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“We Are Lady Parts” is a contemporary comedy series from Britain. So, this tale primarily focuses on the heart-warming personal stories of the five band members. Their Muslim punk band “Lady Parts” is based in London.

We were happy to see an amazing set of talented ensemble cast. Interestingly, these band members trace their social and ethnic heritage to diverse backgrounds. Interestingly, most of them have Asian roots.

“We Are Lady Parts” Is A Heart-Warming Tale Of A Muslim Women’s Punk Band In Britain

Spoiler Free Review: We Are Lady Parts (Season Two/S2/2024) Series

The poster of the British sitcom {Season (S3) Three} depicts the five key characters in it.

The storyline/plotline/synopsis/summary

Before we proceed with our review of the second season, allow us to revisit and refresh the story so far.

First season

In season one, Amina Hussein (Anjana Vasan) is a geeky PhD student specializing in biochemical engineering. She finds herself thrust into an unexpected role as the lead guitarist of Lady Parts, an all-female Muslim punk band. Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey) discerns a hidden talent in Amina that others fail to recognize. She is the band’s fierce and rebel frontwoman and lead singer. So, she is determined to complete setting up her band and secure a legitimate gig for her punk band.

We have seen spellbinding actress Anjana Vasan in the "Wicked Little Letters" movie and the "Black Mirror" (S6) series, earlier.

Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), Bisma (Faith Omole) and Momtaz (Lucie Shorthouse) are the remaining band members. A single woman, Ayesha is a drummer and drives a taxi to earn a living. Married woman Bisma is a bassist and an artist, who draws cartoon art. Their ‘Lady Parts’ band is managed by the manager Momtaz. However, these three band members are not fully convinced about Amina’s fitness in the scheme of things. Still, they decide to go ahead with the plan to recruit Amina into their band. Amusingly, they are even ready to exploit Amina’s desperation to find a husband material for herself. So, taking Saira’s plan, they all agree to set Amina with her dream man. This was done in exchange for her joining their band.

Second season

Thus, her joining the band kick-started a fresh musical life journey of Amina. Along the way, she and other band members discover many lesser and unknown facets of life.

In the second season, the Lady Parts band members make a triumphant comeback with a reenergized artistic intent. This was after they completed their first musical tour of the United Kingdom. However, their newfound success is soon jeopardized by the emergence of a rival band with younger members. They pose a threat to their delicate equilibrium. As they confront the harsh realities of pursuing fame, they embark on the journey of recording their debut album. Even though, they grapple with personal aspirations. Besides, they question the true meaning of achieving widespread recognition.

The poster

Amina (Anjana Vasan), Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), Bisma (Faith Omole), Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey) & Momtaz (Lucie Shorthouse) – {from Top to Bottom}

What did we love in it?

Firstly, we loved the intelligent and insightful script by Nida Manzoor

It was a fascinating musical journey, as we watched the inspiring growth of the rebellious punk band “Lady Parts” formed by the Muslim ladies. We loved watching them evolve during two seasons and twelve episodes.

Nida has intelligently and insightfully written this fun and music-filled comedy show. We especially liked each of the characters in the show. Specifically, the character arcs of the five band members have been a revelation. It captured their highs and lows admirably. So, their tales and even their punk rock music raised a few pertinent questions. These are social, cultural, political, and personal issues related to Muslims and Feminism.

"Nida Manzoor" - the show's creator is a fan of the famous "Queen" band, resulting in the lead vocalist working at a butcher shop called "Faroukh's" in reference to Freddie Mercury's birth name.

Last year, we reviewed the "Polite Society" movie written and directed by Nida.
Then, we loved the characters of the 5 band members, too

Nida surprised us when we found Malala Yousafzai in one of the scenes of the second season. Like a cowboy, she was sitting on the horse. It was just so unexpected. Perhaps, it delivered a subtle message. And we loved their rebellious (and villainous) phases in the show. Maybe like Malala, these five band members were rebelling against the prevalent order in society. In addition, like Malala, they are taking the reins of power and control of their lives into their own hands.

