The Cleaner (2023): Sitcom About A Crime-Scene Cleaner

The Cleaner is a funny sitcom show from the United Kingdom and it is based on the German comedy series Der Tatortreiniger. In each episode, “Wicky” undertakes a new adventure while he cleans a new crime scene.

Greg Davies (who plays the lead character Wicky) stands tall at 6 ft 8 and quite often, he has to get down on his knees to clean a new crime scene in each episode. His presence in such scenes is quite funny.

The Cleaner (UK/2023) Series:- details

& Episodes
Season One – Six (6) Episodes – September & October 2021
Season Two – Six (6) Episodes – March 2023
CreatorMizzi Meyer
CastSeason One – Greg Davies, Zita Sattar, Helena Bonham Carter, Paul Chowdhry, Shobu Kapoor, etc.
Season Two – Greg Davies, Zita Sattar, Harriet Walter, John Macmillan, Charlie Rawes, Simon Callow, etc.
NetworkBBC | Amazon Prime Video
About – The Cleaner

The Cleaner (UK/2023) Series:- synopsis

Paul “Wicky” Wickstead (Greg Davies) is a state-certified cleaning technician with a very special field of work as a crime scene cleaner responsible for the removal of any signs of death.

The Cleaner (UK/2023) Series:- {Spoiler Free} review

In this situation comedy (sitcom), the seasoned comedic actor Greg Davies is once again quite entertaining in the lead role of Paul “Wicky” Wickstead in this show. Besides, in each of the episodes of the show, more often than not, we meet a fresh set of quirky characters, each of them dealing with absurd situations and undertaking an unusual set of activities. So, when you watch these unique stories, at that moment, such scenes seem ludicrous and funny.

Then, there are a bunch of well-known comedic actors and actresses making special appearances in one episode of the series – Helena Bonham Carter, David Mitchell, Harriet Walter, Donald Sumpter, Stephanie Cole, Zoë Wanamaker, et al. They too add their personal comic touch to its story. Across two seasons, my favourite tales are – The Widow, The Neighbour, The Statue and The Dead End. All in all, it is a light-hearted comedy and a good show to pass your time.

The Cleaner (UK/2021 & 2023) Series:- poster

The Cleaner – poster
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The Cleaner (UK/2021/Season1) Series:- trailer

Trailer – The Cleaner (S1)

The Cleaner (UK/2021/Season1) Series:- episodes’ ratings

TitleSynopsisFM Ratings
1The WidowProfessional crime scene cleaner Wicky has to mop up after a particularly grisly murder. Helena Bonham Carter plays the widow – Shiela. 3.85/5
2The WriterNovelist Terence (David Mitchell) has two problems: his gran recently passed away and he has writer’s block; Wicky thinks these issues might be related.3.70/5
3The NeighbourWhen he brings the wrong keys to a crime scene, Wicky clashes with a neighbour (Ruth Madeley) and might have met his match.3.75/5
4The AristocratWicky arrives at a stately home to clean up a burglary gone wrong. But things are not quite what they seem, and Wicky’s morals are tested. Stephanie Cole plays the aristocrat – Vivien Hozier.3.75/5
5The InfluencerWicky visits an influencer (Layton Williams) with millions of followers and an obsession with the 1980s.3.70/5
6The OneCrime scene cleaner Wicky heads to the country to clean up a nasty mess in a holiday home and bumps into his first ‘real’ girlfriend – Maggie (Jo Hartley).3.75/5
The Cleaner (UK/S1) – Episodes

The Cleaner (UK/2023/Season2) Series:- trailer

Trailer – The Cleaner (UK/S2)

The Cleaner (UK/2023/Season2) Series:- episodes’ ratings

TitleSynopsisFM Ratings
1The TransactionsWicky cleans up after a lethal brawl in a pub; he’s meant to be off the booze. Harriet Walter plays the landlady of the bar – Lisa.3.70/5
2The ClownWicky is called to a theatre where a male strip show has gotten out of hand. John Macmillan plays the clown – Strazzamo.3.50/5
3The Night ShiftAfter a shooting in a tech shop, Wicky ends up working alongside a conspiracy theorist. Asim Chaudhry plays the night shift worker Kai.3.60/5
4The ShamanAfter a death at a stately home, Wicky encounters a shaman (Alex Lawther) with his own mystical agenda.3.65/5
5The StatueWicky is called to a quiet town where a row has broken out over a statue.3.75/5
6The Dead EndA gamekeeper gets killed in rural Wales; Wicky has to clean up the mess.3.80/5
The Cleaner (UK/S2) – Episodes

The Cleaner (UK/2021 & 2023) Series:- overall ratings

ParticularsS1 (2021)S2 (2023)
FM’s rating3.75/53.66/5
IMDb rating as of the date 7.30/107.35/10
FM & IMDb ratings – The Cleaner (UK/S1 & S2)

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