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Boston Strangler is a true tale of a serial killer in 1960s America. It is about the serial killer(s) who murdered at least 11 women between 1962 and 1964 in the Boston area.

This crime-drama movie explores the mysterious story of the serial killer(s). Its true tale continues to inspire many more controversial theories, books and movies. This movie also delves into the deadly world of a serial killer in 1960s America. And the big surprise is that the true identity of the killer(s) remains wrapped in the enigma, even today.

Synopsis of the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

It narrates the real-life tale of Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley), a rookie reporter for the Record-American newspaper in Boston. As the mysterious murderer kills more and more women victims, Loretta becomes the first journalist to investigate and connect these serial murders. Taking active assistance from the senior colleague and confidante at the said newspaper – Jean Cole (Carrie Coon), Loretta tries to continue her murder investigation into these horrifying strangling cases.

During their investigative journalism, however, both of them find themselves stonewalled by the prevalent sexism in 1960s America. Even then, at great personal risk, both Loretta and Jean continued to probe these horrific murders, in their quest to uncover the truth at all costs.

A spoiler-free brief review of the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

The introduction

It boasts of a strong set of actors enacting the true crime story, whose mystery remains unresolved even now. Although the heinous crimes of the serial killer(s) are the subject of many books, the exact number of victims and his identity remains controversial. You can watch it, for the real-life story of brave women journalists who wrote about the said serial killer(s) in that era of 1960s in America.

What did we like in this film?

This movie sticks to reality, and we liked that. With an open-ended kind of ending in the movie, it casts doubt over the actual identity of the real-life Boston Strangler. This is what happened in real life too. Besides, we liked this movie because of its subject matter. The costume designers and the set designs of the 190s era looked authentic.

The acting is impressive

We are impressed by the good acting of its ensemble cast members. This is especially true for Keira Knightley (Loretta McLaughlin), Carrie Coon (Jean Cole) and David Dastmalchian (Albert DeSalvo). This film has made a real and honest effort with its dress designs, set designs and cinematography to depict the slice of life in 1960s America. The entire creative and production team have successfully recreated that era in the film.

The conclusion

Although, the movie is slightly slow-paced by today’s standards. Yet it manages to keep us interested in its serial killer(s) tale. It’s a good watch if you like the real-life crime drama.

Ratings of the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

FM’s rating3.45/5
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date64% Tomatometer & 76% Audience Score
Critics Consensus / Rotten Tomatoes ratingsCritics’ Consensus / Rotten Tomatoes ratings
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Boston Stangler film.

Spoilers Alert – plot & ending explained of this serial killer(s) film

The plot and the ending of this movie explained

Albert DeSalvo

Even though the criminal Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the notorious ‘Boston Strangler’; various experts have suggested that he could not possibly have killed all of the 11 women victims.

And doubts

Furthermore, the people who had access to all the information on these murder cases, plus all those people who knew Albert DeSalvo personally, and one of the founders of the F.B.I. Behaviour Analysis Unit Robert K. Ressler revealed that it was improbable that the multiple personality traits involved in the crimes and varying modus operandi can be attributed to DeSalvo only.

So, who was the serial killer according to the police?

Albert DeSalvo – the real serial killer!?

Well, despite the doubts, the police have concluded that the criminal Albert DeSalvo was the actual serial killer in this case. And this is what the Britannica website claims.

At the beginning of the 21st century, DNA analysis of newly uncovered forensic evidence offered the possibility of determining whether DeSalvo was guilty of the rape and murder of Mary Sullivan, the last victim commonly attributed to the Boston Strangler. Although testing conducted in 2001 had suggested that DeSalvo was not responsible for the crime, DNA analysis of his exhumed remains in 2013 proved, according to investigators, that he had in fact raped and murdered Sullivan. In light of the later findings, authorities concluded that DeSalvo “most likely” committed the other killings as well.


Poster of the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

Boston Strangler film – poster.

Key details about the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

GenreCrime, Drama, History, Thriller
ReleasedMarch 2023
Writer & DirectorMatt Ruskin
TaglinesInspired By A True Story.
Age-restrictionsRated R for some violent content and language.
CastKeira Knightley, Carrie Coon, Chris Cooper, etc.
About – Boston Strangler film.

Trailer of the Boston Strangler (2023) movie

Official trailer – Boston Strangler | YouTube.

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Featured & Other Images: Boston Strangler | YouTube & Hulu.

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