trying to take Umesh to the hospital while Hassan stays behind to get hold of Swathi. Unfortunately, knowing she has no way out, Swathi jumps from a cliff with her last words inquiring about the soup she prepared with passion. Umesh also goes missing from the car.

Both joined late ASI Thupalli on a journey into the afterlife

The final moments of Killer Soup show Swathi swimming upward after nearly drowning. Later, she walks into a dreamy bus where Umesh is already waiting for her. Although initially confusing, it becomes clear that this reunion for the couple occurs in the afterlife, with Thupalli seen sitting on the roof of the bus.

Its story is loosely inspired by real-life criminal case

A brief note about the real crime that inspired this series

This show is loosely inspired by the narrative of Swathi Reddy, who committed the murder of her spouse Sudhakar Reddy and subsequently cremated his remains with the assistance of her lover Rajesh in (2017) Telangana. In an attempt to deceive Sudhakar’s family, Swathi resorted to throwing acid on Rajesh’s face and swiftly taking him to the hospital for reconstructive surgery, claiming that he was Sudhakar.

However, the truth came to light when Sudhakar’s family offered Rajesh some mutton soup, to which he declined, stating his vegetarian preference. It was at this moment that they realized the individual before them was not Sudhakar, as he had a fondness for meat.

News Source: Times of India, 2017.

Seven similarities between the real-life murder case and the story of this Killer Soup series

We found 7 broad similarities between the real-life case and reel-life case.

Similarities between the real-life case and the reel case of the Killer Soup series:

First, Konkona’s character is named Swathi Shetty and she is a nursing home cook. The accused in the 2017 case is also a nurse named M Swati Reddy.

Second, M Swati’s spouse, Sudhakar Reddy, was engaged in business activities, whereas Prabhakar Shetty from the series is also an entrepreneur.

Third, Swathi encountered her lover in both the series and the actual murder case, during her employment as a nurse at the hospital. Both Umesh Pillai and B Rajesh were colleagues in the physiotherapy department within the same hospital.

Fourth, both Sudhakar Reddy in real life and Prabhakar Shetty in series (reel) life were oblivious to the extramarital relationships of their respective wives.

Fifth, Swati M had intentions of establishing a life with her lover B Rajesh and gaining control over her husband Sudhakar’s assets and properties.

Sixth, both Swati M and her partner Rajesh, after committing the murder, proceeded to wrap Sudhakar’s lifeless body in a bedsheet and transported it to a forest area located approximately 20 kilometres from their residence.

Seventh, to ensure that nobody gets suspicious about Sudhakar’s disappearance, Swati M reportedly hatched a plan to swap her dead husband with her lover by making some changes in his physical appearance through plastic surgery.

There are a few more minor similarities, but we are leaving that out for you all to figure out on your own. Okay.

Poster of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

Killer Soup (2024) Series Poster
Killer Soup (2024) Show Poster

Key Details of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

Genre(Black) Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Original languageHindi (a bit of English, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.)
Age-restrictionA (18+)
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesEight (8)
ReleasedJanuary 11, 2024
CreatorsAbhishek Chaubey, Unaiza Merchant, Harshad Nalawade, & Anant Tripathi
DirectorAbhishek Chaubey
CastManoj Bajpayee (Umesh Pillai), Konkona Sen Sharma (Swathi Shetty), Sayaji Shinde (Arvind Shetty), Anula Navlekar (Apeksha Shetty), Nassar (Inspector Hassan), Lal (Charles Lucas), Anbu Thasan (ASI S. Thupalli), Shilpa Mudbi (Head Constable Asha Ritu), Kani Kusruti (Kirtima Kadathanathan), etc.
About – Killer Soup (2024) Show

Trailer of the Killer Soup (2024) Series

Official Trailer – Killer Soup (2024) Show – Netflix | YouTube.

Featured Image & Poster of the Killer Soup (2024) Show | Pics. Credit: Netflix.

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