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Scrambled movie focuses on modern womanliness. So, this film draws inspiration from Leah McKendrick’s personal encounters during the process of cryopreserving her eggs.

It is admirable that Leah McKendrick has written, directed, and starred in this film. Besides, what is more praiseworthy is that it is Leah McKendrick’s feature film directorial debut.

Trailer of the Scrambled (2024) Movie

Official Trailer – Scrambled (2024) Film – Lionsgate | YouTube

Synopsis of the Scrambled (2024) Movie

Quintessential eternal bridesmaid Nellie Robinson (Leah McKendrick) constantly finds herself between weddings, baby showers, and bad dates. When she begins to feel like the clock is ticking and is faced with bleak romantic prospects, Nellie decides to freeze her eggs — setting her on an empowering journey to a brave new world where she ultimately discovers “the one” she’s looking for might be herself.

Rating of the Scrambled (2024) Movie

FM Rating3.50/5
FM Short CommentsLeah McKendrick – writer, director, and actor deserves all the praise for delivering a women-centric film. It smartly uses not-so-subtle humour and loud comedy to depict pregnancy as being faced by women in their mid-thirties. Kudos to Leah for offering a fresh perspective and highlighting it.
Scrambled (2024) Film – FM Rating

Spoiler Free Review of the Scrambled (2024) Movie

The introduction

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, a woman in her thirties, viz., Nellie Robinson (Leah McKendrick) who has always been a bridesmaid, finds empowerment and humour along the way. The central plot of this film is about a single young (30+) woman Nellie Robinson (Leah) who wants to freeze her eggs. And then, both the pain and the happiness associated with the “Egg Freezing” become a part of her life.

In short, those words describe the central plot of this present-day comedy film.

But, in reality, it is not her personal story. It is a universal subject. The medical fraternity has highlighted the relationship between women’s age and pregnancy issues, too.

A woman in her early to mid-20s faces a 25-30% likelihood of conceiving each month. The fertility rate typically begins to decrease gradually once a woman reaches her early 30s, and the decline accelerates after the age of 35. By the time a woman reaches 40, the probability of conceiving in a given monthly cycle drops to approximately 5%.
Scrambled (2024) Movie Other Image - Leah McKendrick
Scrambled (2024) Movie Other Image – Leah McKendrick

Now, let us meet Leah McKendrick

Well, Leah McKendrick is the film director, screenwriter and the lead actress. In other words, she is the front, centre, heart and soul of this engrossing tale about womanhood.

One of my mantras as a writer is this quote by Hemingway: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

I think if I were to write that sentence in the midst of egg freezing it would have been…

I’ve never felt so alone.

I wrote the Scrambled script while at rock bottom. I was determined to make it on my own. Not because I wanted to work alone, but because I didn’t think anyone else would believe in it the way I did. While I white-knuckled my script, eyes closed in a corner, something miraculous happened.

Brilliant, brave, rebellious people — women in particular — stepped up to join me in the fight. From my team of reps, to my producer, Gillian, to my epic cast and crew, to SXSW, to the angels at Lionsgate and Roadside… I was reminded of why I moved here to La La Land in the first place.

Because I’m a dreamer — and so is everyone else. I honestly don’t really know how it went from needles in my belly to theaters nationwide. It’s all been a sparkling, brooding, life-changing odyssey. What I DO know, is today my one true sentence, the truest sentence that I know is this…

I’ve never felt LESS alone.

Leah McKendrick/Instagram

Her journey of self-discovery and self-esteem is a funny and emotional one in the film. We are sure that her personal life story narrates the tales of many (30+) women living around the world. As many women folks have heard about the ticking “biological clock” term. More so, in a society, where the patriarchy rules. There is immense (Peer, Friends, Family and Society) pressure on women to get married and have children.

Has a funny script, insightful direction, and a good star cast

We think that this funny film with a universal feminine theme is likely to resonate among the ladies. Leah has used her humourous script to good effect. She has masterfully directed and acted by making a sensitive film that talks about a less talked about issue. The rest of the cast of the film does not have much to do, but they do provide good support to her.

The conclusion

We liked the way, Leah turned a serious subject into a witty and emotional film. No doubt, it is a funny and heartfelt film. You might enjoy this fresh and meaningful perspective on the women’s issue. If you are a modern woman (and perhaps a liberal man), then go right ahead and watch this realistic tale. We hope to see more from talented Leah McKendrick.

Poster of the Scrambled (2024) Movie

Scrambled (2024) Movie Poster
Scrambled (2024) Film – Poster

Key Details about the Scrambled (2024) Movie

Original language English (USA)
ReleasedMarch 1, 2024 (Streaming
Duration1 hour 37 minutes
WriterLeah McKendrick
DirectorLeah McKendrick
CastLeah McKendrick (Nellie Robinson), Ego Nwodim (Sheila), Andrew Santino (Jesse Robinson), Laura Cerón (Mother), Clancy Brown (Richard/Father), Adam Rodriguez (Sterling Morales), Yvonne Strahovski (Sara), June Diane Raphael (Monroe), Sterling Sulieman (Preston), etc.
Scrambled (2024) Film – About

Poster, Featured and Other Images of the Scrambled (2024) Film are courtesy of Lionsgate.

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