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Ballerina is a 2023 Korean movie from South Korea. This revenge action K-drama is led by a female action star Jeon Jong-Seo. She plays the ex-bodyguard character named Ok-ju in it.

In fact, another Hollywood movie with the same title is likely to be released in 2024. Thus, this film has a Ballerina name too and it belongs to the John Wick film franchisee.

Synopsis (summary) of this 2023 Korean Revenge-Drama Film

Grieving the loss of a best friend Minhee (Park Yu-rim) she couldn’t protect, ex-bodyguard Ok-ju (Jeon Jong-Seo) sets out to fulfil her dear friend’s last wish: sweet, sweet revenge.

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The storyline of this revenge K-drama

This revenge action drama from Korea has a simple storyline – an innocent girl Min-hee (Park Yu-rim) dies under tragic circumstances. Then, her close friend Ok-ju, the ex-bodyguard (Jeon Jong-seo) vows to find the person (s) responsible for Min-hee’s death. But is not an easy task, as the villain is anonymous and hides in plain sight. Still, Ok-ju somewhat calmly and methodically hunts for her prey, just like the main villain.

We also liked the flashbacks in this film, as we get the know more about their deep friendship. Also, the use of fish as the symbol of the dancer Min-hee is an intelligent take.

About the heroine Ok-Ju (Jeon Jong-Seo) in this film

The opening fighting scene establishes the fitting credentials of the female action heroine Jeon Jong-Seo (Ok-ju), as she cooly tackles a bunch of goons in hand-to-hand combat in close physical contact. Besides, we liked this stylishly shot Korean action movie with a vulnerable female protagonist. No doubt, its protagonist and action-heroine role is convincingly played by actress Jeon.

Ok-ju's is determined to trace the villain and then avenge her friend's death. So, how does she go about completing her vengeful mission, well, you can check this video clip from the said film:-
Sushi, soy sauce? Could these be code words for revenge? Deeply hurt by the demise of her childhood friend, Ok-ju is determined to hunt for bad guy. Her character is calculating in this film. As she traces the villain and study his moves. Is revenge - a dish served cold and/or hot for her?

About the villain Pro Choi (Kim Ji-hoon) in this film

On the other hand, its cold-hearted and menacing antagonist is competently played by actor Kim Ji-hoon (Pro Choi), who is a hateful character. He is evil personified in it, as he takes advantage of young girls to make them his slaves. So, quite a few action sequences do cross the line in it. But then the nature of the crime committed by Pro Choi was heinous. And it deserved a swift and merciless response by bitter and furious Ok-ju.

To conclude

Lee Chung-Hyeon has written and directed it. In this film, he has used lots of sharp editing styles in this action flick. Perhaps to keep up with the intended fast pace of the movie. In addition, the cinematography in this film uses neon lighting and the pervading darkness of the nighttime shots, to accentuate the dark and dangerous situation. Even, its unique Korean soundtrack adds to the tension and suspense in the film.

It is a good time-pass film. It forces you to sympathise with the good gal Ok-ju and then cheer for her bravery, as she seeks revenge in the most hurtful and brutal manner possible.

Key details of this 2023 Korean Revenge-Drama Film

GenreAction, Mystery, Thriller
Original title발레리나 in Korean
Original languageKorean
Released inOctober, 2023
Age-restrictionsA (18+)
Duration1 hour 33 minutes
Writer & DirectorLee Chung-Hyeon
CastJeon Jong-Seo (Ok-ju), Kim Ji-hoon (Pro Choi), Park Yu-rim (Min-hee), etc.
TaglinesOne Thing I Had to Protect.
Merciless and Ruthless, To Hell.
I will hunt you down, all the way to hell.
Does it look like, I am joking to you?
About – Ballerina (2023) Korean Film.

Poster of this 2023 Korean Revenge-Drama Film

Ballerina poster
Ballerina (2023) Korean Film – poster.

FM’s rating of this 2023 Korean Revenge-Drama Film

FM’s rating3.50/5
FM’s short commentA female action heroine takes centre stage in this Korean revenge drama and exacts cold revenge against the cruel villain(s), it’s wild and thrilling.
Rating – Ballerina (2023) Korean Film.

Trailer of this 2023 Korean Revenge-Drama Film

Official trailer – Ballerina (2023) Korean Film – Netflix | YouTube.

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Featured Image and Poster from the Ballerina (2023) Korean Film | Netflix.

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