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Only The Animals movie is a top-class French mystery drama. It pleasantly surprised us with its innovative storytelling. This complex tale is set in Ivory Coast as well as in France.

It is based on the novel Seules les bêtes by Colin Niel, which is the movie’s original title. This book is a captivating French language noir. In this tale, the five protagonists present their versions of a woman named Evelyne Ducat’s disappearance. The major portion of its electrifying story takes place in the isolated Massif Central area of France.

Synopsis of the Only The Animals (Seules les bêtes) Movie

The glamorous and secretive Evelyne Ducat (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) goes missing during a blizzard in the highlands of southern France. The lives of two depressed farmers, an unfaithful wife, a lovelorn waitress and an African con artist are brought together to devastating effect as the local police investigate the case.

Spoilers Free Review of the Only The Animals (Seules les bêtes) Movie

The introduction

This French-German co-production film explores the ramifications of colonialism on society. It delves into the modern-day themes of human love and loneliness. And how people’s lives are connected in a complex way. Even though, these people live many miles away on two continents – Europe and Africa.

So, what is the basic storyline?

This French film is a poignant story of our era, wherein almost all of us lead a double life – private life and public life. Its chaptered stories are about the interconnected lives of Alice (Laure Calamy), Joseph (Damien Bonnard), Marion (Nadia Tereszkiewicz) and Armand (Guy Roger N’Drin) in this film. Well, there are four chapters in this crime thriller film, but these chapters are connected. However, we believe that disclosing the plotlines of these complex, diverse, gripping and dramatic story ideas would be wrong on our part.

It is about the interconnected human lives

It is an engrossing suspenseful tale about the interconnected lives of people living in two different continents – Europe and Africa. The primary tales are shot in the remote but scenic Massif Central and Southern parts of France, the colonizer nation. Meanwhile, an important part of the story in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the colonial nation.

The conclusion

We liked its powerful storytelling backed by great acting by its cast. Besides, with crime acting as a perfect backdrop, it uses the layered stories of this film to add to the mystery.

It is a good French film to watch.

Ratings of the Only The Animals (Seules les bêtes) Movie

FM’s rating3.75/5
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date93% Tomatometer & 76% Audience Score
Critics Consensus / Rotten TomatoesDeft direction and an expertly assembled ensemble further elevate this film’s intelligent, absorbing mystery.
FM & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Only The Animal.

Poster of the Only The Animals (Seules les bêtes) Movie

Only The Animals – poster.

Key details about the Only The Animals (Seules les bêtes) Movie

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Original titleSeules les bêtes (means only the beasts)
DirectorDominik Moll
WritersColin Niel (novel), Dominik Moll, Gilles Marchand
CastDenis Ménochet, Laure Calamy, Damien Bonnard, Nadia Tereszkiewicz, etc.
AwardsTokyo International Film Festival – 2019 Winner Best Actress Award – Nadia Tereszkiewicz
Tokyo International Film Festival – 2019 Winner Audience Award – Dominik Moll
Munich Film Festival – 2021 Winner ARRI/OSRAM Award – Best International Film – Dominik Moll
About – Only The Animals.

Only The Animals movie:- trailer

Official trailer – Only The Animals | Youtube.

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Featured & Other Images: Only The Animals | IMDb.

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