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‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ is a feel-good romantic comedy series. In this heartwarming love story, an American man Bob falls in love with his Nigerian nurse Abhishola. It is the first American sitcom to feature a Nigerian family.

So, the lead romantic pair of Abhishola (Folake Olowofoyeku) and Bob (Billy Gardell) are as different as Black and White. They come from diverse backgrounds – family, profession, social, cultural, church, etc.

Trailer: Bob Hearts Abishola (S1/2019) Series

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Spoiler Free Review: Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series

The storyline/plotline/synopsis/summary

While recuperating from a heart attack, Bob (Billy Gardell), a middle-aged compression sock entrepreneur from Detroit, unexpectedly develops feelings for his cardiac nurse, Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku). Undeterred by Abishola’s initial lack of interest or the significant disparities in their backgrounds – she originates from Nigeria – Bob sets his sights on winning her heart. This comedic exploration offers insights into the challenges of immigrant life in America as Bob strives to capture Abishola’s affections.

We loved the concept, central theme and the script

One of the biggest positives of this series is the concept and central theme. They focus on love and humanity among the people. Race issues have been dealt with beautifully and sensitively. We liked its smart script.

Bob is a middle-aged American businessman. He got a second chance in his life when he survived a major heart attack. While recuperating at the hospital, he fell head over heels in love with Abhishola, a Nigerian immigrant. Using this basic idea as a perfect template for this sitcom, the show creators took us on an interesting journey. Interracial and cross-cultural romances are a rare occurrence in American television. So, its writers and show creators deserve all the credits and applause for a well-made entertaining show.

Chuck Lorre, the co-creator, has expressed that a significant motivation behind the creation of the show was to address the surge of explicit racism witnessed in the United States during Donald Trump's presidency. Lorre was deeply disturbed by the mistreatment of immigrants and thus aimed to present an interracial love story to a wide-ranging audience. Chuck Lorre is an award-winning creator, executive producer and writer.

Not only, did we get insight into the American lifestyle but we also discovered the Nigerian way of life. We liked the minute details about the social and cultural ethos of the Nigerian community depicted in the show. The traditional and vibrant colourful dresses of Nigeria bowled us over. In addition, we learned and appreciated the depiction of their ethos, mindsets, customs, ceremonies, churches, etc.

Besides, we also liked the talented ensemble cast

Bob’s family members are the mother Dottie (Christine Ebersole), the brother Douglas (Matt Jones), and the sister Christina (Maribeth Monroe). However, we must not forget Goodwin (Bayo Akinfemi) and Kofo (Anthony Okungbowa), two important co-workers and office colleagues of Bob. Goodwin and Kofu brought their unique sense of humour into the Maxdot (socks) office space.

On the other hand, Abishola’s family members are son Dele (Travis Wolfe Jr.), Aunt Olu (Shola Adewusi), Uncle Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley), and mother Ebunoluwa (Saidah Arrika Ekulona). In addition, at the hospital, Abhishola’s best friends were two other nurses – Kemi (Gina Yashere) and Gloria (Vernee Watson). These two brought their idiosyncrasy wittiness to the fore quite often and we enjoyed all those moments.

They were the 2023 Winner of the Family Film Award in the Outstanding Ensemble TV Series.

The character arc of some of the above-named has been quite interesting. We liked their acting performances. Their comic timings are almost perfect. It is entertaining to watch all of them perform fabulously on-screen.

The conclusion

Presently, some nations are fighting deadly wars in the names of races, societies, religions, politics, etc. At such a divisive time, we praise this show that brings the communities together. We realize that some people may not like the idea of two races coming together. But this has been happening since time immemorial. One can never control who one falls in love with. This well-made and thoughtful series celebrates our differences yet promotes universal companionship. No doubt this lovely rom-com stole our hearts with the charming love story of our times. We need more of a series like Bob Hearts Abishola that proclaims our shared love and humanity.

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Ratings: Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series

FM Rating3.80/53.85/53.75/53.75/5
Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series – FM Rating.