Besides, it is worth noting that the dresses worn by the band members depict their tales. Their stories are both of the personal and the social kinds. The costume designers have commendably used the unique dresses of the key characters to tell their personal tales. Not to forget the soundtrack of this musical show, check out the song inspired by Malala on YouTube. Another aspect to note in the show is the whole raging debate over the use of the “Hijab” by Muslim women folks; especially in Western societies like Britain and other Western nations.

The ensemble cast seemed almost perfect

Anjana Vasan is the protagonist and narrator of the show. She plays the awkward geek, Amina Hussain, a microbiology PhD in her charming manner. We have always appreciated Anjana’s acting performances. All those who trace their roots to the Indian-subcontinental area might identify with her active pursuit of a suitable man for marriage.

We liked her understanding and supportive parents, especially the veteran actress Shobu Kapoor who portrays her mom Seema. Sarah Kameela Impey (lead vocalist Saira/lyricist), Juliette Motamed (drummer Ayesha/taxi-driver), Faith Omole (bassist Bisma/artists) and Lucie Shorthouse (band manager Momtaz) play the other bandmembers with a lot of style and conviction. We wish to tell you all more about each of the important characters, but then that will be spoilers. So, we will stop right now and will not share any more details here.

The conclusion

The so-called proverbial girls’ power in this musical comedy-drama comes to the fore. Each one of the women folks in the show is positive. Although they argue, bicker, and fight with each other, that is an essential part of life. Yet, in the end, they lift each other. Like a good team member, they support each other to realize their dreams and aspirations. And we loved their refreshing personal tales that many (Muslim and non-Muslim) women could identify with. It was quite entertaining to see this sitcom with its one-of-a-kind flavour that we appreciated.

Ratings: We Are Lady Parts (S1 & S2) Series

Season (1) One/2021Season (2) Two/2024
FM Rating4.00/54.05/5
FM Rating – We Are Lady Parts (S1 & S2) Series.

Posters: We Are Lady Parts (S1/2021) Series

Key Details: We Are Lady Parts (S1 & S2) Series

GenreComedy, Music, Sitcom
Original languageEnglish (United Kingdom)
SeasonsTwo (2) Seasons
Details of the seasonsSeason (1) One ~ May 2021 to June 2021
Season (2) Two ~ May 2024
EpisodesTwelve (12) Episodes
Details of the episodesSix (6) Episodes in Season (1) One
Six (6) Episodes in Season (2) Two
Writer & DirectorNida Manzoor
CastAnjana Vasan (Amina), Sarah Kameela Impey (Saira), Faith Omole (Bisma), Lucie Shorthouse (Momtaz), Juliette Motamed (Ayesha), Zaqi Ismail (Ahsan), Edesiri Okepnerho (Imani), Shobu Kapoor (Seema), Aiysha Hart (Noor), Demmy Ladipo (Wasim), Lydia Leonard (Clarice), Jack Riddiford (Billy), Anna Tolstoy (Laura), Kimani Arthur (Taifa), etc.
NetworkPeacock & Channel 4
About – We Are Lady Parts (S1 & S2) Series

Trailers: We Are Lady Parts (S1 & S2) Series

Season One/2021
Official Trailer – We Are Lady Parts {Season (S1) One} Series – Peacock Original.
Muslim female punk band Lady Parts, who are on a mission to find a lead guitarist and maybe - just maybe - get a proper gig, pin their hopes on PhD student Amina.
Season Two/2024
Official Trailer – We Are Lady Parts {Season (S2) Two Series – Peacock Original.
Fresh from a summer of gigs, Lady Parts is ready to level up and lay down their legacy by recording their debut album. Will they finally hit the big time?

