North Shore (2023): Riveting Murder Mystery, Down Under

North Shore is a riveting murder mystery set in Australia (AU), down under. I liked the fact, that actor John Bradley, who plays the role of British Police Detective Max Drummed and tries to solve the murder case.

To refresh your memory, John Bradley played the famous role of Samwell Tarly in the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones (2011-2019), not so long ago. And in this show too, John plays a smart and sensitive police officer.

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- details

GenreCrime, Thriller
Released May-June 2023
CreatorMike Bullen
SeasonOne (1)
EpisodesSix (6)
CastJohn Bradley, Joanne Froggatt, Kirsty Sturgess, Dan Spielman, Claire Lovering, Bailey Spalding, Matt Passmore, etc.
About – North Shore.

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- synopsis

When British Detective Max Drummed (John Bradley) and Australian Meg Driscoll (Kristy Sturgess) detectives team up to solve a murder mystery, they uncover a conspiracy with international political consequences as well as a clash of cultures.

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- {Spoilers Free} review

When the British Trade Minister Abigail’s (Joanne Froggatt) daughter Sophie (Bailey Spalding) is found dead in Sydney Harbor, Australia under suspicious circumstances, detectives Max (John Bradley) and Meg (Kristy Sturgess) delve into the dark secrets of those close to the victim Sophie to piece together the mystery. Who could have killed her?

This layered story is all about finding the killers – motives, means and opportunities behind the murder of a young and innocent girl. Then there is a clash of two different policing cultures – British and Australian, as both Meg and Max try to outsmart each other instead of being a professional.

Then there are also the personal history and complex relationship realities of Abigail’s family. Not to exclude the dominant political issues in both British and Australia. All of these make for an interesting whodunit drama.

And we liked this series because of its story as well as the good work of its ensemble cast. It is a binge-able show.

Focus:- the actor John Bradley

To be honest, I picked up this series to watch because of the actor John Bradley (who plays British D.S. Max Drummond in this show), who I had earlier seen in the epic Game of Thrones series, not so long ago.

John Bradley (played Samwell Tarly’s character in the Game of Thrones series)

John played the lovable character of Samwell Tarly in the Game of Thrones show. He is good in this mini-series too.

Focus:- {Spoilers Alert} about the North Shore area & the murderer

Focus on the North Shore area of Australia, the down-under

Well, this shore area of Australia is the metropolitan area of northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. This part of Sydney town usually refers to the suburbs located on the north of Sydney Harbour between Middle Harbour and the Lane Cove River. However, this northern area is used as a description for the whole northern district of Sydney. Reference:

And in this part of Sydney town, most of the shootings of this crime series happened.

Focus on the murderer in this crime show from the down-under

There are a bunch of suspects in this murder case of a British citizen – a young victim Sophie Chalcott (Bailey Spalding) in Sydney.

So, who are the key suspects in this case?

  • Politician Greg Hardy (Matt Passmore) and his aide – as they pushed for victory in the national election and wished to avoid any kind of political scandal.
  • Businessman Lloyd Macklin (Rob Carlton) wanted to maximize his profit and wealth at any cost.
  • Tom Macklin (Max Mayer-Rayment) is a jealous lover, who always tries the control the life of his girlfriend Sophie.
  • Simon Chalcott (Dan Spielman) is the legal father of Sophie Chalcott and is shown as a loving and caring man (husband and father), who is distraught after the killing of his daughter.

And the real killer is:-

  • The murderer turned out to be Simon Chalcott. In reality, he is a vile and bitter person, who cannot digest the fact that as per DNA tests, Sophie is not his daughter in reality, and in a fit of rage he killed her. Besides, Simon is a greedy person, who works with Lloyd as he wishes to get rich quickly, anyhow. And somehow, Sophie’s honesty led her to uncover dirty business secrets of Lloyd and being an honest person, she wishes to expose his unethical business practices. Both Lloyd and Simon had a lot to lose if the unsavoury truth had come out in the open.

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- poster

North Shore – poster

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- ratings

FM’s rating3.55/5
IMDb rating as of the date 6.60/10
FM & IMDb ratings – North Shore.

North Shore (AUS/2023) Series:- trailer

North Shore – Trailer | Youtube.

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