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She Came To Me is a time-pass love comedy movie set in New York, USA. This film is about how three middle-aged people and even two youngsters find love in these modern times.

So, its writer and director Rebecca Miller has taken a risk to narrate the contrasting humanistic love stories of simple folks living in tricky times, such as now, in this film.

Synopsis of the She Came To Me (2023) movie

It is a truly modern romantic comedy, a multi-generational love story set against the iconic backdrop of New York.

A composer Steven (Peter Dinklage) suffering from creative block finds inspiration after a chance encounter with an unusual woman Katrina (Marisa Tomei). A couple of bright teenagers fight to prove to their parents that young love can last forever, and for a successful therapist Patricia (Anne Hathaway) who seemingly has it all, love arrives in the most unexpected of ways.

Spoiler Free Review of the She Came To Me (2023) movie

Furthermore, what is the official summary of this film?

It is a comedy about love in all its forms set in the bustling metropolis of New York City.

Thus, it follows Steven Lauddem (Peter Dinklage), a composer who is plagued by a creative block which leaves him unable to finish the score for his big comeback opera. When his former therapist-turned-wife Patricia Jessup-Lauddem (Anne Hathaway) suggests he rekindle his creativity by getting lost in the city, Steven sets out in search of inspiration.

His epiphany comes after he meets a spirited woman named Katrina Trento (Marisa Tomei) and discovers his life has much more potential than he bargained for, or ever could have imagined. When all of this happens, he rediscovers his passion for music (and love) after an adventurous one-night stand with Katrina.

And of course, there is more in this modern love tale.

But, what did we not like in this love comedy?

This film has amazing acting talent – Marisa Tomei, Peter Dinklage and Anne Hathaway; yet somehow, its love stories of all hues failed to connect with us emotionally.

Maybe, some of the magic ingredients were missing in this film. Despite our total involvement, we could not connect with the composer, the psychiatrist and others.

What did we like in this love tale?

We really like the character of the free-spirited female tugboat captain Katrina Trento (Marisa Tomei) in the film. Although her stalking behaviour is creepy, she seems endearing.

Additionally, we liked this Addicted to Romance song by Bruce 'Boss' Springsteen. 
(a song from the  'She Came to Me' film) 

There is an interesting philosophical dialogue uttered by a mother, who is really concerned about the questionable life (& love) choices being made by her teenage daughter.

When you are young you think all your promise is your right. When you are talented, the world will give you what you deserve.But it’s not like that. It’s so easy that everything gets taken away from you.

Magdalena Szyskowski (Joanna Kulig) – mother

Also, the ending of the film seemed to be rushed. But, we liked the fact, that almost all the important characters in the film found true love in their respective lives.

It is a reflection of the complicated lives of the people. And, we appreciate that its leading characters get a second chance in their lives – to find their true love and be happy about it.

The conclusion

A much greater depth in its characters’ lives would have certainly helped this film. However, despite its inherent flaws, it is a pleasant film, in case you are looking for light-hearted tales.

Rating of this 2023 Love Comedy Movie from the USA

FM’s rating3.25/10
FM’s short commentsMarisa Tomei, Anne Hathaway and Peter Dinklage – these 3 wonderfully gifted actors have been let down by the chaotic and wandering script.
FM Rating of She Came To Me (2023) Movie.

Spoilers Alert – the ending of this movie is explained

Julian Jessup (Evan Ellison) and Tereza Szyskowski’s (Harlow Jane) fate

Two teenage youngsters Julian Jessup and Tereza Szyskowski step into the next phase of their lives. Their dream is fulfilled, as they get married.

Katrina Trento (Marisa Tomei) and Steven Lauddem’s (Peter Dinklage) fate

The tugboat captain Katrina Trento and the opera composer Steven Lauddem find love once again in the company of each other. They become new love birds.

The fate of Patricia Jessup-Lauddem (Anne Hathaway)

In the end, we see Patricia Jessup-Lauddem (Anne Hathaway) donning the Nun’s dress while enjoying the opera in the theatre. So, Patricia chose to become a nun.

Patricia found her love for god and religion, so she became a practising nun.

Bonus info.: In her real life, Anne Hathaway also wanted to be a nun before adulthood, just like her character in this film.

It is another interesting choice of character by the actress Anne Hathaway, who also played a complex romantic character in the Modern Love series.

Poster of this 2023 Love Comedy Movie from the USA

She Came To Me (2023) Movie Poster
She Came To Me (2023) Movie Poster

Key details of this 2023 Love Comedy Movie from the USA

GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Age restrictionsA (18+)
Duration1 hour 42 minutes
ReleasedOctober-November, 2023
Writer & DirectorRebecca Miller
CastAnne Hathaway (Patricia Jessup-Lauddem), Marisa Tomei (Katrina Trento), Peter Dinklage (Steven Lauddem), Evan Ellison (Julian Jessup), Harlow Jane (Tereza Szyskowski), Joanna Kulig (Magdalena Szyskowski), Brian d’Arcy James (Trey Ruffa), etc.
TaglinesSometimes You Need To Get Lost.
About – She Came To Me (2023) Movie

Trailer of this 2023 Love Comedy Movie from the USA

Official Trailer – She Came to Me (2023) Movie – Vertical | YouTube.

Featured Image and Poster of the She Came to Me (2023) Movie | Vertical.

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