Spoilers Alert: Summary of 12 Episodes

Summaries of Six (6) Episodes of the First Season

Play Something – First

Geeky PhD student and part-time guitar teacher Amina Hussein is desperate to find a husband; all-female Muslim punk band Lady Parts’ rehearsals are cut short when fiery frontwoman Saira insists they need a lead guitarist.

Potential Future Spouse – Second

The band makes Amina an offer: If she auditions with them, they will set her up with Ayesha’s brother, Ahsan.

Earth Natives – Third

Sparks fly again when Amina invites Ahsan to be her guest at Noor’s engagement party until Saira arrives uninvited.

Godzilla – Fourth

After an unsuccessful audition, Saira takes Amina to Wasim’s poetry night to conquer her nerves with an impromptu performance; Saira spots Abdullah with Layla.

Represent – Fifth

After the gig, the band buzzes with excitement about how the “Yellow Tongue” article could introduce new opportunities; Amina feels more confident and empowered than ever before as she embraces both versions of herself.

Sparta – Sixth

Traumatized by her public shaming and shunned by her old friends, Amina hits an all-time low; she is grateful when Noor reaches out and offers to help.

Summaries of Six (6) Episodes of the Second Season

Villain Era – First

Lady Parts return with a renewed artistic mission following a magical summer tour; they set out to lay down their legacy by recording their debut album, only to find that a rival band threatens their status quo.

Malala Made Me Do It – Second

A shocking eviction from their studio apartment leaves Lady Parts without a rehearsal space and rethinking their artistic priorities; a chance lifeline leads them to a creative retreat and the creation of an unexpected hype track.

It’s Britney Bitch – Third

After tearing the roof off a wedding, Saira is approached by a top music manager interested in Lady Parts; attempts to make peace with their Gen Z rivals trigger the girls’ insecurities, leading to a chaotic photoshoot.

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Fourth

Reeling from the disastrous photo shoot, each of the girls finds herself at a difficult personal crossroads; Saira considers Clarice’s major label offer as an unthinkable choice for the future of the band.

Funny Muslim Song – Fifth

Lady Parts finally record the album of their dreams at the legendary Molico Studios, while a heartbroken Taz is off on an odyssey of her own; Saira’s attempt to write a political song tests the limits of Lady Parts’ existence on a major label.

Glass Ceiling Feeling – Sixth

The band gets thwarted as the label begins to interfere with their debut album; Lady Parts reach a breaking point and boldly decide to reclaim their voice and the greater sisterhood.

Awards: We Are Lady Parts (S1/2021) Series

Names of the AwardsWinners of the Awards
Royal Television Society, UKClaire Carter – 2021 Winner RTS Craft & Design Award – Makeup Design – Entertainment & Non-Drama
Robbie Morrison – 2021 Winner RTS Craft & Design Award – Editing – Entertainment and Comedy
Simon Walker – 2021 Winner RTS Craft & Design Award – Production Design – Entertainment & Non-Drama
BAFTA AwardsNida Manzoor – 2022 Winner – BAFTA TV Award – Writer, Comedy
PC Williams – 2022 Winner – BAFTA TV Award – Costume Design
Aisha Bywaters – 2022 Winner – BAFTA TV Award – Scripted Casting
Peabody Awards2022 Winner Peabody Award – Entertainment
Royal Television Society, UKAnjana Vasan – 2022 Winner RTS Television Award – Comedy Performance – Female
Nida Manzoor – 2022 Winner RTS Television Award – Writer – Comedy
BANFF World Media Festival / Rockie Awards2022 Winner Rockie Award – Scripted: Comedy Series – English Language
The Casting Directors’ Guild AwardsAisha Bywaters (Casting Director) – 2022 Winner The Casting Directors’ Guild Award – Best Casting in a Television Comedy
Awards won – We Are Lady Parts (S1/2021) Series.

Posters, Other and Featured Images of We Are Lady Parts (S1/2021 & S2/2024) Series are credited to Peacock Original.

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