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Road House – this latest action-packed Hollywood film has taken us on a nostalgic film trip. But, the UFC-style fight scenes in the film are freshly brewed. And the brutal hand-to-hand combats are targeted at action aficionados.

The old timers might remember that it is the third variant of the Road House movie. The original Road House (1989) movie had Patrick Swayze as the lead actor. It was followed by Road House 2: Last Call (2006) movie. In the third and latest film, the actor Jake Gyllenhaal takes the role played in the original by Patrick Swayze. It should be noted that the plot of the new movie is a bit different from the original.

Road House Comes Close To Original Hollywood Cult Classic

Trailer [Official] of the Road House (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Road House – Prime Video | YouTube

Synopsis [Official] of the Road House (2024) Movie

In this adrenaline-fueled reimagining of the 80s cult classic, ex-UFC fighter Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to discover that this paradise is not all it seems.

Ratings of the Road House (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.25/5
FM Short CommentsIn this new contemporary avatar of the classic film, we watch beefy Jake Gyllenhaal (Dalton) and brawny Conor McGregor (Knox) fighting it out, violently. Targeted at the new generation of the movie audience, this film has emphasised the high-octane fight sequences. On one hand, all the action movie aficionados may love these well-choreographed fight scenes. On the other hand, some may find the violent free-for-all brawl a little bit too much. Overall this film entertained us.
Road House (2024) Movie – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the Road House (2024) Movie

The introduction

The Road House 2024 remake, much like the 1989 original, centres on a well-known bouncer named Dalton. He is tasked with stopping fights and resisting corporate development at a dilapidated roadhouse bar in a rural area. A cunning henchman is enlisted by the businessman to challenge Dalton, proving to be a strong adversary. Rather interestingly, the lead character of Dalton, with his combination of being gentle yet lethal, caught the attention of Director Doug Liman. So, this re-making and the re-imagining of the cult classic seemed attractive to him.

The story

In this exhilarating modern take on the beloved 1980s cult film – Road House, Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal), a former UFC fighter, finds himself working as a bouncer at a roadhouse in the picturesque Florida Keys. However, his excitement quickly turns to apprehension. As he uncovers the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect paradise. What will Dalton do? Will he stay back and fight? Or will he back off and leave?

The hero – Jake Gyllenhaal

We were amazed by the chisel-shaped bodies of both Jake and Conor. Mind, you, Conor is an Irish mixed martial artist, professional boxer and UFC champion. Meanwhile, Jake is a Hollywood actor, who plays a UFC fighter.

In order to portray an ex-UFC fighter convincingly, Jake Gyllenhaal committed himself to an intensive training program led by the esteemed trainer Jason Walsh. This meticulous preparation encompassed a multifaceted regimen that prioritized building strength, improving conditioning, and maintaining a well-balanced diet, underscoring Gyllenhaal's unwavering determination to excel in his role.

In this film, the physical transformation of the lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal is just amazing. It seems that he worked hard. No doubt, their muscular bodies are a sight to behold or perhaps even an envy for commoners like us.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Conor McGregor

The villain – Conor McGregor

We liked the way both Jake and Conor played their parts of protagonist Dalton and antagonist Knox with a lot of power. Their fist-fights and free-for-all fight sequences are highlights of this film.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor makes his film debut in this movie. In this film, during their encounter, Knox (Conor McGregor) refers to Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) as the most infamous fighter in the world. It is worth noting that McGregor is famously known as "Notorious" in the UFC.

The fight scenes looked violently realistic & others

The fight scenes in the latest film blew our minds with the realism. While watching this film, we felt as if we were sitting and watching a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) from the ringside. It seemed brutally violent to say the least.

The Film Director aimed to modernize the filming of fight scenes. They introduced a fresh multi-pass technique to heighten the authenticity of the brawls, breaking away from traditional fight choreography. Utilizing this innovative method, every fight sequence in the movie incorporates full CG body doubles to deliver seamless punches and kicks, eliminating the need for staged hits or editing tricks for believability. The doubles are seamlessly woven into the final edit for a brief moment during each fight before seamlessly transitioning back to real footage.

We remember watching JD Pardo (Dell) in the Mayan MC and Hannah Love Lanier (Charlie) in the Special Ops: Lioness series earlier. The other supporting actors/actresses did not have much to do. But they all played their part perfectly.

The conclusion

In this film, when Dalton (Jake) arrives back at the bookstore, Charlie (Hannah Love Lanier) eagerly presents him with a book summary. This particular book falls into the western genre and revolves around a protagonist named Wade. Interestingly, Wade shares the same name as Sam Elliot's character from the original version.

The “Road House” 2024 film revamps a cult classic for a new era, successfully preserving the original’s preference for exaggerated physicality over complex narratives. This remake is delightfully campy and entertaining, albeit excessively violent. While it may not fully embody the spirit of the original, it more than compensates with its unique action sequences and wild entertainment. Although it falls short of the original’s charm, it provides a fun experience for enthusiasts of action movies. So, the 2024 film comes close to the Original 1989 Hollywood Cult Classic, as far as entertainment is concerned. Barring a couple of violent scenes, we enjoyed this new-age action film.

