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The Snow Girl series is a disturbing story of a missing kid. It tells a heart-breaking case of a missing five-year-old girl Amaya from the streets of Málaga, a port city in Southern Spain.

This Spanish mini-series is based on the bestselling novel ‘La Chica de Nieve‘ by Javier Castillo. A young newspaper intern (Milena Smit) is troubled by the disappearance of the young girl. And then she gets too involved in her case. And her unrelenting pursuit of the missing kid’s case, lead her to discover the unsettling truths about her disappearance.

Synopsis of The Snow Girl (S1/2023) Series

The central theme of this series is that ‘the only way to uncover the truth is to face her demons.’

The young newspaper intern – Miren Rojo (Milena Smit) faced her demons while reporting and searching for the missing young girl. Years pass by, and the police and journalist Miren continue to search for the missing girl without getting any kind of success in finding her.

While reporting about her missing girl’s case, Miren becomes obsessed with the idea of finding her. Did Miren succeed in finding the missing girl?

A spoiler-free brief review of The Snow Girl (S1/2023) Series

The introduction

All the viewers, the parents, the journalists, and the police search for the kid. We all get sucked into the idea of searching for the missing girl. When the kidnapping of a young kid is a central plot, it usually gets one hooked on its premises. Its mystery kept us interested. Besides, it has quite a few time jumps, twists, turns and a surprise ending.

Not sharing the spoilers of the story here

The storyline is engaging but it is a disturbing tale about the world that we live in. Wish, we could share the spoilers with you all here, but it will ruin your viewing pleasure. But, if you are still interested to know more about the plotline of this show, then check below. We have shared the spoilers and plotlines in the following paragraphs.

What did we like in this show?

It has a disturbing subject matter. So, its creative team have used cinematography to set up the sad and bleak mood. Also, the acting by the Spanish actress Milena Smit (as Miren Rojo – the protagonist) is likeable. She seemed deeply concerned and disturbed in the show. Even the ensemble cast has done a praiseworthy job, to keep our attention intact.

The conclusion

This dramatic show is only six episodes long in season one. Therefore, it is a good crime mystery mini-series for the marathon watch on any weekend. We think that you should check it out. As it is good for a one-time view. Also, the good news is that Netflix has announced the second season of The Snow Girl show.

Ratings of The Snow Girl (S1/2023) Series

FM’s rating3.45/5
IMDb rating as of the date6.80/10
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date100% Tomatometer and 74% Audience Score
Jonathon Wilson | Rotten Tomatoes Spanish thriller The Snow Girl, based on the book La Chica de Nieve by Javier Castillo with some key changes, is a horrifying what-if scenario and a captivating bit of crime-thriller television.
FM, IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – The Snow Girl show.

Spoilers Alert – a peek into the Six (6) Episodes of the First (1st) Season

Names of the key Actors (Characters) of the First (1st) Season

Milena Smit (Miren Rojo), José Coronado (Eduardo), Tristán Ulloa (David Luque), Loreto Mauleón (Ana Núñez), Aixa Villagrán (Inspector Millán), etc.

Summary of the Six (6) episodes of the First (1st) Season

First (S1, E1)

Five-year-old Amaya disappears during a Christmas parade in Málaga, and the case catches the attention of Miren, an intern at the local newspaper.

Second (S1, E2)

In 2016, six years after Amaya vanished, a mysterious video reopens the case; in 2010, the police investigated a family friend with a suspicious past.

Third (S1, E3)

Diario Sur publishes the video of Amaya after Miren strikes a deal with Millán, leading to a flood of new tips and a potential suspect.

Fourth (S1, E4)

James Foster gives Miren disturbing information that opens up a new line of inquiry; in 2019, a second video appears, making Ana fear the worst.

Fifth (S1, E5)

The past nine years look very different from the perspective of Amaya’s kidnappers; as the search intensifies, they grow increasingly desperate.

Sixth (S1, E6)

Miren herself becomes a target of suspicion but refuses to give up on the search for Amaya, even when it takes her into serious danger.

Poster of The Snow Girl | La Chica de Nieve – (S1/2023) Series

La Chica de Nieve / The Snow Girl show – poster.

Key details of The Snow Girl (S1/2023) Series

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original title La chica de Nieve (means The Snow Girl)
Age-restrictionsA (18+)
ReleasedJanuary 2023
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
DirectorDavid Ulloa & Laura Alvea
CastMilena Smit, Jose Coronado, Aixa Villagrán, etc.
About – The Snow Girl show.

Trailer of The Snow Girl (S1/2023) Series

Official Trailer – The Snow Girl Show | YouTube.

Focus:- bonus info. about the Miren in the two books by Javier Castillo

The names of the characters and the settings of the stories have been changed to make it more of a Spanish show shot in Spain with Spanish characters. As its second season has been announced, allow us to speculate and share the details about the same. Please note, that we are only indulging in a bit of guesswork about its season two.

Book One – (Season One) ~ La Chica de Nieve | The Snow Girl

Summary of “La Chica de Nieve” novel

A girl, Kiera Templeton, just three years old, disappears into the crowd.

After a frantic search throughout the city, someone finds some strands of hair next to the clothes the little girl is wearing.

In 2003, on what would have been missing girl Kiera‘s eighth birthday, her parents, Aaron and Grace Templeton, receive a strange package at home with something unexpected: a VHS video tape with a one-minute recording of Kiera, now eight years old. , playing in an unknown room.

Miren Triggs, a journalism student at Columbia University, is attracted to the case and begins a parallel investigation that leads her to unravel aspects of her past that she thought had been forgotten, and that is that her personal story, like Kiera‘s, is full of unknowns.

Source: Goodreads

Book Two – (Season Two?) ~ El juego del Alma | The Game of the Soul

Summary of “El juego del Alma” novel

A fifteen-year-old girl appears crucified in a suburban suburb. 

Miren Triggs, an investigative journalist for the Manhattan Press, unexpectedly receives a strange envelope. Inside it, the polaroid of another gagged and tied teenager, with a single notation: “GINA PEBBLES, 2002.”

Miren Triggs and Jim Schmoer, her former journalism professor, will track down the girl in the picture as they investigate the New York crucifixion. Thus they will enter a religious institution in which everything is secret and a unique enigma full of suspense in which they must decipher three questions with impossible answers: what happened to Gina? Who sent the Polaroid? And, most importantly; Are both stories connected?

Source: Goodreads.

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Featured & Other Images: The Snow Girl | Netflix.

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