Posters: Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series

Key Details: Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series

GenreComedy, Romance
Original languageEnglish (USA)
Seasons & EpisodesFirst Season (S1/2019) / Twenty-Two (22) Episodes,
Second Season (S2/2020) / Eighteen (18) Episodes,
Third Season (S3/2021) / Twenty-Two (22) Episodes, &
Fourth Season (S4/2022) / Twenty-Two (22) Episodes.
CreatorsChuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, & Alan J. Higgins
DirectorsBeth McCarthy-Miller, Kristy Cecil, Nikki Lorre, Rhiannon O’Harra, Phill Lewis, & Bayo Akinfemi
CastBilly Gardell (Bob), Folake Olowofoyeku (Abishola), Gina Yashere (Kemi), Christine Ebersole (Dottie), Matt Jones (Douglas), Vernee Watson (Gloria), Shola Adewusi (Olu), Barry Shabaka Henley (Tunde), Maribeth Monroe (Christina), Bayo Akinfemi (Goodwin), Anthony Okungbowa (Kofo), Travis Wolfe Jr. (Dele), Saidah Arrika Ekulona (Ebunoluwa), Tony Tambi (Chukwuemeka), etc.
About – Bob Hearts Abishola (S1 to S4) Series

Spoilers Alert: Recap – Episode Summary

First Season – Twenty-Two (22) Episodes’ Summary

Pilot (S1, E1)

An American man falls in love with his Nigerian nurse.

Nigerians Don’t Do Useless Things (S1, E2)

While Bob waits for Abishola to make the next move, her Auntie Olu and Uncle Tunde complicate things for her by stalking him.

A Bird May Love a Fish (S1, E3)

While Bob attempts to learn more about Nigerian customs, Abishola contends with gossip spreading about her relationship with him.

Square Hamburger, Round Buns (S1, E4)

After Abishola calls off things with Bob, her Auntie Olu sets her up with a Nigerian pharmacist. Bob tries online dating.

Whacking the Mole (S1, E5)

After Abishola has a romantic dream about Bob, she tries to suppress her feelings for him–and pays the price.

Ralph Lauren and Fish (S1, E6)

Bob and Abishola finally go on a proper date, which is interrupted by Dottie’s medical emergency.

Tough Like a Laundromat Washing Machine (S1, E7)

Bob hires Abishola to take care of Dottie in his home while she recovers. But Dottie has a hard time dealing with her limitations and takes her frustration out on Abishola.

Useless Potheads (S1, E8)

Dottie’s family struggles to take care of her, with Abishola’s much-needed part-time help.

We Were Beggars, Now We Are Choosers (S1, E9)

Abishola gives her previous suitor, Nigerian pharmacist Chukwuemeka (Tony Tambi), a second chance. Uncle Tunde goes behind Auntie Olu’s back to warn Bob about the other man who’s courting his niece.

Ice Cream for Breakfast (S1, E10)

Bob must gain the confidence to fight for Abishola when she goes on another date with Chukwuemeka. Uncle Tunde finds an unlikely friend in Dottie in the aftermath of his fight with Auntie Olu.

Splitting the Hairs (S1, E11)

Bob, Douglas, and Christina try to get Dottie to make a will. Abishola and Kemi’s friendship is tested after Abishola catches Kemi in a lie.

There’s My Nigerians (S1, E12)

Bob and Abishola struggle to pull Dottie out of her depression. Auntie Olu and Uncle Tunde come over to lift her spirits. Wendie Malick and Marilu Henner guest-star as Dottie’s friends Jen and Trish.

The Canadians of Africa (S1, E13)

Abishola doesn’t appreciate Bob’s unsolicited parenting advice about her “unhappy son.”

Full-Frontal Dottie (S1, E14)

Excited by her physical therapy progress, Dottie insists that she is ready to return to MaxDot–much to the dismay of Bob, Douglas, and Christina.

Black Ice (S1, E15)

On Valentine’s Day, Bob and Abishola must find a way to meet in the middle to show affection.

Where’s Your Other Wives, Tunde? (S1, E16)

Dottie, Olu, and Tunde must find a way to reconcile when they’re forced to eat dinner together. Bob and Abishola have differing opinions on the progress of their relationship.

A Big, White Thumb (S1, E17)

Abishola invites Bob to an intimate part of her life: church; Kemi fights with Ogechi to be Chukwuemeka’s favourite.

Sock Wife! (S1, E18)

Bob’s past and present collide when his ex-wife Lorraine (Nicole Sullivan) is admitted to Abishola’s hospital. Meanwhile, Christina recruits Kofo for a project to rename the sock colours, and they get better acquainted as they work together.

Angry, Happy, Same Face (S1, E19)

Abishola must draw the line when Bob’s ex-wife Lorraine tries to manoeuvre her way back into Bob’s life. Goodwin is concerned when Christina sets her romantic sights on Kofo.

