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‘Dil Dosti Dilemma’ is a charming coming-of-age story about India’s Generation Z youngsters living in Bengaluru, India. This Karnataka capital city is famously known as the “Silicon Valley of India” and/or the “IT capital of India”.

This show focuses on Asmara (Anushka Sen) and her close friends – Revathi Pillai (Naina), Elisha Mayor (Tania), Vishakha Pandey (Rukhsana), and others. And of course, it is always nice to see Tanvi Azmi (Naani) in a show.

‘Dil Dosti Dilemma’ Is A Lovely & Uplifting Tale About India’s Gen Z

Left to Right: Vishakha Pandey (Rukhsana), Elisha Mayor (Tania), Asmara (Anushka Sen) & Revathi Pillai (Naina).

Synopsis: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

Asmara’s summer takes a turn when she’s sent to her grandparents’ neighbourhood as punishment. To save face, she pretends to be in Canada to her friends. Amid the traditional setting, she finds genuine friendships, life lessons, and a hint of romance. Yet, her hidden truth could ruin everything, Can she find the courage to be herself? Get ready for a story of friendship, growth, and twists!

Trailer: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

Official Trailer – Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) – Prime Video India | YouTube.

Spoiler Free Review: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

The introduction

The first season of the “Dil Dosti Dilemma” series is based on the 2016 book “Asmara’s Summer” by Andaleeb Wajid. You can see, the series’ title is different from that of the book’s title. So, for the benefit of non-Hindi readers, allow us to translate its Hindi title, “Dil (Heart) Dosti (Friendship) Dilemma”, into English. Interestingly, the many dilemmas (or crises) faced by the characters in this dramatic show are the central theme. We believe the title of the show is apt. It focuses on the dilemma faced by Asmara and her close friends.

The storyline/plotline

Asmara’s summer undergoes an unforeseen change when she is sent to her grandparents’ traditional and modest neighbourhood (Tibri Road) as a form of discipline from her upscale and affluent parents’ home in Bengaluru. Maintaining the illusion of being in Canada for her friends’ sake, she encounters challenges and acquires valuable life lessons. It is fascinating that this series not only showcases the realities of Generation Z individuals but also delves into the intricate matters of privilege and social/class disparity in India. The contrasting lifestyles between the wealthy and not-so-wealthy folks have been smartly incorporated.

What did we like in this show?

We loved that its protagonist Asmara (Anushka Sen) comes from an educated and well-off Muslim family. She is a Gen Z girl from Bengaluru, who is young, sensitive, strong-willed and intelligent. But she is not alone, the strong bond and friendship between Hindu and Muslim communities have been realistically and sensitively portrayed. That is one of the unique selling points (USPs). These days, we have hardly come across mainstream Indian series (or movies) that have key characters belonging to the Muslim community. Especially in recent years, it has been a welcome change.

Although to be clear, we do not see this series from a religious angle. Just like we did not watch Amar Singh Chamkila (2024) movie for its Dalit protagonist. No doubt, these two are well-made. And they entertained us.

We should have stories from different communities in a diverse sub-continental nation like India. India has so much heterogeneity in its society, that it is mindboggling. This show uses a new angle to tell an age-old (Indian) mainstream film story. It has a simple yet compelling story that deals with the various dilemmas faced by the ‘Gen Z’ of today. More so in the age of smartphones, # hash-tags, trending reels, social media, etc.

In this show, this talented new group of young actors – Anushka Sen (Asmara), Kush Jotwani (Farzaan), Revathi Pillai (Naina), Elisha Mayor (Tania), Vishakha Pandey (Rukhsana), Akshit Sukhija (Armaan), Arjun Berry (Dhruv), etc. were impressive. The writers got the lingo (dialogues) and mood just right for Gen Z. In this female-centric show, their matter of hearts and friendships form the core of this story. Of course, the youthful romantic stories are backed by a few peppy songs. Check one of the songs that we have shared below.

The last time we saw Tanvi Azmi (Naani) in the “Maamla Legal Hai (2024) Series”, as usual, she along with another veteran actor Shishir Sharma (Naana) and Suhasini Mulay (Akhtar Begum) was good.

