India’s Top Ten Chartbusters Of January 2024

Here is the list of India’s Top Ten Chartbusters of January 2024. The song “Ram Sita Ram” (From “Adipurush” movie) is the number one chartbuster in India at this month-end.

At every month’s end, we share this list of top songs from India with you all, so, today on the 31st of January 2024, here are the hits. Thereby, the list of these chartbusters’ hit songs is based on Billboard‘s top India songs. Furthermore, we have shared the videos of these top chartbuster songs performed by the respective musical artists and their teams too.

#1 Chartbusters in India

Ram Sita Ram (from “Adipurush” movie) bhajan

The number one song is “Ram Sita Ram” by Karthik, Sachet Tandon & Parampara Tandon.

Video of “Ram Sita Ram” bhajan

Ram Siya Ram (Hindi) Adipurush | YouTube.

#2 Chartbusters in India

Jai Shree Ram bhajan

The number two song is “Jai Shree Ram” by Hansraj Raghuwanshi.

Video of “Jai Shree Ram” bhajan

Jai Shree Ram – Hansraj Raghuwanshi | YouTube

#3 Chartbusters in India

Jale 2

The number three song is “Jale 2” by Sapna Choudhary and Shiva Chaudhary.

Video of “Jale 2” (Haryanvi song)

Official Video – Jale 2 | Sapna Choudhary,Aman Jaji,Sahil Sandhu | Shiva | New Haryanvi Song 2023 | YouTube.

#4 Chartbusters in India

Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hain

The number four song is “Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hain” by Jubin Nautiyal.

Video of “Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hain” bhajan

Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hain – Jubin Nautiyal | YouTube.

#5 Chartbusters in India

Ram Ayenge bhajan

The number five song is “Ram Ayenge” by Swati Mishra.

Video of “Ram Ayenge” bhajan

Raam Aayenge – Swati Mishra Bhajan | YouTube.

#6 Chartbusters in India

Shree Hanuman Chalisa bhajan

The number six song is “Shree Hanuman Chalisa” bhajan by Hariharan.

Video of “Shree Hanuman Chalisa” bhajan

Shree Hanuman Chalisa – Hariharan | YouTube.

#7 Chartbusters in India


The number seven song is “Husn” by Anuv Jain.

Video of “Husn” (Hindi song)

Official Video – Anuv Jain – HUSN | YouTube.

#8 Chartbusters in India

Tu Hai Kahan

The number eight song is “Tu Hai Kahan” by AUR.

Video of “Tu Hai Kahan” (Hindi song)

Official Music Video – AUR – TU HAI KAHAN – Raffey – Usama – Ahad | YouTube.

#9 Chartbusters in India

O Maahi

The number nine song is “O Maahi” by Arijit Singh.

Video of “O Maahi” (Hindi song)

O Maahi (Lyrics) – Dunki movie – Arijit Singh | YouTube.

#10 Chartbusters in India

Kurchi Madathapetti (from “Guntur Kaaram” movie)

The number ten song is “Kurchi Madathapetti” by Sahithi Chaganti & Sri Krishna.

Video of “Kurchi Madathapetti” (Telugu song)

Kurchi Madathapetti (Lyrical Video) – Guntur Kaaram | YouTube.

If you like songs in Indian languages, then check out India’s Top Ten Chartbusters of December 2023 article too. Also, one thing you might notice about this list is that these songs are different languages of the Indian subcontinent. Consequently, that depicts the sheer diversity of the different languages being spoken in India.

In addition, please note that many top songs are devotional bhajan dedicated to Lord Ram. We hope you all enjoyed India’s Chartbusters of January 2024, as much as we did. Cheers!

Featured Image of Ram Sita Ram bhajan | Pics. Credit: Adipurush movie

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