Randy’s a Wrangler (S1, E20)

Dottie makes an unexpected connection when she meets a fellow stroke survivor at physical therapy. Bob and Douglas try to keep tabs on Christina while she’s away at an emotional wellness spa.

Second Season – Eighteen (18) Episodes’ Summary

On a Dead Guy’s Bench (S2, E1)

Bob enlists Tunde’s help to buy an engagement ring. But his plans to propose to Abishola are upended by her belief that traditional marriage is more trouble than it’s worth.

Paris Is for Lovers, Not Mothers (S2, E2)

Kemi leans on Abishola after an argument with Chukwuemeka, disrupting her and Bob’s engagement celebration. Dottie gives Douglas a new job at MaxDot.

Straight Outta Lagos (S2, E3)

Bob is excited to show off Abishola at his industry awards gala but ruins the evening when he doesn’t let her speak for herself. Douglas tries to fit in with Goodwin and Kofo as one of the blue-collar guys on the warehouse floor.

Camp Bananas (S2, E4)

For the sake of Bob’s health, Bob and Abishola try to reduce stress by taking a day off together. Christina is boss for the day at MaxDot; Gloria steps in to care for Dottie.

Sleeping Next to an Old Boat (S2, E5)

Abishola worries that Bob’s privileged lifestyle is starting to rub off on Dele. Also, a new robot vacuum brings Tunde joy but begins to make Olu feel insecure.

A Tight Ass Is a Wonderful Thing (S2, E6)

Thanks to Abishola’s brutal honesty, Bob finds himself in a feud with Kemi. After Douglas makes a big mistake on the warehouse floor, Goodwin hates himself for looking the other way.

The Wrong Adebambo (S2, E7)

The name Adebambo is of African origin. "Ade means crown, Bambo mean came with."

Bob sees Abishola’s husband’s surprise visit as the perfect opportunity for her to ask for a divorce. Abishola is surprised when past feelings for her husband arise.

Honest Yak Prices (S2, E8)

Abishola’s husband is adamant that he’ll never agree to a divorce. Bob and Abishola grow disheartened that they will never be able to get married.

Tunde the Boy King (S2, E9)

The meaning of Tunde is 'A small being or human in small form."

After a chance encounter, Abishola and Christina unexpectedly hit it off as future sisters-in-law. At MaxDot, Douglas gives the workers a much-needed morale boost but feels pressured when Bob praises him as a natural leader.

The Cheerleader Leader (S2, E10)

After Tayo forbids Dele from dancing, Abishola enlists Bob’s help in talking to Dele about his feelings.

I Did Not Raise Him to Be a Teenager (S2, E11)

When Abishola puts her foot down about Dele not going to Nigeria with his father, Dele rebels against her for the very first time.

We Don’t Rat on Family (S2, E12)

Bob prepares to meet Abishola’s mother but gets overwhelmed when he enlists Tunde’s help in securing her approval. Abishola considers breaking Nigerian tradition by having a small wedding.

A Big African Bassoon (S2, E13)

When Gloria goes on vacation, Abishola takes charge of the nursing staff, but quickly falls short as the job requires “people skills”. the Wheelers try to cope with her temporary absence as she’s extra busy at the hospital.

A Tough Old Bird (S2, E14)

Bob and Abishola try to help a sad and volatile Kemi who, after being dumped by Chukwuemeka, struggles with the possibility that her happiest days might be behind her.

TLC: Tunde’s Loving Care (S2, E15)

As Abishola begins to study for medical school, she offends Gloria with an insensitive comment about Gloria’s own journey of almost becoming a doctor. Also, Tunde schools a reluctant Bob on the art of home repair while helping to fix his dishwasher.

Sights and Bites (S2, E16)

Abishola is nervous about Dele’s trip to Nigeria with his father. Bob creates a guidebook on Nigeria for Dele that he proudly calls “Sights and Bites.”

The Devil’s Taste Buds (S2, E17)

While Dele is in Nigeria with his dad, Abishola struggles with how to handle her free time, so Bob, Gloria, and Kemi remind her how to let loose. Dottie enlists Christina’s help at her old house. Olu and Tunde try to keep up with their new Nigerian houseguest.

God Accepts Venmo (S2, E18)

While comparing their busy schedules, Bob and Abishola realize the perfect date for their wedding is in just three weeks and enlist their family and friends to help plan their big day.