The conclusion

This is targeted at Gen Z, as they can relate to many of the issues faced by its characters. With only 7 episodes in the first season, the Dil Dosti Dilemma series is perfect for the marathon watch on the weekend. Enjoy!

Rating: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
FM Rating3.50/5
FM Rating – Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Show

Poster: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

Key Details: Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Series

Original languageHindi (a bit of English)
Age-restrictionsU/A 13+
SeasonOne (1) Season
EpisodesSeven (7) Episodes
DirectorDebbie Rao
WritersAnuradha Tiwari, Bugs Bhargava Krishna and Manjiri Vijay Pupala
CastAnushka Sen (Asmara), Tanvi Azmi (Naani), Kush Jotwani (Farzaan), Shishir Sharma (Naana), Revathi Pillai (Naina), Elisha Mayor (Tania), Vishakha Pandey (Rukhsana), Akshit Sukhija (Armaan), Arjun Berry (Dhruv), Shruti Seth (Arshiya), Suhasini Mulay (Akhtar Begum), Mahesh Thakur (AB), Priyanshu Chatterjee (Rohan Cariappa), etc
Network(Amazon) Prime Video
About – Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Show

Spoilers Alert: Summary of the 7 Episodes

Summary of the Seven (7) Episodes

The Holiday (S1, E1) | 36 minutes

When privileged Asmara, disowns her Naani due to their class differences in front of her friends. Her livid parents cancel her trip to Canada and send her to live with her Naani and Naana at humble Tibbri Road for the summer.

The Culture Shock (S1, E2) | 33 minutes

Asmara tries to adjust to her new lifestyle at Tibbri Road, forming a hesitant friendship with neighbour Rukhsana and is surprised to find Farzaan is also her neighbour. At Naani’s ‘Chaa Party’ Asmara makes an explosive entry leaving everyone in shock.

Making New Friends (S1, E3) | 34 minutes

After the controversial events of the ‘Chaa Party, Asmara reconciles with Naani and helps Naana by taking pictures of all the construction around Tibbri Road. Tania meets Dhruv at her dad’s AD agency. Asmara learns of Rukhsana’s talent in embroidery and motivates her to start a business but she continues to lie about Canada to her friends.

Keeping Secrets (S1, E4) | 41 minutes

Naani discovers Asmara’s lies, prompting Asmara to leave the house in tears. Wandering aimlessly, Farzaan finds her, facilitating a reconciliation with Naani. Despite warnings, Naina spends time with Armaan, unaware of his dubious intentions. Tania discovers her mother’s secret with Dhruv’s help. Asmara and Farzaan’s growing relationship faces obstacles due to her hesitancy.

Tanker Rani (S1, E5) | 40 minutes

Farzaan distances himself from Asmara after their last encounter. Asmara is called ‘Tanker Rani’ after resolving water line disputes with an inspiring speech. Naana’s redevelopment beliefs clash with Asmara’s naive questioning, sparking a fight with Farzaan. Reconciling with Farzaan, they share a romantic moment disrupted by Akhtar Begum, who reveals a long-buried secret.

The celebration (S1, E6) | 42 minutes

Arshiya and Asmara reconcile, Naina faces deception from Armaan, and Tania discovers her parents’ situation, causing tension with Dhruv. Asmara, Farzaan, and Rukhsana attend a daawat, where Rukhsana’s marriage is arranged. Asmara confronts the family, triggering a revelation. Fed up with all the lies, Asmara tears down the Canada corner.

Saving Tibbri Road (S1, E7) | 58 minutes

Asmara, Tania, and Naina gather to unveil their secrets. Farzaan supports Rukhsana and Suhail’s relationship. Asmara, Tania, and Naina take the help of their family and friends to save Tibbri Road from redevelopment. Unforeseen developments sway between joy and heartbreak, determining Tibbri Road’s fate and the girl’s future.

“Dil Sheher” – we liked this song and the other songs from the series

The “Dil Sheher” song is composed by Sameer Rahat, the singer is Salman Elahi and the lyrics are penned by Gautam Aditya.

Also, check out the other songs from the “Dil Dosti Dilemma” – Jukebox on YouTube.

Music Video – Dil Sheher – Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Show – Prime Video India | YouTube.

Poster, Other and Featured Images of the Dil Dosti Dilemma (S1/2024) Show are courtesy of Prime Video India.

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