Poster of the Road House (2024) Movie

Road House (2024) Movie – Poster

Key Details about the Road House (2024) Movie

GenreAction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Duration2 hours 3 minutes
ReleasedMarch 21, 2024
WritersAnthony Bagarozzi, Chuck Mondry & R. Lance Hill
DirectorDoug Liman
CastJake Gyllenhaal (Dalton), Daniela Melchior (Ellie), Conor McGregor (Knox), Billy Magnussen (Ben Brandt), Joaquim de Almeida (Sheriff), JD Pardo (Dell), Arturo Castro (Moe), Hannah Love Lanier (Charlie), Lukas Gage (Billy), Dominique Columbus (Reef), etc.
TaglineTake it outside.
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
Road House (2024) Movie – About

Spoilers Alerts – New Elements & Fate of its Characters

Road House – comparing the Original 1989 Film versus the New 2024 Film

Key difference

The original 1989 FilmThe new 2024 Film
In the original film, Patrick Swayze’s Dalton was not portrayed as a professional fighter however he got a job offer in Missouri.. The setting was a bar in Missouri owned by Frank, not Frankie (Kevin Tighe). So, Dalton is a bouncer with specialized talents, entrusted with the duty of restoring order in a tumultuous bar standing up against the criminal element controlling the town.Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton travels to the Florida Keys and stays in the fictional town of Key Largo. The proprietor of the Road House, Frankie (Jessica Williams), needs help to rescue the establishment from difficult customers and local thugs. These troublemakers are under the control of a powerful local businessman who has ambitious plans for the area.
Swayze’s Dalton once tore a man’s throat out in self-defence, the guilt of which he still carries around.Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is haunted by the act of beating and killing his opponent in his past UFC career.
The key difference between the original and the new film

Other differences in the ending

The original 1989 FilmThe new 2024 Film
The film’s finale is set on the businessman’s estate. In the end, instead of killing the businessman, Dalton chooses to spare him, resulting in the businessman aiming at Dalton’s back and being killed by locals.The film’s finale takes place at the Road House bar. Following a series of fights, Dalton repeatedly stabbed Knox with a wooden stick. Soon after, the sheriff and his daughter urged Dalton to leave. The sheriff pledged to protect him by hiding the truth.
Dalton decides to make the town his home, as the Double Deuce Roadhouse is successfully saved. Furthermore, his relationship with Doctor Elizabeth Clay (Kelly Lynch) continues to flourish in the film.Following the rescue of the Road House, Dalton departs from the Florida Keys on a bus, bidding farewell to his newfound companions and his romantic interest Doctor Ellie (Daniela Melchior).
The ending is different

The sequel?

Thus, in the Road House remake, the storyline closely mirrors that of the original movie, with some minor deviations. However, it diverges in its conclusion, offering a slightly less optimistic and happily-ever-after ending. Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) remains entangled in the web of his past and the unrelenting brutality that characterizes him. Although he yearns to embrace a peaceful existence in Glass Key, he acknowledges that this lifestyle is not conducive to his true nature. This altered ending allows for a deeper exploration of the themes that were only briefly touched upon in the original film. We might have a movie sequel in future.

The fate of Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) in the 2024 film – Ending Explained

The bag of money

The central element driving the plot is a bag of money that Dalton has taken from Brandt. As Brandt intensifies his pursuit of Dalton, he resorts to kidnapping Ellie, Dalton’s love interest, in an attempt to retrieve the stolen money. However, Dalton remains steadfast and refuses to give it up. Towards the conclusion of the movie, Dalton surprises everyone by not keeping the money for himself. Instead, he leaves it behind for Charlie, enabling her to rebuild her father’s bookstore which was destroyed by the antagonists. This selfless act sheds light on Dalton’s character as he grapples with his doubts about being a hero.

Greyhound bus

Dalton decides to depart Glass Key on the Greyhound bus that originally brought him to the town. Despite successfully ridding the town of its troubles and gaining the admiration of the locals, Dalton understands the importance of not overstaying his welcome. Knowing that his enemies could pose a threat to the newfound peace, Dalton chooses to seek out another town in need of his assistance.

Ending Explained – The fate of Ben Brandt (Billy Magnussen) in the 2024 film

The death of Ben

The sadistic Knox and his wealthy employer Ben Brandt have joined forces to target Dalton in the film. Brandt has been paying Knox to murder Dalton, and Knox has been primarily focused on fulfilling this obligation. However, during the intense showdown at the bar, Knox suddenly turns on Brandt and fatally breaks his neck before shifting his attention to Dalton. Knox refrains from killing Brandt for reasons rooted in a convoluted mindset. His intentions do not revolve around seizing Brandt’s wealth or assuming control of his business. Knox’s lack of intelligence and ambition renders him incapable of executing such a scheme; he is merely an unpredictable person with a violent streak. Ultimately, driven to the edge by Brandt’s presence, Knox decides to end his suffering by swiftly snapping his neck, thus silencing him forever.

The fate of Knox (Conor McGregor) in the 2024 film – Ending Explained

Knox is not dead

We have disclosed above that the film depicts Dalton’s relentless stabbing of Knox, leaving Knox motionless and presumed dead. However, a surprising post-credits (mid-credits) scene reveals Knox’s survival despite the severity of his injuries. Knox is shown creating chaos at the hospital where he is recuperating before storming out of the facility. Given Knox’s unforgiving nature, it is probable that he will seek vengeance against Dalton, potentially setting the stage for a sequel.

Poster, Featured & Other Images of the Road House (2024) Movie are courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

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