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Mean Girls film is a musical about high school youngsters. If its title “Mean Girls” and its storyline look familiar to you, then you are certainly right, it is an adaption of Broadway.

We saw the original “Mean Girls (2004) Movie” two decades ago. But it is a new contemporary remake based on the Broadway musical adaptation of the original film. Both versions of the said films have been inspired by the “Queen Bees and Wannabes” book by Rosalind Wiseman. Perhaps, the only difference is that the latest one is a musical film.

Trailer of the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Mean Girls (2024) Film – Paramount Pictures | YouTube

Synopsis [Official] of the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

From the comedic mind of Tina Fey comes a new twist on the modern classic, MEAN GIRLS (2004) Film.

New student Cady Heron (Angourie Rice) is welcomed into the top of the social food chain by the elite group of popular girls called “The Plastics,” ruled by the conniving queen bee Regina George (Reneé Rapp) and her minions Gretchen (Bebe Wood) and Karen (Avantika). However, when Cady makes the major misstep of falling for Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels (Christopher Briney), she finds herself prey in Regina’s crosshairs. As Cady sets to take down the group’s apex predator with the help of her outcast friends Janis (Auli’i Cravalho) and Damian (Jaquel Spivey), she must learn how to stay true to herself while navigating the most cutthroat jungle of all: high school.

Rating of the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.25/5
FM Short CommentsWe have seen both the 2004 and 2024 versions of the Mean Girls movie. And to be honest, we are not going to compare them here. This musical comedy reminded us, so much of typical movies from India. We liked the performances of Renee Rapp, Auliʻi Cravalho and Jaquel Spivey. It is a good timepass film for teenagers and young adults.
FM Rating – Mean Girls (2024) Movie

Poster of the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

Spoiler Free Review of the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

The introduction

After moving away from Kenya and landing in a High School in the USA, Cady Heron (Angourie Rice) quickly became popular among the Plastics, a prestigious group of girls at her recently enrolled school. However, her world turns upside down when she develops feelings for Aaron Samuels (Christopher Briney), the former boyfriend of the leader of the group, Regina George (Reneé Rapp). So, what happens in this love triangle?

Cady Heron: And who's at that table?
Damian Hubbard: Oh, no, no, no. We call them The Plastics. 'Cause they're shiny, fake and hard.

This musical has a predictable story

It is worth noting that it is primarily targeted at the “Generation Z” (not Gen X & Gen Y) crowd. We are sure that the youngsters who were born between 1996 and 2010 are going to find it an entertaining film. Most likely, many of them might not have seen the original 2004 movie version. Well, this contemporary teenage comedy takes a closer look at the dominant (informal) so-called plastic girls (students) groups in a fictional senior school in the USA. However, its story is quite similar to its 2004 version. So, for many of the older folks (Gen X & Gen Y), its story is predictable. And, they might reminiscent. Also, they will surely compare the two movies. But, we should not do that here. Should we?

Tina Fey and Tim Meadows returned to portray their roles as Ms Norbury and Mr Duvall, respectively, two decades later from the release of the original Mean Girls film in 2004.

Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, and Lindsay Lohan are the sole three original cast members who make an appearance in the remake.

We liked its peppy musical numbers and Renee Rapp’s performance

But, one of the positive things that is going for this movie is its foot-tapping energetic songs and dance routines. Which was not so much in the earlier version. In the past, actress and singer Renee Rapp had portrayed the character of Regina George in the Broadway musical. Now, in this comedy-musical film, she is in complete flow. Check her out yourself.

Mean Girls (2024) – Reneé Rapp sings “Meet The Plastics” (Full Song) – Paramount Pictures | YouTube
Regina George [sings]: My name is Regina George. And I am a massive deal. 
Fear me, love me, stand and stare at me.

[She unbuttons her dark jacket]

Regina George [continues to sing]: And these? These are real. I've got money and looks. 
I am like drunk with power. This whole school humps my leg like a chihuahua. 
I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen. That filter you use looks just like me. 
My name is Regina George. I am a massive deal. I don't care who you are. 
I don't care how you feel.

What else did we like about it?

Besides, Reneé Rapp, the other students of the school – Auliʻi Cravalho, Angourie Rice, Jaquel Spivey, Avantika Vandanapu, Bebe Wood, Christopher Briney, etc. did well too. This film is a directorial debut of Arturo Perez Jr. and Samantha Jayne. They have made a perky and energetic film. We especially loved this wise dialogue spoken before the film’s ending.

Ms Norbury: 'Cause one thing I know for sure guys. Calling someone ugly is not gonna make you better looking. Calling someone else stupid does not make you any smarter. And we as woman have to be able to trust and support each other.

The conclusion

When we discussed this film with the Gen Z audience, many of them liked what they saw. It is especially true for all those people who have watched and loved musicals in the past. Interestingly, most of these movie lovers follow the Indian cinemas (with their mandatory song and dance routines) regularly. So, it appealed to their tastes and preferences. In case you belong to any of those categories of Gen Z then go right ahead, watch it and enjoy.

Key Details about the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

GenreComedy, Musical
LanguageEnglish (USA)
ReleasedJanuary 12, 2024 (Theatres)
February 20, 2024 (Streaming)
Duration1 hour 52 minutes
WritersTina Fey & Rosalind Wiseman
DirectorsSamantha Jayne & Arturo Perez Jr.
CastAngourie Rice (Cady Heron), Reneé Rapp (Regina George), Auli’i Cravalho (Janis ‘Imi’ike), Jaquel Spivey (Damian Hubbard), Avantika (Karen Shetty), Bebe Wood (Gretchen Wieners), Christopher Briney (Aaron Samuels), Jenna Fischer (Ms Heron), Busy Philipps (Mrs George), Tina Fey (Ms Norbury), Tim Meadows (Mr Duvall), Lindsay Lohan (Mathletes Moderator), etc.
DistributorsParamount Pictures
TaglinesPlastic is forever.
About – Mean Girls (2024) Film

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Awards/Nominations won by the Mean Girls (2024) Movie

Names of the AawrdsNominations in the Awards
Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards 2024Nominee Audience Choice Award – Favourite Film
The Queerties 2024Nominee Queerty – Comedy Movie
Mean Girls (2024) Movie – Awards/Nomination

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