Third Season – Twenty-Two (22) Episodes’ Summary

Welcome to Lagos (S3, E1)

Abishola takes Bob to Nigeria to visit her son Dele and convince his father to let him come back to the States. Auntie Olu and Uncle Tunde discover many changes to their familiar haunts.

Bowango (S3, E2)

It’s wedding time. The Wheelers are formally introduced to Abishola’s family. Bob goes to the market to fulfil Abishola’s bride price to show his serious intentions. Abishola tries to keep the peace between her mother and Auntie Olu.

Dud (S3, E3)

After their wedding in Nigeria, Abishola moves into Bob’s house, and with his blessing, she redecorates to make the place her own. At their housewarming party, their friends and family make their opinions on Abishola’s taste known.

Old Strokey (S3, E4)

With Bob and Abishola settling into married life, Dottie feels pushed aside and decides to run away from home. Also, Goodwin and Kofo bring a domestic dispute to MaxDot.

Greasy Badge of Honor (S3, E5)

After indulging in a luxurious girls’ day with Dottie and Christina, Abishola worries she’s losing touch with her humble Nigerian roots. Goodwin feels threatened when Kofo gets a pitch meeting with Bob.

The Devil’s Throuple (S3, E6)

Abishola is caught in the middle when Morenike agrees to be the “plus one” in Kemi and Chukwuemeka’s relationship. When Bob refuses to pay for Douglas’ company car, he learns what living on a budget is like.

Fumble in the Dark (S3, E7)

Abishola and Kemi are conflicted as to how to handle Morenike after she confides her deepest secret to them. When Bob gets credit for Christina’s idea for a Twitter marketing campaign, she considers leaving MaxDot.

Light Duty (S3, E8)

Abishola and Kemi take a directionless Christina to see a Yoruba priest, where she learns that her toxic relationship with her mother may be stifling her growth. Also, Bob deals with the fallout of promoting Kofo over Goodwin when Goodwin has a panic attack at work.

I’m Not Edsel (S3, E9)

Abishola gets the surprise of a lifetime when she finds out that Bob has flown in Dele and her mother, Ebun, from Nigeria, but the joy is cut short when Ebun’s constant criticism makes Bob question his success as a businessman.

Tunde123 (S3, E10)

Abishola finds out that Tayo gave Dele a credit card, which causes her to become very strict although Dele seems to be using it responsibly. Bob does not agree with Abishola about this, which causes a rift between them.

Cats in a Bathtub (S3, E11)

When Bob accidentally reveals that Morenike is gay, Abishola and Kemi are forced to defend her against their church and even their own families. Douglas comes clean to Olivia about not being poor.

Your Beans Are Flatlining (S3, E12)

Bob is surprised when Abishola’s medical school plans include going to Baltimore–with or without him.

One Man, No Baby (S3, E13)

When word gets out that Bob and Abishola might be trying to have a baby, the expectations from family, friends, and employees start to take a toll on the couple.

Every Subpoena Is a Tiny Hug (S3, E14)

When Christina gets a new job at a sock startup, the family is supportive until they find out the new company is more successful than MaxDot.

Compress to Impress (S3, E15)

Bob’s not sure his family is cut out for the small screen when he decides to shoot a TV commercial for MaxDot and the director, Marion, wants the ad to focus on the Wheelers.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (S3, E16)

Dottie and Goodwin question Bob’s ability to lead under pressure. Abishola is unsure if Bob’s newfound success is worth it if it means he’s never home.

Inappropriate Nakedness (S3, E17)

Bob and Abishola decide her mother has officially overstayed her welcome when Ebunoluwa starts renovating Bob’s guest room so Abishola and Kemi hatch a plan to have a spirit speak to Ebunoluwa from beyond the grave.

Greasy Underdog (S3, E18)

When Bob, Abishola, and Kemi learn that Morenike’s family disowned her because she’s gay, they do what they can to help her pay for school and stay in America.

Who Raised You (S3, E19)

Douglas is finally ready to introduce Olivia to his family, but he sets some ground rules to make sure Dottie plays nice.

Wrangling a Greased Pig (S3, E20)

When Abishola brings Dele to work with her at the hospital, she discovers that her dream of him becoming a doctor might not become a reality. Kemi and Chukwuemeka’s mother bond when Ogechi slips in the bathtub.

A Little Slap and Tickle (S3, E21)

With Dele’s dream of becoming a doctor dashed, Bob, Abishola, Tayo, and the rest of the family scramble to find him a new career path, but when the pressure mounts, Dele turns to a surprising source for advice on dealing with his family.

