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Featured Image from the Chamak (2023) Series

Chamak (2023) is an intriguing crime and musical series from Punjab, India. Both the whodunit murder crime as well as the passionate Punjabi music are its plus points.

In the past, we have read about tragic incidents, in which famous Punjabi artists like Amar Singh Chamkila and Sidhu Moosewala were killed in the Punjab state. While Chamkila was gunned down in 1988, Sidhu was murdered recently in 2022. In a way, this crime show highlights the fact that no artist should be killed.

Synopsis [official] of the Chamak (2023) Series

Kaala – an aspirational rapper from Canada who flees back to Punjab, learns about the mysterious murder of his father and iconic singer Taara Singh. The story unfolds the dark side of the (Punjab) music industry’s glamour, politics and more.

Spoiler Free Review of the Chamak (2023) Series

The introduction

Kaala (Paramvir Cheema) is an aspiring young singer. He was forced to return to Punjab after fleeing from Canada, after committing a violent crime. Back home in Punjab, he learns that his father, a legendary singer Taara Singh, was shot dead during a performance along with his mother. After that, to find and unmask his parents’ killers, he dives deep into the underbelly of the Punjab music industry.

Business and politics reign supreme in Punjab, but with his unwavering motivation and fierce determination, he continues his search for the people who murdered his parents.

Thus this thriller drama series explores the themes of identity, home, music and revenge by the protagonist Kaala.

However, there are a few more layers to its dramatic story, including that of a supposed ‘love triangle’. Or was it a (smart) move on the part of Kaala? Well, we don’t know that.

Maybe its second season will throw some more light on this aspect of the tale.

We loved its Punjabi (Hindi) Music

Anyways, as this Chamak series is set against the backdrop of the music industry in the northern state of Punjab, India, we get to hear many good foot-tapping Punjabi songs.

In this musical, let us pick the pulsating ‘Mat Maari’ song to set the tone. In this scene, we get the first real glimpse into the musical talent of the protagonist Kaala.

Mat Maari song – Chamak series – MC Square & Vikram Montrose | YouTube.

In this series, we undertake the musical journey of Kaala, a young artist from Canada who in a twist of fate lands in Punjab, discovers his lost family and embarks on a quest to avenge his father’s death. His music is his revenge. But is it so? As he struggles to find his rightful place in the crowded scene in Punjab, the Khairaat (charity) song truly conveys his feelings.

Khairaat – Chamak series – Manna Singh, Vari Rai & Kanwar Grewal | YouTube.

It is difficult for us to pick one of our favourites from the eclectic songs from this series shared in the spoilers below. Don’t forget to check the music out to get a fair idea.

Director Rohit Jugraj Chauhan directs a wonderful ensemble cast

The creator and director Rohit Jugraj Chauhan has given us a fascinating inside look into the world of the Punjabi music industry. Besides incorporating soulful contemporary Punjabi music in this show, director Rohit directs a wonderful ensemble cast to showcase the thriving (music) culture of Punjab. The diverse genre of Punjabi songs is in it.

The ensemble cast is led by the lead actor Paramvir Cheema (Kaala), and his two romantic interests Isha Talwar (Jazz) and Akasa Singh (Lata). Then there are other well-established actors like Manoj Pahwa (Pratap Deol), Rakesh Bedi as (Teja Grewal), Navneet Nishan (Rocky Aunty), Gippy Grewal (Taara), Mohit Malik (Guru Deol), Suvinder Vicky, etc.; almost all of them have done an excellent acting job in this suspense-filled thrilling musical show.

The conclusion

This year, we have seen two good web series set in the unique social or cultural milieu of Punjab. The first one was the Kohrra show. And the second one is this Chamak series.

Go, ahead. And watch the Chamak. This is what we did in the last weekend. Enjoy!

Rating of the Chamak (2023) Series

FM rating4.15/5
FM short commentsWe loved this absorbing crime drama set against the backdrop of the music industry of Punjab and admired the earthy Punjabi taste of its songs. However, in the end, we did not like that its characters were nowhere close to catching the killer and solving the murder. Still, it is a fascinating drama from Punjab, India.
FM Rating – Chamak (2023) Series

All in all, no human being should be killed. But, an artist is killed because of their art. When their pen becomes too powerful and it feels like it can become a big problem, they are suppressed… It’s said that Chamkila was killed because he used to sing weird songs that were not liked by the society. Then, Sidhu’s case happened

Paramvir Cheema (Kaala) | Outlook magazine

Spoilers Alerts – let us peek into its six episodes

The synopsis of the six episodes of the first season

Mat Maari – First (S1E1) Episode

After his release from the Canadian prison, Kaala murders a sheriff’s son and flees to Punjab. Upon reaching his homeland, he discovers the mysterious murder of his late father – the iconic Tara Singh. And, the pursuit of truth begins.

