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Kohrra shows that its love-struck people often act in dark ways. Kohrra means fog and/or mist. It is an apt title for a series that delves into the murky world of love and crime.

Thus, the Kohrra – (कोहरा in the Hindi language) – this Indian series is set in the heartland of Punjab, India. Therefore, it uses the local Hindi and Punjabi languages in its show. The rawness and uniqueness of Punjab come to the fore in this thrilling and engaging crime drama. In addition, one gets to see the less explored side of society in India.

Synopsis (summary) of the Kohrra (S1/2023) Series

When a bridegroom Paul Dhillon (Vishal Handa) is found dead days before his wedding, two police officers S.I. Balbir Singh (Suvinder Vicky) and A.S.I. Garundi (Barun Sobti) must unravel the troubling case as turbulence unfolds in their own lives.

Please note: S.I. stands for Sub-Inspector of Police and A.S.I. stands for Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police.

Spoilers Free review of the Kohrra (S1/2023) Series

The realistic and multilayered storyline of Kohrra is engaging and captivating. The natural portrayal and the raw emotions of its authentic Punjabi characters are the highlights of this compelling series of the year 2023. We simply loved the layered and insightful approach of the Kohrra series.

It highlights some of the challenges in Punjab

It takes a look at the various social and economic challenges associated with the denizens of Punjab – the clashes between conservative thinking versus the modernist progressive viewpoints, the deep-rooted corrupt system in government, the problems of drug addictions among the youths, the growing family size but with the finite agriculture land-holdings, the stagnation in the agriculture-led economy, the limited job opportunities in the government sector, the common people’s desire to migrate to better developed foreign nations (in America, Europe, Australia, etc.) for better life opportunities, the youngsters’ (and their families) obsession to actively seek NRI brides/grooms for their marriage, the money-minded obsession and materialistic approach towards life, the youngsters’ obsession with their lives in social media, etc.

{Please note:The money-minded obsession and materialistic approach towards life have afflicted all the people living across the length and breadth of India. Simple living and spiritualism are no longer in vogue, even in Bharat.}

There are so many burning issues confronting the local people of Punjab and the Kohraa series manages to talk about most of them in an honest, subtle, clever and mature manner.

Realistic portrayal of police in India

This Kohrra show depicts the regular use of despicable third-degree torture by police personnel. Thereby, it makes one wonder about the status quo of human rights issues in India. Moreover, these scenes, often make you wonder about the urgent need for reforms in the police force in India. The policing system in India was originally drawn for the colonial-era policing of Indian subjects by the Britishers.

Please note that these harsh and in-your-face realities depictions of the police investigation and procedural drama in this show are true for most police departments.

Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti shine, but other actors are good too

Anyways, the Kohrra show boasts amazing acting performances by its lead actor Suvinder Vicky (S.I. Balbir Singh) and supporting actor Barun Sobti (A.S.I. Garundi) in it. Both of them have ably carried this intriguing story about the different facets of love and societal norms. The development of their characters’ arc in this show is really good. As they grow as a person. They began to accept love and relationships in their lives.

And to repeat, Suvinder has been brilliant in this show. In fact, its ensemble cast consists of Manish Chaudhari (Satwinder Dhillon), Varun Badola (Maninder Dhillon), Harleen Sethi (Nimrat Kaur), Rachel Shelley (Clara Murphy), Arjuna Bhalla (Jaswinder Dhillon), et al have done an excellent job to bring alive this tragic story.

Liked its Punjabi music & the conclusion

It has an excellent script and evocative Punjabi music, we liked its Tere Baad song too. Its songs have rustic Punjabi charm. And its background music transports us back to Punjab and sets the mood really. Its mood-defining cinematography continues to highlight the all-pervading Kohraa in this rich state of Punjab. The foggy (in the winter season) situation is really bleak and depressing. Also, the ending of the show is somewhat satisfactory. Many of its characters do not really get their proverbial gratifying endings.

Ratings of this 2023 crime mystery drama set in Punjab

FM’s rating4.25/5
IMDb rating as of the date 7.60/10
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date 100% Tomatometer & 88% Audience Score
Critics’ Consensus (Rohan Naahar) /Rotten TomatoesLed by excellent performances by Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti, Netflix’s new crime drama Kohrra is the rare Indian streaming show that doesn’t talk down to its audience.
FM, IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Kohrra (2023) Show

Spoilers Alert – its basic story & main characters

Focus on who died in this show, who killed him and why.

Who was killed in it?

An NRI bridegroom Paul Dhillon (Vishal Handa) is found to be dead in the agricultural fields of Punjab in the opening scene of this show. He was murdered by his British (Gora) gay lover Liam Murphy (Ivantiy Novak) in the heat of the emotional moment. Earlier, Paul Dhillon had agreed to an arranged marriage with a Punjabi girl.

So, heartbroken Liam could not accept the fact that he was going to lose the love of his life Paul Dhillon to a girl from Punjab.

Focus on who went missing in this show

Who went missing in it?

Liam Murphy (Ivantiy Novak) fled after killing his lover Paul Dhillon (Vishal Handa) after the night partying with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Maybe Liam was so guilt-ridden after killing Paul that he did not see the speeding truck and met with a fatal accident that took his life. After the death of Liam, both the truck driver and his helper decided to dispose of the dead body of Liam.

However the Punjab Police and the family members of Liam did not know about his murder, so they treated his case as that of a missing person.

Only in the last episodes, do we come to know about the fate of Liam.

Focus on what happened to key characters at the end of this show

So, what was the fate of its main characters

Love is tricky and complex.

  • S.I. Balbir Singh (Suvinder Vicky) falls in love with the wife of a deceased police informant, who incidentally was killed by Balbir Singh at the behest of a politician.
  • Nimrat Kaur (Harleen Sethi), the estranged daughter of single dad S.I. Balbir Singh, decides to take control of her own love life and walk out of the loveless married life. She then decides to move on with her life with her college friend.
  • A.S.I. Garundi (Barun Sobti) decides to get married to a beauty parlour (nail technician) worker, despite the objects posed by his elder brother Bhaiya and his wife Bhabhi.

Please note that we are not sharing each and every detail of its story, as we do not want to ruin your viewing experience.

Poster of the Kohrra (S1/2023) Series:-

Kohrra (2023) Show – poster

Key details of this 2023 crime mystery drama set in Punjab

GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Original languagesHindi & Punjabi
Age-CertificationsUA (16+)
ReleasedJuly 2023
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
CreatorsGunjit Chopra, Sudip Sharma & Diggi Sisodia
CastSuvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti, Manish Chaudhari, Varun Badola, Harleen Sethi, Rachel Shelley, Arjuna Bhalla, Vishal Handa, Ivantiy Novak, etc.
About – Kohrra (2023) Show

Kohrra (2023) Show – Official Trailer – Netflix India | YouTube
In case you wish to take a look at the first 15 minutes of Kohrra series, then check this short clip posted by the Netflix show on Youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBxXT7gdhDY

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Featured & Other Images: Kohrra (2023) Series | Netflix.

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