Beard in Her Pulpit (S3, E22)

When a charismatic new pastor joins the congregation, Abishola takes a new interest in church; after Dottie gives out bonuses to upper management, but not Goodwin, Bob must do what he can to make sure he doesn’t lose his best employee.

Fourth Season – Twenty-Two (22) Episodes’ Summary

Touched by a Holy Hand (S4, E1)

Abishola and Kemi hatch a plan to keep Ebun and the new pastor’s flirtation from growing. Bob is thrown for a loop when Goodwin leaves MaxDot for a better job at Christina’s company.

Bibles to Brothels (S4, E2)

Bob breaks away from his role at MaxDot, sending Abishola on a search around town.

Americans and Their Dreams (S4, E3)

Bob buys a boat; Goodwin is interviewed for a newspaper.

Inner Boss Bitch (S4, E4)

Christina turns to Abishola when she’s fired from Toesey Woesies; Bob and Uncle Tunde go fishing.

Kicked Outta the Dele Club (S4, E5)

Bob lets Dele get a new haircut; Dottie runs into difficulties with the MaxDot board of directors.

Two Rusty Tractors (S4, E6)

Abishola is thrilled when Bob gets back to work and goes on an impromptu road trip with Goodwin.

Your Father’s Kingdom (S4, E7)

Abishola turns to Gloria and Kemi when Bob mortgages their home to pay for a new factory space. Kemi worries that she and Chukwuemeka are losing their spark.

Estée Lauder and Goat Meat (S4, E8)

Bob enlists Tunde to renovate the factory. Abishola tries to cheer up Ebunoluwa with a party after she receives bad news from Nigeria.

Idle Nigerians (S4, E9)

Abishola’s visit to the sock factory during a nurses’ strike puts even more pressure on Bob to make the factory successful.

An Afro and a Peugeot (S4, E10)

Abishola and Bob differ over whether Dele should get behind the wheel. Christina offers Doug work advice, then watches as he claims credit for her ideas.

Twerk O’ Clock (S4, E11)

Abishola joins Auntie Olu and cousin Morenike for a surprising brunch. Bob and Dottie travel to Malaysia for a business conference also attended by their longtime sock supplier.

My Successful Lawyer Son (S4, E12)

As Bob gears up for the delivery day at the new sock factory, he struggles to put his foot down with his opinionated family. Abishola gets a taste of Kemi’s new personality when her successful lawyer son visits.

Happy People Are Lazy (S4, E13)

Abishola surprises everyone, especially herself, by postponing her Medical College Admission Test–and taking a mental-health day. Christina has a job opportunity that could be bad news for Kofo and MaxDot.

Put That Toe on Ice (S4, E14)

Bob and Abishola attempt to find time together amidst their busy schedules; Goodwin’s leadership tactics push Kofo over the edge.

Every Character Is the Villain (S4, E15)

Bob makes things worse after interfering in Goodwin and Kofo’s ongoing spat. Abishola puts her pride on the line when she realizes she’s been an inattentive friend to Kemi.

Mmm, Fresh Baked Sock! (S4, E16)

Bob struggles at the factory with the first batch of socks. Abishola is forced to attend the funeral of a difficult relative, although Kemi looks forward to the event.

I’ll Never Play Banjo Again (S4, E17)

A conflicted Abishola pushes against her Nigerian roots when she opens up about her past to Dele. Bob attempts to bridge an emotional gap with Douglas.

A Hundred CCs of Handsome (S4, E18)

When Abishola learns that Bob talked Chukwuemeka into proposing to Kemi, she takes it upon herself to try to fix the situation.

Keep That Under Your Gele (S4, E19)

Bob and Kofo are both seeking space: Bob from ever-present Dottie, who makes herself at home at Abishola’s family’s church. And Kofo from the new landlord who stands between him and full enjoyment of his own apartment.

The Genius Who Fell Out of My Womb (S4, E20)

Bob’s excitement when sharing his alma mater with Abishola and Dele is dulled when the college doesn’t meet Abishola’s high standards.

Take Two Yellows and Go to Bed (S4, E21)

Bob’s grand opening party for the sock factory is upstaged by a fight between Abishola and her sister-in-law.

Uncharted Waters of Mediocrity (S4, E22)

Abishola is ever more uneasy as she awaits word of acceptance from the medical school of her dreams. Bob is also uneasy because he doesn’t want to move.

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