Please note that the title ‘Mat Maari’ means that the mind has gone wild.

Khairaat – Second (S1E2) Episode

To uncover the truth, Kaala is accompanied by Jazz – his only support system against all odds. Posing as a journo investigating Tara Singh’s murder, the villagers put him at gunpoint, intensifying his curiosity.

Please note that the title ‘Khairaat’ means benevolence and charity.

Edar Odar – Third (S1E3) Episode

Upon encountering his grandmother, who dares him to be like Tara Singh, he could face the killers. Kaala enters the Teeja Sur building to audition, where his father’s picture tore his morale—followed by a sudden abduction of him and Jazz.

Please note that the title ‘Edar Odar’ means here and there.

Sun Zindagi Ka Sangeet – Fourth (S1E4) Episode

While connecting the dots and trying his luck, Mika Singh the legend gives Kaala his first hit. Inviting Jugal’s daughter to feature alongside him in the song, he is doing all he can to get inside the music industry to seek revenge.

Please note that the title ‘Sun Zindagi Ka Sangeet’ means listen to music of the life.

Kaala Sha Kaala – Fifth (S1E5) Episode

Jagga learns about Kaala’s lineage and provokes him to get his story out. The newest face of the Punjabi Music Industry – Kaala now has his own house and car, thanks to Dimpy. Pratap’s youngest gets betrayed by his lover.

Please note that the title ‘Kaala Sha Kaala’ means ‘Kaala Wow (Hurray) Kaala’.

Chal Uth Kaale – Sixth (S1E6) Episode

After injuring Raman, Kaala cleverly manipulates Jugal into performing at the ‘Peer Ka Mela” where he boldly addresses his connection to Tara Singh, triggering widespread outrage in Punjab, followed by his staged arrest.

Please note that the title ‘Chal Uth Kaale’ means ‘Stand up (and fight) Kaale’.

The incredible songs from Chamak’s music album

Here are a few songs from the Chamak series and their links on YouTube.

'Mat Maari':-
'Edar Odar':-
'Tota Puri':-
'Sun Zindagi Ka Sangeet':-
'Gattar Bandey':-
'Kangi Wava':-
'Ganda Banda':-
'Aas Lagi Hai':-
'Dhamak London':-
'Jaave Yaara' (Song Of Pain):-
'Main Meera Main Deewani':-
'Chal Uth Kaale':-
Chamak series music (& other) videos:-

The above-mentioned Chamak music album has the biggest celebrated names from the Punjab entertainment industry – Gippy Grewal, Malkit Singh, Mika Singh, Kanwar Grewal, MC Square, Afsana Khan, Suvinder Vicky, Sunidhi Chauhan, Steben Bin, Asees Kaur, Akasa Singh, Shashwat Singh, Harjot Kaur, Fateh, Harshdeep Kaur, etc.

Poster of the Chamak (2023) Series

Poster of the Chamak (2023) Series
Chamak (2023) Series Poster

Key details of this crime drama web series from Punjab, India

GenreCrime, Drama, Musical, Thriller
Original language Hindi (a bit of Punjabi & English)
Age-restrictionsA (18+)
ReleasedDecember 2023
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
CreatorRohit Jugraj Chauhan
CastParamvir Cheema (Kaala), Isha Talwar (Jazz), Akasa Singh (Lata), Manoj Pahwa (Pratap Deol), Gippy Grewal (Taara), Mohit Malik (Guru Deol), Navneet Nishan (Rocky Aunty), Rakesh Bedi as (Teja Grewal), Suvinder Vicky, etc.
About – Chamak (2023) Series

Trailer of the Chamak (2023) Series

Trailer – Chamak (2023) Series – Sony LIV | YouTube.

Featured Image and Poster of the Chamak (2023) Series | Pics. Credit: Sony LIV.

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