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In the “Aarya – Antim Vaar”, the proverbial Lioness battles hard but the tragedy is not far away. The finale of this Hindi show is about the final clash between Aarya and her enemies.

In our previous article about the “Aarya” show, we have shared its details. The protagonist Aarya is played by Sushmita Sen. She is the lady drug kingpin based in Rajasthan, India.

Please note that "Antim Vaar" (अंतिम वार) means the "Final Blow" or the "Last Strike"

Trailer of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

Trailer – Aarya – Antim Vaar (Season 3-Part 2-2024) Show – Disney+ | YouTube.
Please note that its tagline "Ek aakhri baar, Sherni karegi ek antim vaar. (एक आखरी बार, शेरनी करेगी एक अंतिम वार)" means "One last time, the lioness will strike one last blow."

Synopsis of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

When her world suddenly turns upside down, will Aarya become the very thing she hated? How far will she go to survive and protect her family?

The Sherni (Lioness Aarya) is back again, and she is all set to end it all. Will she succeed?

Rating of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

FM rating3.90/5
FM short commentsSushmita Sen (as Aarya) has made this show her own, with her compelling presence and interesting character arc. Her performance as the anti-heroine is quite good too. The other members of its ensemble cast have given their best too. All in all, it is a good crime (family) drama set in Rajasthan, India. We liked it, as it was enjoyable.
FM Rating – “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Show

Spoiler Free Review of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

First, let us recap its story in seasons one and two

In the previous article, we mentioned that the Aarya show from India is an official adaptation of the hit Dutch Penoza series. So, it has a strong base of a good story.

In the last couple of seasons, we have seen how Aarya (Sushmita Sen) Sareen becomes the “Godmother” of the drug business in her part of the world. This happened because her husband Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh) was murdered because of said illegal business. So, because of the tragic circumstances, Aarya was forced to take the reins of the “illicit drug trafficking”. She became the Queen of the narcotrafficking to keep her children safe. But the life has a different plans for her

It is the finale of the show

The Hindi title “Antim Vaar” means “Last Blow”. So this final season narrates the story when the desperate and cornered Aarya (Sushmita Sen) fights back against all her powerful adversaries. Her impressive enemies are – the Rajasthan Police, the well-established local rival drug lord family and the Russian Mafia.

So, the final question remains, as to what will be Aarya’s fate as she battles for the lives and safety of herself and her kids. Or will she sacrifice everything for the people she loves?

Aarya and her 3 kids – Veer, Aru & Adi.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the show

In the Indian version, the character of Aarya has been written in quite an emphatic manner. Despite all kinds of flaws, negativities, wrong decisions and questionable choices that she has made, she is depicted sympathetically. Surrounded by gun-toting and trigger-happy dangerous (Indian & Russian Mafia) men, she stands her ground.

She uses her sharp mind and emotional depth to make the right decisions at the right time. As a negative character (anti-heroine), whatever she did and took steps for the betterment of her kids and friends. The USP is Sushmita Sen, who plays the protagonist Aarya with her style and panache.

In all three seasons, she has dominated the screen with her towering presence. And the growth of her character from a Homemaker to a Godmother is fascinating to watch. However, sometimes, we wanted her (as Aarya) to shout at the top of her voice and perhaps get angry. But she did not.

Even when her people like Sampat (Vishwajeet Pradhan) defied her direct orders. Her restrained anger did not work well for her in the end. We wanted more of “melodrama” and “histrionics” from her. But she remained subtle. In contrast, we reviewed the Griselda show, wherein a similar character reacted quite differently to her armed goons.

The conclusion

The ensemble cast has done well to support Sushmita Sen (Aarya) in this thrilling crime drama set in Rajasthan. Among the cast members, the three actors Vikas Kumar (ACP Khan), Vishwajeet Pradhan (Sampat), and Sikandar Kher (Daulat) played their part very well. We liked the performances of the young actors who played Aarya’s kids.

Its creators and actors have adapted this show for the setting in the Rajasthan state very well. Its Indian version seemed grounded in reality and that makes it a fascinating family drama show to watch. We are certainly happy that its creators did not try to prolong and stretch the show any further. And we loved the ending too. It was an apt ending for Aarya.

Key Details about the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

GenreAction, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Original languageHindi (India)
SeasonThird (Part 2) season
EpisodesFour (4) episodes
ReleasedFebruary 9, 2024
CreatorsRam Madhvani & Sandeep Modi
CastSushmita Sen (Aarya Sareen), Virti Vaghani (Arundhati ‘Aru’), Viren Vazirani (Veer), Pratyaksh Panwar (Adi Sareen), Maya Sarao (Maya Bishnoi), Vishwajeet Pradhan (Sampat), Vikas Kumar (ACP Khan), Sikandar Kher (Daulat), Sohaila Kapur (Rajeshwari Rathore), Ila Arun (Nalini Sahiba), etc.
NetworkDisney+ Hotstar
About – Aarya – Antim Vaar (Season 3-Part 2- 2024) Show

Poster of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” (S3-P2/2024) Series

Aarya - Antim Vaar (Season 3-Part 2- 2024) Show Poster
Aarya – Antim Vaar (Season 3-Part 2- 2024) Show Poster

Spoilers Alert – Episodes Summary of the “Aarya – Antim Vaar” Show

A peek into the Episodes of Season (3) Three of Part 2 of the Aarya Show

Sherni Ke Shikar Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai (S3/P2/E5) | 47 minutes

"Sherni Ke Shikar Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai (शेरनी के शिकार का वक़्त आ गया है) means "It is time to hunt the lioness".

Thanks to the seized consignment, Aarya and Nalini Sahiba end up in the crosshair of Mikhail, the new Russian Boss. Betrayals come to light and a crucial meeting turns bloody.

Khabari Ki Saza Maut (S3/P2/E6) | 44 minutes

Khabari Ki Saza Maut (ख़बरी की सजा मौत) means "Death penalty for the Informants".

Daulat abandons his new life to help Aarya again. Sampat faces Aarya’s wrath, for shooting Dhruv, but Aru blames her. Nalini Sahiba and Mikhail put Aarya in a tight spot.

Aarya Sareen Is An Unfit Mother (S3/P2/E7) | 34 minutes

The Welfare Officer finally meets the whole family. However, an unpleasant interruption becomes disastrous. As business and family collide, how will Aarya protect her loved ones?

Panje Nikalne Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai (S3/P2/E8) | 37 minutes

Panje Nikalne Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai (पंजे निकालने का वक़्त आ गया है) means "It's time to take out the claws (for the lioness)."

Having lost everything she holds dear, Aarya takes an inevitable step. Caught between the Russians, Nalini Sahiba and Khan, how will Aarya redeem herself?

Poster, Featured & Other Images of “Aarya – Antim Vaar (Season 3-Part 2- 2024)” Show | Pics. Credit:- Disney+ Hotstar.

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