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My Name Is Low Kiwan film is a romantic drama in the Korean language. The majority of its heart-touching human tale takes place in Brussels, Belgium. The central theme revolves around the tragic loss and the promising love,

This K-drama is based on the “I Met Loh Kiwan” (2013) novel by Cho Haejin. Please note that the story is fictional and not based on a true story. And interestingly, this poignant film marks the directorial debut of Kim Hee Jin.

A Heartbreaking K-Drama That Mends Our Hearts At The End

Trailer [Official] of the My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie – Netflix | YouTube

Synopsis [Official] of My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie

After defecting from North Korea, Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki) struggles to obtain refugee status in Belgium, where he encounters a dejected woman Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun) who has lost all hope.

Rating of the My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsWe like that it delves into the contemporary hot topic of ongoing (lawful and unlawful) immigration from an Asian nation to a European nation. This realistic film depicts that life is not as rosy as the immigrants usually dream of. We liked this emotional love story of Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki) and Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun), the two broken young people. Thankfully, the film ended positively.
My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie – FM Rating

Spoilers Free Review of My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie

The introduction

The immigration (documented & undocumented) of people from developing nations to developed nations has become a burning global issue these days. Not so long ago, we reviewed the Dunki (2023) Hindi Movie. That Indian film dealt with the unlawful migration from India to Britain. Now, in this Korean film, we get to follow the life journey of Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki) from North Korea to China, Belgium and beyond. Mind you, Loh Kiwan finds out that the life of an immigrant is not a bed of roses. He has a lot of barriers to overcome, viz., the foreign nation, the inhospitable weather, the hostile society, the new culture, the unfamiliar laws, the incomprehensible languages, the difficult survival opportunities, etc.

The basic storyline/plotline

The arduous journey to flee North Korea is fraught with danger – facing the risk of death and expulsion, enduring life as a refugee, and experiencing displacement. This Korean romantic drama portrays Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki) – a defector’s struggle for survival as he crosses paths with a disillusioned ex-sports star Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun ~ her picture is shared below) in Brussels, Belgium. Thus this film explores their unexpected connection in the face of daunting obstacles.

Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun) a former athlete

What did we like about the film?

We liked the realistic portrayal of the struggles that poor (undocumented immigrants) people usually go through in a foreign nation. In addition, the grief of losing loved ones is unfathomable. But then that is the harsh reality of our lives. All of us act and react in different ways to the death of our family members. The scenes involving both Loh Kiwan (Song Joong-ki) and Lee Marie (Choi Sung-eun) made us emotional. Quite beautifully, these two broken individuals came together and lifted each others’ sagging spirits. We liked their romantic chemistry and their incredible bond.

"Does someone like me... even deserve happiness?" 

"A man who wants to live and a woman who wants to die Kindred opposites meet on the brink of life and death In the face of cold, hard reality.

Can they be each other's saving grace?"

~Movie Trailer~

The film primarily focuses on the personal battles of the lead pair played by Song Joong-ki (Loh Kiwan, a North Korean defector) and Choi Sung-eun (Lee Marie, a former athlete), they are fascinating to watch. The other members of its ensemble played their parts well, especially, Cho Han-Cheul (Lee Youn-sung, Marie’s father), Lee Sang-hee (Kim Seon-ju, a Korean immigrant), and Seo Hyun-woo (Ri Eun-Cheol, Loh Kiwan’s uncle) in the film.

The conclusion

Thus, this heart-touching film chronicles the journey of Loh Kiwan, a North Korean refugee, as he finds himself in a foreign nation Belgium where he is unfamiliar with the language and customs. Throughout the film, his sentimental tale of struggle and resilience unfolds, gradually revealing the hardships he faces. In fact, for most of the film, the lead pair struggled with the various types of problematic challenges in their lives. Yet, these two characters ultimately come together to portray a story of hope and trust, prompting fundamental inquiries about the essence of humanity and compassion. In the end, both Loh Kiwan and Lee Marie found the elusive peace and happiness. As the famous saying goes, all is well if it ends well. We enjoyed watching this touching K-drama.

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Key Details about the My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie

GenreDrama, Romance
Original languageKorean (A bit of Dutch, French, German, and English)
Original title로기완 (Lo Kiwan)
Duration2 hours 13 minutes
ReleasedMarch 1, 2024
WritersHae Ji Cho & Kim Hee Jin
DirectorKim Hee Jin
CastSong Joong-ki (Lo Kiwan), Choi Sung-eun (Lee Marie/Ma Ri), Lee Sang-hee (Seon Joo), Cho Han-cheul (Lee Youn-sung), Seo Hyun-woo (Eun Cheol), etc
TaglinesDo we deserve happiness?
I have decided to survive in this land.
Unfamiliar land Daunting life, Do we deserve happiness?
My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Movie – About.

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