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In the “Role Play” movie, a female assassin fights to save her family from the ruthless world of international assassins. This is typical run-of-mill movie stuff with a few twists and turns.

Before we proceed any further, let us share the meaning of the title “Role-Play” here.

Well, the “Role-play” allows people to take on a character’s persona or enact a specific scenario. People can undertake these roles individually, in pairs, or in groups, etc.

Synopsis [official] of the Role Play (2024) Movie

Emma (Kaley Cuoco) and Dave (David Oyelowo) spice up their wedding anniversary with a night of role-play in New York City. But things turn perilous when Emma’s secret life as an international assassin, unknown to Dave, is exposed by Bob (Bill Nighy), jeopardizing her family. Emma must rely on her lethal skills and determination to protect her family at all costs.

Rating of the Role Play (2024) Movie

FM rating3.25/5
FM short commentsOld wine in a new bottle or should we say old story in a new age. So, in the role reversal, we see Kaley Cuoco (Emma Brackett) play the role of an international assassin with her wacky style. While David Oyelowo (Dave Brackett) plays her clueless husband. If you can look past the predictable storyline, then it is a time pass film that might entertain you.
Rating of the Role Play (2024) Film

Spoiler Free Review of the Role Play (2024) Movie

The introduction to this film

Emma (Kaley Cuoco) resides in the suburbs of New Jersey (USA), leading a fulfilling life with her exceptional spouse and two children. However, unbeknownst to her husband David (Dave Brackett), Emma harbours a clandestine existence as a professional assassin. This well-kept secret is unveiled when the couple embarks on a journey to invigorate their marital bond through a (role) playful enactment.

The storyline of this film

Dave (David Oyelowo) and Emma (Kaley Cuoco) enjoy a seemingly idyllic life – two children, a suburban home, and successful careers. However, they yearn for a touch of excitement. Seeking to inject some thrill into their relationship, they decide to engage in role-play. This happens around their marriage anniversary.

The ‘role-play‘ concept is straightforward – they meet as strangers for a night to reignite their connection. While waiting for her ‘stranger’ at a hotel bar in New York, Emma catches the attention of an enigmatic older gentleman (Bill Nighy), who remains with them throughout the evening, treating them to drinks.

A day later, the man (Bill Nighly) is discovered dead, prompting a murder investigation. Suddenly, Emma vanishes, and Dave finds himself under police scrutiny as a murder suspect. As the layers of disguise are peeled away, Dave stumbles upon an astonishing revelation: his wife Emma is a skilled assassin leading a double life for years.

Then their lives and relationships become complicated.

What did we like like/dislike in this film?

We liked the reversal of roles in this contemporary film. The wife is an expert assassin of international repute. While the husband is a clueless commoner with a regular job.

The unusual pairing of Kelly Cuoco and David Oyelowo as the lead pair is surprising, but they looked at ease. Besides, the younger (actors) members of their family did well too.

We have always admired the comedic acts of Kelly Cuoco in the past, for instance, in The Big Bang Theory and Flight Attendants. She did well in this film too, her facial expressions and acting were really up to the mark. Also, we have shared an FM article on David Oyelowo’s award-winning act in “Lawmen Bass Reeves” recently. The supporting act by David in this film is generous too. We liked the acting of both – Kelly and David here.

The usual and predictable storyline in this action-comedy scene is not likeable. All of us could easily predict the various twists and turns in the film. It was so very obvious. Also, both the ingredients of action and romance were in limited quantity in this film, and we did not like these facts. However, the short duration of the film makes it a perfect time pass film.

The conclusion

So, go and watch this film with low expectations and then you will certainly enjoy it. We certainly did that and we were entertained by it. It is one of the top films on Prime Video.

Spoilers Alert – references that reminded us of show & film

Spoiler number #1: a reference to The Big Bang Theory in the film

In this ‘Role Play’ film, Raj is the handler of Emma (Kelly Cuoco).

In The Big Bang Theory, one of the recurring characters is named Raj aka Rajesh Koothrapali (Kunal Nayyar), where Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is the key character.

Spoiler number #2: a reference to Flight Attendant in the film

The hotel assassination sequence, in which Emma eliminates Bob in the film, bears a striking resemblance to the murder scene in the Flight Attendant series.

In both instances, the talented actress Kaley Cuoco portrays a flight attendant entangled in a web of deceit, with a lifeless body drenched in blood found in a hotel bedroom. The accompanying soundtrack, infused with captivating Caribbean Jazz melodies, further contributes to the reminiscent atmosphere of the Flight Attendant series.

Poster of the Role Play (2024) Movie

Role Play (2024) Movie Poster
Role Play (2024) Film Poster

Key Details about the Role Play (2024) Movie

GenreAction, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Original languagesEnglish (USA), French, German, etc.
Age-restrictionsU/A 16+
Released12 January 2024 (Streaming)
Duration1 hour 41 minutes
DirectorThomas Vincent
WriterSeth W. Owen
CastKaley Cuoco (Emma Brackett), David Oyelowo (Dave Brackett). Connie Nielsen (Gwen Carver), Lucia Aliu (Caroline Brackett), Regan Bryan-Gudgeon (Wyatt Brackett), Bill Nighy (Bob Kellerman), Rudi Dharmalingam (Raj), Sonita Henry (Karen Shah), etc.
TaglinesEvery couple has their secrets.
NetworkPrime Video
About – Role Play (2024) Film

Trailer of the Role Play (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Role Play (2024) Film – Prime Video | YouTube

Featured Image of the Role Play (2024) Movie | Pics. Credit: Prime Video

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