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Monsieur Spade show is an American crime noir set in France. This thrilling drama takes place in the 1960s era in the beautiful and enigmatic setting of a remote Bozouls town.

The crimes in this show happened 20 years after the events of “The Maltese Falcon” book {“The Maltese Falcon” (1941) movie too} when the private detective Sam Spade had retired.

Sam Spade is a character created by Dashiell Hammett. He serves as the main character in the 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon. Spade is also featured in four other short stories by Hammett. Some well-known film adaptations of the novel include The Maltese Falcon (1931) starring Ricardo Cortez as Sam Spade, Satan Met a Lady (1936) with Warren William portraying Spade, and The Maltese Falcon (1941) where Humphrey Bogart takes on the role of Spade.

Trailer of the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

Official Trailer – Monsieur Spade (2024) Show – AMC+ | YouTube

Synopsis of the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

The famous detective Sam Spade is now 60 and living as an expat. He has retired in the small town of Bozouls in southern France.

It’s 1963, the war has ended, and in a very short time, so, too, will Spade’s tranquillity.

Rating of the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

FM Rating3.75/5
FM Short CommentsWith his brooding presence Clive Owen plays the protagonist Spade. As a retired private detective, he brings his unique charm and witty one-liners to entertain us. This show reminds us of those crime dramas from the bygone eras. However, the slow pace of this thriller sometimes kills the mood.
Monsieur Spade (2024) Show – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

The introduction

In 1963, Detective Sam Spade (Clive Owen), a legendary figure, is relishing his retirement in the serene surroundings of the South of France. Unlike his bustling days as a private investigator in San Francisco, Spade’s life in Bozouls is characterized by tranquillity and calmness. However, the anticipated reappearance of his former foe is set to disrupt this peace. The community is in mourning following the brutal killings of six cherished nuns at the nearby convent. Revelations of hidden truths and the emergence of fresh leads add complexity to the situation. Spade uncovers a link between the murders and a mysterious child rumoured to possess extraordinary abilities.

The plus points of this crime noir

The setting of this crime tale is in the scenic Bozouls, a historical commune in France. This town is located in the southern part of France, specifically in the Aveyron region. Interestingly, it has resided on the periphery of a profound, crescent-shaped cavity for nearly a millennium. The exceptional urban layout of this place harmoniously integrates a natural gorge with a human-made settlement, culminating in an awe-inspiring destination that stands out among the picturesque locations in France. And simply loved it on-screen.

The writer and director Scott Frank has picked a perfect place to tell this crime story. A small town where everyone knows everyone else. But then the outsiders come in. Not to forget the references to the wars related to the Nazis as well as Algeria. And how these two wars (& colonialist ideas) adversely affected some of the local people. We reiterate that we liked its complex story that takes into account the history of France, Algeria and other nations into account. Then there are quite a few one-liners, that make you smile.

Cara Bossom (Teresa) & Clive Owen (Sam Spade) in the Monsieur Spade (2024) Show

We also liked the depiction of the complex relationship between the teenager Teresa (Cara Bossom) and the man in the sixties Sam Spade (Clive Owen) in the show. Given their personal history and unusual circumstances, both of them find themselves right in the middle of the brutal murder of nuns. Both Spade and Teresa are strong individuals in their own right. And they are more alike than they care to admit.

Led by Clive Owen (Sam Spade), the other cast members – Cara Bossom (Teresa), Denis Ménochet (Police Chief), Louise Bourgoin (Marguerite Devereaux), etc. acted well.

The minus points of this crime noir

In a sense, it takes us back to those crime series/movies made in the good old days. However, a few holes and the tardy pace of this crime thriller did not work for us, really. Also, the week-long gap did not help. Maybe, its lethargic pace would have worked in the past. But in today’s age of binge and instant gratification, it usually does not work.

The conclusion

Despite some of the drawbacks mentioned above, we enjoyed this fresh crime drama with a new subject matter. And it is always good to see the Clive Owen, so watch it for his wit.

Key Details about the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Original languageEnglish (and a bit of French too)
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
ReleasedJanuary 14, 2024 to February 18, 2024
WritersTom Fontana & Scott Frank
DirectorScott Frank
CastClive Owen (Sam Spade), Cara Bossom (Teresa), Denis Ménochet (Chief of Police Patrice Michaud), Louise Bourgoin (Marguerite ‘Peggy’ Devereaux), Stanley Weber (Jean-Pierre Devereaux), Matthew Beard (George Fitzsimmons), Jonathan Zaccaï (Philippe Saint-Andre), Rebecca Root (Cynthia Fitzsimmons), Clotilde Mollet (Helena Thibaut), Inès Melab (Gazala), Oscar Lesage (Henri), Hazem Hammad (Samir), Chiara Mastroianni (Gabrielle), etc.
Monsieur Spade (2024) Show – About

Posters of the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

Spoilers Alert – the FAQ about the Monsieur Spade (2024) Series

What is the summary of its Six (6) Episodes?

First Episode (S1, E1) | January 14, 2024

Spade arrives in Bozouls; a brief trip becomes a new chapter as he falls for a local vineyard owner; years later, Spade remains, a widower and retiree quietly living out his golden years in peace, but the return of his adversary changes everything.

Second Episode (S1, E2) | January 21, 2024

The tragedy of the horrific murders is felt by all in the town. Retired detective Spade is pulled out of retirement, and he begins to investigate, while secretive Teresa keeps her cards close to her chest. No one is safe, and Spade may unknowingly put himself in the crosshairs, unaware the killer may target him next.

Third Episode (S1, E3) | January 28, 2024

Spade searches for answers regarding the mysterious young boy that everyone seems to be looking for; Samir takes him into hiding, but no one knows what to make of his incessant writing; Spade gets a call from the elusive Philippe.

Fourth Episode (S1, E4) | February 4, 2024

Spade interrogates the intruder and learns that there are people who still very much want him dead; another body is discovered, and Teresa begins her investigation into the whereabouts of her father, Philippe Saint-Andre.

Fifth Episode (S1, E5) | February 11, 2024

Spade gets more than he bargained for when he questions his eccentric neighbours and learns more about the boy’s mysterious abilities; Teresa continues her investigation alone; Jean-Pierre faces his past and confronts Philippe.

Sixth Episode (S1, E2) | February 18, 2024

Spade discovers who has been following him; Philippe sets up a deal for the boy that quickly goes sideways, leading to a dangerous confrontation on the old town bridge; a mysterious newcomer arrives, uncovering secret identities and agendas.

Will there be season two of the Monsieur Spade series?

Monsieur Spade was presented as a limited crime drama, signifying that its initial vision encompassed a six-episode duration in its only one season.

However, we will not surprised, if they go ahead with another season of this show. So, far, they have announced their intention to make another season.

Poster, Featured & Other Image of Monsieur Spade (2024) Series are courtesy of AMC+.

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