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Madgaon Express is an eccentric buddy comedy. In this Hindi film from India, three childhood friends embark on their dream holiday journey from Mumbai (Bombay) to Goa, but it soon becomes a nightmare because of their mistakes.

Interestingly, this quirky film is the debut of Kunal Khemu as a director, whom we have known as a well-known comic actor. It also marks the first lead role of Divyendu Sharma, who we have seen in the Mirzapur show.

Madgaon Express’ Hilariously Taps Into Indian Middle-Class’ Dreams & Aspirations

Trailer [Official] of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Madgaon Express (2024) Film – Excel Movies | YouTube

Synopsis [Official] of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

The journey of three childhood friends who embark on a trip to Goa that goes completely off-track.

Spoiler Free Review of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

The introduction

While watching this film, one will come across its references to the other buddy trio trip movies in Hindi. These two are Dil Chahta Hai (2009) film and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) film. These two films are from the same Excel production house. But, unlike these two films, the latest film turns their basic story idea on its head. The film director Kunal Khemu clarified that his “Madagaon Express” is his take on what would have happened if Dil Chahta Hai’s Goa trip had gone wrong. So, in case, like us, you have seen these two (DCH & ZNMD) movies and/or The Hangover (2009) film from Hollywood, then perhaps you can well imagine the basic plotline of the latest film.

The Madgaon Express, train number 10216 (Ernakulam - Madgaon Weekly SF Express) of Indian Railways, typically operates between Kochi and Goa. However, in this particular Hindi film, it is depicted as running from Mumbai to Goa and then making a return trip from Goa to Mumbai.

The basic plot (storyline/plotline)

Since childhood, Dodo (Divyendu Sharma), Pinku (Pratik Gandhi), and Aayush (Avinash Tiwary) have shared a common dream of visiting Goa. Despite their unsuccessful attempt during school and college days, they never gave up on this aspiration. Aayush moved to New York, Pinku to Capetown, and Dodo took on various odd jobs in Mumbai. While Aayush and Piku lived lavish lives, Dodo pretended to do the same to keep up appearances. Years later, the trio reunited and decided to finally fulfil their childhood dream of travelling to Goa via the Madgaon Express. Little did they know that this trip would turn into a horrible experience for life.

What did we like in the film?

We loved the two menacing gangsters, Mendonca Bhai (Upendra Limaye) and Kanchan Kombdi (Chhaya Kadam), as these two were too good and looked natural even in the comical scenes. Recently, we saw Chhaya Kadam playing an emotional role in the “Laapataa Ladies” (2024) movie to perfection. Among the main actors, all three – Dodo (Divyendu Sharma), Pinku (Pratik Gandhi), and Aayush (Avinash Tiwary) kept us entertained with their comical antics. The two of them even looked attractive while cross-dressing. To be honest, we did not expect, Pratik Gandhi, whom we have seen playing the serious protagonist in the “Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story” series, to be the funny guy. We enjoyed his hilarious antics. Nora Fathehi did not have much to do in the comical scenes. However, Nora looked glamorous in the song and dance numbers – Baby Bring It On and Raaton Ke Nazaare, the usual Goa party hits for youngsters.

The conclusion

For a first-time writer and director, Kunal Khemu has done a fairly decent job. His “Madgaon Express” is a madcap comedy that made us smile and laugh out loud (LOL) even in today’s wartime around the world. That is a big plus. However, his Hindi movie would have scaled a new height and become a great comedy film for its ebbs and flows. A little bit of addition of masala, and further tightening of its script/direction would have made it a laugh-riot. Anyways, we believe like The Hangover film, this madcap comedy film might have a sequel or two in the future too. Till then, board the Madgaon Express and enjoy the fun-filled mad ride.

Rating of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsIt has an interesting script that borders on bizarre situational comedy. The three lead actors Divyendu Sharma (Dhanush Sawant/Dodo), Pratik Gandhi (Pratik Goradia/Pinku), and Avinash Tiwary (Ayush Gupta) are hilarious. However, the comical duo of Upendra Limaye (Mendoza Bhai), and Chhaya Kadam (Kanchan Kombdi) outshine all of them with their funny acts. But, the uneven nature of the comedy hurts the film, maybe they could have added a few more comic masala.
Madgaon Express (2024) Film – FM Rating

Poster of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

Madgaon Express (2024) Movie Poster
Madgaon Express (2024) Film – Poster

Key Details about the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie

GenreComedy, Drama
Original languageHindi (and a bit of Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, English, etc.)
Released22nd March, 2024
Duration2 hours 23 minutes
Writer & DirectorKunal Khemu
CastDivyendu Sharma (Dhanush Sawant/Dodo), Pratik Gandhi (Pratik Goradia/Pinku), Avinash Tiwary (Ayush Gupta), Nora Fatehi (Tasha), Upendra Limaye (Mendoza Bhai), Chhaya Kadam (Kanchan Kombdi), Remo D’Souza (Dr Danny), etc.
ProductionExcel Entertainment
DistributorAmazon Prime Video
Madgaon Express (2024) Film – About

Hit Song & Dance Numbers from this 2024 Hindi film

Baby Bring It On
Baby Bring It On – Madgaon Express | Nora Fatehi, Divyenndu, Avinash | Ajay-Atul, Nikhita G, Kumaar | YouTube
Raaton Ke Nazaare
Raaton Ke Nazaare – Madgaon Express | Nora F, Divyenndu, Pratik G, Avinash T| Benny D, Shaarib Toshi | YouTube

The Poster and Featured Image of the Madgaon Express (2024) Movie is credited to Excel Movies, Nora Fatehi/IG and

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