Leo (2023) Movie: Action-Packed Masala Thriller From India

Leo is an action-packed masala thriller movie from India in Tamil language. Thus, like a typical Indian masala film, it has all the ingredients – songs, dance, crime, drama, etc.

This Tamil language film is heavily inspired by the classic 1997 graphic novel “A History of Violence” by John Wagner and the 2005 Hollywood movie of the same name.

Synopsis of the Leo (2023) Movie in Tamil language

Parthiban (Joseph Vijay) is a mild-mannered cafe owner based in Theog, Himachal Pradesh, who fends off a gang of murderous thugs and gains attention from a drug cartel claiming he was once a part of them. Thereby, violently pursued by criminals who insist he’s a former gangster, Parthiban – a humble guy who fights to shield his family — and the truth about his identity.

Spoiler Free Review of the Leo (2023) Movie in Tamil language

So, what is the basic storyline of the film?

As the above synopsis explains, Parthiban – a family man’s peace is shattered when trouble reaches his doorstep. Then, the common man Parthiban fights for his identity as well as the safety of himself and his family in this action-packed thriller from India. Perhaps, a word of caution, kindly note, that this movie has quite a few scenes of graphic violence. For more information, please check the spoilers alert shared below, it gives you an idea about its central plotline barring a few key details of the film.

Bonus info.:- This film's distributor chose to make cuts to scenes of strong bloody violence in order to achieve a 15 rating in the UK. Thereby, the necessary cuts were made in this film in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. 

What did we dislike in this film?

We did not like some of the Computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other special effects in the film. Those CGI scenes were like the few jarring notes in another fairly well-made film.

What did we like in this film?

Firstly, this movie’s tale is set in Theog a tehsil in Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh. Hence, we liked the fact that its story was set in the scenic and beautiful location of the Himalayas.

Bonus info.:- This movie was initially planned to shoot in Moonar (Munnar, Kerala) but later on it was moved to Kashmir. Thereby, this movie was shot for 120 days in Kashmir.

Secondly, the Tamil (and English mix) songs like the Badass song, the Ordinary Person song, the Anbenum soft number, etc sounded fun. Also, the dance choreography of the Naa Ready song in the film looks wonderful, as they have used the crowd of ordinary people to very good use. Music director Anirudh Ravichander has done a good job with BGM too.

Thirdly, its well-known director Lokesh Kanagaraj {past movies – Vikram (2022), Master (2021), Kaithi (2019), Maanagaram (2017)} has given us another blockbuster Tamil film.

Bonus info.:- 'Leo' has grossed over Rs 612 crore worldwide, and this film has now become the highest-grossing Tamil film of 2023. (TOI news report)

Fourthly, its lead actors Thalapathy (means commander or leader)Vijay and Trisha Krishnan have done well in the film. Also, its support cast led by Sanjay Dutt (Antony Das), Arjun Sarja (Harold Das), Gautham Vasudev Menon (Joshy Andrews), Priya Anand (Priya Andrews), George Maryan (Constable Napoleon), Madonna Sebastian (Elisa Das), etc. has played their part to keep this action drama an engaging film.

The conclusion

Indian movie-goers love Tamil (& South Indian) movies like “Leo” because it does not forget their Indian roots, even while adopting the Western story into the Indian milieu. Also, the use of Tamil songs interspersed with English phrases/sentences works well. All of these seem natural and keep pace with the changing tastes and preferences of Indian audiences. As they managed to their Indian aspects intact. No wonder, we liked this entertaining film.

Ratings of this 2023 action-packed Tamil masala thriller from India

FM’s rating3.85/5
FM’s short commentsLeo is one more blockbuster stepping stone indicating the rise of regional cinema in India, especially those from the Southern states. It is a stylish cinema with a few blemishes. We liked the way its writers and director have adapted the Western graphic novel to suit the palate of Indian taste buds.
Rating of the Leo (2023) Movie.

Spoiler Alerts – notes about Leo’s character and the ending of the movie

Who is Parthiban and then who is Leo? What are their stories?

Parthiban (Joseph Vijay) is depicted as an ordinary cafe owner based in a small town Theog in the Shimla district. He leads a peaceful life with his wife and two kids. Interestingly, he is a Tamil-speaking man, who has set up his home in that remote town in Himachal Pradesh. Then the film’s opening action scene shows him catching a wild Hyena using his bare hands and saving many lives. So, he is no ordinary guy.

Then during the course and the end of the movie, we learn that both Parthiban and Leo (both played by Joseph Vijay) are the same person.

These two people are like the two sides of the same coin.

Furthermore, we discover the fact that Leo comes from a dangerous criminal family from the Southern state of India. And, no doubt, he is adept at fighting and killing.

And the ending of the movie is explained.

As this movie is about to end, Leo slides back into his past life as Parthiban along with his family in Himachal Pradesh. But, then he receives a mysterious phone call. That phone call once again threatened to derail his peaceful life with his family. The caller was someone associated with his past life as Leo, and who was involved in the drug business of Leo’s family. Based on that phone call, one could look forward to the sequel of the Leo movie in the future.

Poster of this 2023 action-packed Tamil masala thriller from India

Leo (2023) Tamil Movie Poster
Leo (2023) Tamil Movie Poster

Key details of this 2023 action-packed Tamil masala thriller from India

GenreAction, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Original language Tamil (a bit of Hindi & English too)
{Tamil title லியோ means Leo}
Dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
Age-restrictionsUA (16+)
Duration2 hours 41 minutes
ReleasedOctober-November 2023
WritersLokesh Kanagaraj, Rathna Kumar & Deeraj Vaidy
DirectorLokesh Kanagaraj
CastJoseph Vijay (Leo), Trisha Krishnan (Sathya), Gautham Vasudev Menon (Joshy Andrews), Priya Anand (Priya Andrews), George Maryan (Constable Napoleon), Sanjay Dutt (Antony Das), Arjun Sarja (Harold Das), Madonna Sebastian (Elisa Das), etc.
TaglinesBloody Sweet.
Keep Calm And Plot Your Escape.
About – Leo (2023) Tamil Movie.

Trailers of this 2023 action-packed Tamil masala thriller from India

Leo (2023) Tamil Trailer
Trailer – Leo (2023) Tamil Movie.- Netflix | YouTube.
Leo (2023) Hindi Trailer
Trailer – Leo (2023) Hindi dubbed Movie.- Netflix | YouTube.

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Featured Image and Poster of the Leo (2023) Tamil Movie | Netflix.

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