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The “Criminal Record” series explores the miscarriage of justice by police. In this thrilling police procedural drama set in London, one junior police detective investigates her seniors.

Thus, in this crime drama, we see a proverbial cat-and-mouse game between two police detectives. One of them is right and the other one is wrong. So who gets to win in the end?

Trailer of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

Official Trailer – Criminal Record (S1/2024) Show – Apple TV+ | YouTube

Synopsis of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

In the heart of London, an anonymous phone call draws two brilliant detectives — a young woman DS June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) in the early stages of her career and a well-connected man DCI Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) determined to protect his legacy — into a fight to correct an old miscarriage of justice. So, the series follows two brilliant detectives in a tug-of-war over a historic murder conviction and the quest to find common ground in a polarized Britain.

Rating of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

FM Rating3.80/5
FM Short CommentsThe simmering tension and the showdown between the two smart police detectives, DCI Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) and DS June Lenker Cush Jumbo), are the highlights of this crime drama. We liked the unexpected cliffhanger ending of its first season finale, as it keeps the door open for its season two tale. But, will they do It? And, will justice ever be served?
Criminal Record (S1/2024) Show – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

The introduction

In the heart of London, an anonymous phone call draws two police detectives into a fight to correct an old miscarriage of justice. To add further complexity to its story set in a polarized society in Britain, one of the detectives, DS June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) is a Black woman and a junior police officer. While the DCI Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) is a White man and a senior police official. Thus, two mismatched detectives are attempting to solve a cold murder case and serve a (delayed) justice to a Black inmate locked in a prison.

We liked the smart and intelligent script

We read this line “Justice is swift, but truth takes time” in the description of the show. And it is an apt description of this British thriller. It takes its own sweet time of eight episodes to let us know about the real villain in this case. The person (s) who is (are) responsible for the miscarriage of justice in a society divided by race. There are lots of racial prejudices at play in this thoughtful script. The complexities of the race issue (Black, White, Brown and Mixed) of Britain have been depicted slickly.

Cash Jumbo, Peter Capaldi and its ensemble cast kept our interest alive

Both the actors, Cush Jumbo (DS June Lenker) and Peter Capaldi (DCI Daniel Hegarty), gave captivating performances. In each episode, fresh clues and truths from the cold case of the innocent victim Errol Mathis (Tom Moutchi) come to light. The ensemble cast has done well too. All of them kept our interest alive for eight long episodes spread throughout month-and-half. The background music played a big part in keeping the tension going.

The conclusion

We loved the different layers of this complex and intriguing crime tale. Especially the twists and turns were good. And we did not see its surprising season finale ending. Great shocker!

Key Details of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (UK)
ReleasedJanuary 10, 2024
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesEight (8)
CreatorPaul Rutman
CastPeter Capaldi (DCI Daniel Hegarty), Cush Jumbo (DS June Lenker), Aysha Kala (Sonya Singh), Dionne Brown (DC Chloe Summers), Shaun Dooley (DS Kim Cardwell), Tom Moutchi (Errol Mathis), Charlie Creed-Miles (DS Tony Gilfoyle), Jordan A. Nash (Jacob), Cathy Tyson (Doris Mathis), Rasaq Kukoyi (Patrick Burrowes), Joana Borja (Carla), Zoë Wanamaker (Maureen), etc.
NetworkApple TV+
About – Criminal Record (S1/2024) Show

Poster of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

Criminal Record (2024) Series Poster
Criminal Record (2024) Show – Poster

Spoilers Alerts – the FAQ about the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Series

What is the summary of the Eight (8) Episodes of the First (1st) season?

Emergency Caller (S1, E1) | January 10, 2024

An anonymous call puts Detective Sargent (DS) June Lenker in the path of the formidable Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Daniel Hegarty, as she becomes aware of a possible miscarriage of justice.

Two Calls (S1, E2) | January 10, 2024

Convinced there’s a link between the emergency calls, June sets out to prove a theory, but Hegarty stays one step ahead.

Kid in the Park (S1, E3) | January 17, 2024

A horrific incident lands June on Hegarty’s team, allowing her to win his trust while secretly digging into the Errol Mathis case.

Protected (S1, E4) | January 24, 2024

Pressure mounts on June from all sides, as she makes a breakthrough in Errol’s case.

Possession With Intent (S1, E5) | January 31, 2024

June’s personal life suffers collateral damage when her son is singled out and targeted.

Beehive (S1, E6) | February 7, 2024

A shocking revelation compels Hegarty to find his daughter; June uncovers a game-changing piece of evidence.

The Sixty-Twos (S1, E7) | February 14, 2024

The events leading up to Errol’s 2011 arrest reveal a hidden history.

Carla (S1, E8) | February 21, 2024 (Season finale)

Public outrage pushes Hegarty and June to work together before it’s too late.

How does the first season end and what is the explanation of its ending?

In the final scene of the first season finale, the dialogue (or monologue) establishes the fact that DCI Hagarthy knowingly framed an innocent man on murder charges.

DS June Lenker said: He wasn't talking about Errol. He was quoting some cartoon off the telly. And you knew that. You poisoned him. You poisoned his whole life with that. Didn't you. And what happenned to follow the facts? What happenned to that? 

DCI Daniel Hegarty smirks, smiles cruelly but says nothing and then disconnects the phone and push the phone away. While his expression-less face says a lot.

And this is what the executive producer of the show disclosed about its surprising cliffhanger ending in the first season finale scene.

“I felt that if we didn’t have that moment, that there was something slightly too neat and tidy about the ending and that there was something maybe slightly sentimental about our worldview if we just said, okay, he’s penitent. He says sorry, everybody’s learned and grown, and we move forward,”

“And I just don’t think that is quite what the world is. I think Hegarty’s, in a way, a bit bigger and maybe more dangerous than that. We just wanted to just open another trap door and just say, hello, there’s still danger out there. There’s still the possibility that he’s something else.”

Executive Producer Paul Rutman told TV Insider
Any news/views about the second season of the Criminal Record series

So, after that kind of open ending, many viewers are expecting its second season. But, what about its producers, what are they thinking about it? This is what they said.

“Quite honestly, we’ve been so consumed by making this series—we didn’t finish in post very long ago—and getting it out that we just haven’t really had those conversations. We just want everybody to love this season,” executive producer Elaine Collins told TV Insider. Added executive producer Paul Rutman, “Then we’ll see.”

Executive Producers Collins & Rutman told TV Insider

Featured Image & Poster of the Criminal Record (S1/2024) Show are courtesy of Apple TV+

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