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Totally Completely Fine is a dark comedy show about life. The taboo subjects like suicides, mental health, childhood trauma, complicated relationships, dysfunctional families, etc. are dealt with here.

All the issues and concerns raised in this series are quite serious in nature. And no doubt, its creators have intelligently used its script to highlight all the serious human issues. In addition, this series from Australia sensibly uses the humourous approach of its quirky characters to talk about such unthinkable subjects in this show.

{Warnings} Focus on this 2023 series that deals with taboo subjects

This episode contains themes of suicide and mental health that may impact some viewers. If you need support, please contact someone you trust, a health professional or support service.

Its every episode starts with this warning

Synopsis (official summary) of Totally Completely Fine (2023) Series

When self-destructive Vivian (Thomasin McKenzie) discovers the cliffside property she’s inherited is a suicide site, she’s tasked with becoming its guardian and rescuing lost souls on the verge.

Spoilers Free Review of the Totally Completely Fine (2023) Series

Have you noticed, that when the two persons start talking, their conversation usually goes like this:

Person One: Hi, how are you?

Person Two: Oh, hi, I am (totally completely) fine, thank you for asking.

Well, that is the common answer, typically answered by person two, even when things are not really fine for him/her. Most often, we tend to answer these in a conventional manner.

So, the complex life stories of the characters in this show

The same is the case with almost all the main characters in this show, namely, Vivian Cunningham (Thomasin McKenzie), Hendrix Cunningham (Brandon McClelland), John Cunningham (Rowan Witt), Amy Matthews (Contessa Treffone), Dane (Devon Terrell), etc. All of them are youngsters. And most probably, they have a great life ahead of them.

Still, something is missing from their lives. They are not fine. Their lives are a mess. And they are hurting inside, in their wounded hearts.

Its actors have done a good job

Its lead actress Thoasin McKenzie (Vivian Cunningham) along with the rest of the cast members has done a good job. We liked this dark comedy, as it honestly tries to tell a complex and complicated story about lives. It touches our hearts many times in this show. However, sometimes we feel that it misses the opportunity to scratch beneath the surface.

Maybe, it needed to delve somewhat deeper into some of these serious subject matters discussed in this show. Perhaps, they could have given some kind of closure to Vivian Cunningham’s character in this show. That would have helped her and possibly done away with her guilty feelings.

The conclusion

Still, it is a good series to watch as it offers a unique and different palate on the food plate. It tries to deal with the taboo subjects, the less talked about human emotions and complications in our lives. And these are difficult to handle and showcase. Kudos, for the brave effort. To be honest, for all of us, humans, it is okay, to be not 100% fine.

That is the harsh reality of life. We must never ever forget that.

Ratings of this 2023 dark comedy series from Australia

FM’s rating3.75/5
IMDb rating as of the date 7.20/10
Rotten Tomatoes ratings as of the date100% Tomatometer & 96% Audience Score
Alberto Cox Délano / Rotten TomatoesThere is a lot of heart and a lot of love for unlikeable characters, but mostly, its tone and brutal honesty about mental health and suicide is a welcome addition to its media depictions.
FM, IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings – Totally Completely Fine (2023) show.

Spoilers Alert about 3 key characters from this 2023 dark comedy series

Focus on Vivian Cunningham’s life in this series

Vivian (Thomasin McKenzie) is the youngest sibling (and only sister) in the Cunningham family.

Vivian Cunningham’s Traumatic Childhood Tale

She is almost always carrying a childhood trauma involving her and her parents. According to her vivid recollection, her mother was driving, her father was occupying the seat next to her in the front, while Vivian was in the back seat. Their vehicle met with a horrible accident, and she lost both her parents in that road accident.

Probably, that tragic accident happened because Vivian as a young kid distracted her mother when she was driving. However, we are also shown that her mother was feeling sleepy while driving.

So, we do not really know why that accident took place.

But Vivian blames herself and for her entire life, she is carrying the heavy burden of guilt and shame with her. But, in the end, she turns her life around, perhaps thanks to her grandfather’s inheritance.

Focus on John Cunningham’s life in this series

John (Rowan Witt) is the eldest brother in the Cunningham family.

John Cunningham is in a complicated relationships

His food truck was burnt down, so he lost his business completely. It was probably because of Vivian’s carelessness, hence John blames her for his misfortune.

In addition, Vivian also believes that John blames her for their parents’ deaths in the said accident.

It is worth mentioning that he is gay. He has a loving partner in Alejandro (Édgar Vittorino), but still, he does not appreciate the gifts and people in his life.

In the end, he also clarifies, moves on to happier things and holds on to the important people in his life. He finds happiness once again in his life.

Focus on Hendrix Cunningham’s life in this series

Hendrix Cunningham (Brandon McClelland) is the second (middle-one) brother in the Cunningham family.

Hendrix Cunningham’s marriage is on the rocks

He is married to Laura Cunningham (Mia Morrissey) and they have two lovely kids. They were childhood sweethearts. However, in recent years, the spark has gone out of their married lives. Both are struggling to keep their marriage alive. So, will they move on? Or stay together?

Poster of the Totally Completely Fine (2023) Series

Totally Completely Fine (2023) show – poster

Key details of this 2023 dark comedy series from Australia

GenreComedy, Drama
ReleasedApril 2023
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
Writers Gretel Vella, Emme Hoy & Keir Wilkins
CastThomasin McKenzie, Contessa Treffone, Rowan Witt, Brandon McClelland, Édgar Vittorino, Mia Morrissey, etc.
About – Totally Completely Fine (2023) show.

Trailer of the Totally Completely Fine (2023) Series

Totally Completely Fine (2023) show – trailer | YouTube.

Actress Thoasin McKenzie talks about mental health issues & this series

Mental health is something everyone struggles with, in so many different ways. We have to open up this conversation so that people stop feeling embarrassed about sharing their experience.
This show deals with mental health in a very unusual way. It’s a dark comedy, but it’s not making fun of it. I was sensitive to it because I myself had mental health struggles that are scary to talk about because you don’t want to be a burden to others. I wanted those who have experienced it and are now watching the show to feel valued.

Thoasin McKenzie | Variety

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Featured & Other Images: Totally Completely Fine | Stan & IMDb.

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